Africans: The Way The World Works

by Paul I. Adujie

About two years ago, President Bush promised fifteen billion American dollars in financial assistance to Africa and the Caribbean but none of these billions have been released by the American government, but in the public mind, so much has already been done for Africans some two years ago, to thunderous applause, including bipartisan support, and this is why, there is aid and donor fatigue.. This is why some may have the impression of intractability of African crises or challenges.

What is loudly proclaimed by president Bush for instance, have not been met with concrete actions, they were words, and still remain mere words, words that have not live up to their promises by way of actions! This is how also we must see debt cancellation controversies for Africa and other debtor nations.

Africans and other well meaning people must commend Prime Minister Blair of Britain, U2’s Bono, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown of England, and public spirited persons such as Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University in New York with a recent excellent book on how to end world poverty, the selfless efforts of individuals such as Bob Geldorf and George Soros to name a few, are admirable.

But their efforts are quickly dwarfed and paled by the obscurantist declarations of President Bush, against debt cancellation for Nigeria and others, as he introduced standards and expectations of accountability that his administration in America is unwilling to meet in America or the American colony of Iraq. Bush is setting standards and expectations that Halliburton is unwilling and have repeatedly refused to meet as it does business that are infused and imbued with egregious conflict of interest issues in Iraq, Nigeria and America and Halliburton has unfettered access to the Bush’s White House, which former vice president Al Gore famously called the Halliburton administration!

President Bush has demonstrated a pattern of conscious disregard and disrespect for Africa and people of African descent. He is the first American president in about 100 years who has refused to meet with or attend or participate in activities or events by National Association for Advancement of Colored Peoples or the NAACP, a premier American Civil Right organizations which is operated and headed by African Americans. Mr. Bush has established a pattern, demonstrably so a pattern of antagonizing everything to encompasses African and African American interests, such as Affirmative Action, Debt Cancellations and more and there is a clear connection and pattern, of mistreatments reserved for Africans and people of African descent, it all smacks of smudges of racism, and you do not have to be a fool or communist to see these links!

On January 15, 2003 he indicated his support for a pending private litigation a case that attacked African American efforts to redress historical injustices to people of African descent in America, Mr. Bush has been consistently hostile to our people, in America and outside of it. Would Mr. Bush or anyone similarly have attacked or antagonize the Jews openly without the fear of repercussions or consequences? Most American politicians always try to me more Jew than Jews, for their political benefit, but will be quick to sneer and jeer at Africans and peoples of African descent, including of course, African Americans.

Nigeria and the rest of Africa is always scandalized and maligned in world public opinion, as Nigerian-African abject poverty or HIV epidemic are loudly discussed, without concrete step being taken or intended by the loud discussants, whereas, five billion America foreign aid dollars goes to Israel annually, and whereas, Israel is not scandalized, maligned and ridiculed as a poor, helpless desperate country needing foreign aid, five billion dollars goes to the five million people of Israel yearly from America

Israel has on occasion spied on America, with this betrayal and all, Israel receives financial aid yearly without fail from America, Israel also received more than ten billion dollars loan guarantees, without having to go to IMF and World Bank for the growth-stunting stifling conditionalities that are usually reserved for Africans, neither America or Europe seeks to monitor or supervise or interfere in the domestic or foreign policies of Israel, even as Israel spends its foreign aid monies on weapons or the constructions of an Apartheid style segregation wall of a thousand miles! To separate Israel from Palestinians, and Israel has recently promised to pull out of some Palestinian territories, Israel states that it will demolish buildings vacated by Jewish settlers, instead of letting Palestinians inherit these properties as Israelis themselves inherited properties of Arabs in the 1940s, before, during and after Israel was created on Palestine lands in 1948, the world looks on, askance? As Israel plan to demolish and then leave craters of debris for Palestinians to clean up!

Israel continues its policy of “strategic ambiguity” or more precisely deception and defiance of the UN and the so-called international community. Regarding its possession of atomic nuclear weapons or its capabilities; As it fools IAEA and El Baradei who seem to have special preference for pestering Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea for atomic and nuclear weapons!

Whereas Nigeria and Africa is frequently portrayed in the most despicable, indigent, abject, desperately neediest of all the world, so agreed by all, so repeatedly described by all, unfortunately, the 880 million indigent, abjectly poor (agreed, to be so by common agreement or consensus) Africans never receive five billion dollars at once, from America on a yearly basis.

All through history, it is as if, they keep breaking our knees, they keep undermining us, as they are then quick to challenge us to grueling marathons, then they proceed to laugh at our heroic efforts, they mock our best efforts just as they neglect to account for the wounds, the festered sores and they remain happily oblivious of glaring scars, revisionist amongst them, revisionists amongst us, devalue and demean our losses through slavery, through colonialism and modern day continued manipulations, when they pretend and insist that we should forget the old because, the old is ancient history, or that we should under estimate the impact of current manipulations and intermeddling, which they say, are inconsequential? Our artworks pillaged by them, still reside in their museums! Our cousins snatched in kidnappings of slavery and dispersed worldwide are the evident peoples of African descent in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti etc

It is time for those who broke our knees to pay reparations, so that we can heal our wounds, cure our festered sores and cover our enduring scars, we will rehabilitate ourselves and compete with their best in the toughest of marathons, we will excel despite their mocking jests and jeers.

They broke our knees, they continue to interfere with our treatment and rehabilitation efforts, as it were, and they proceed to challenge us, mock, ridicule and lampoon our best efforts, in the face of all the obstacles and impediments or odds created and put in our paths. They broke our knees; they deprive us of healing opportunities.

Let us heal ourselves, but even as we do so, we must never forget or overlook the details and glaring pervasive consequences of being challenged to Marathons with our broken and unhealed knees. They broke our knees!

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Oneki Isekpe August 7, 2005 - 5:21 am

While i think the write-up is well thought up and have no doubt in the ability of the writer i do think some of is arguements are just cliches of "ESCAPEISM" which africa and africans tend to use to justify their hideous position in the system of things.ESCAPEISM – is more or less like the blacks of the west who play the race cards when they see themselves in position they themselves are causes of. Mr. Ajudie SLAVERY ended over a HUNDRED years ago And COLONIALISM ENDED Over 0 years ago. IF ASIA after colonialism and EASTERn EUROPE After many years of oppression by the soviet system could in 15 years can achieve what they have then you ESCAPEISM theory is just CRAP(sorry for the language). BAD and easily corruptible INTELLECTUALs are the core of our problems NOW and not SLAVERY AND COLONIALISM. HELL! AFRICANS can't even unite under one policy in the UN- reforms debate. The leaderscna't firmly take decisions when injustice is seen to be done is that the fault of the WEST

KUDOS to you MR. AJudie but i think you got it wrong this time. "THIS IS MY OPINION THOUGH" ALL THE BEST IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVOURS.

john August 4, 2005 - 8:15 am

the white man is evil the white man is greedy the white man is immoral yari yari yari yari yari. look let me tell you something the white man steals from the dumb poor nations but at least when he steals the wealth the indigenes of his country all have a fair chaance of getting their hands on that wealth provided they fulfil certain laid out protocols to a better life like education etc. can you say the same for black people in africa. what has the govt ever done for the people of africa. in england if you are unemployed you get free housing free money to spend so that you dont starve(giro) free health care so you dont die if you are sick and free educuation. do you get any of this in africa. the only way an african like me can get a piece of the african pie is by the west stealing it from africa and then by me who resides in the west getting it back in all kinds of benefits and opportunities to better in my life. in africa unless i was heavily connected to the guys on top i wll not lay my hand on one kobo of naijas wealth our so caalled land. look let me teell you the wwhite man is veryyyyyyy evil and bad but he is fair. the black man on the other hand is evil and bad and he is not fair. i will take my chances with a white man first before i try with a black man.

Anonymous August 3, 2005 - 11:07 pm

Sound like its from a college professor. Great job

James Carter July 24, 2005 - 11:40 am

God Save Africa in Jesus Name.

prince kennedy Iyoha July 22, 2005 - 2:53 pm

We are however conscience of the four hundred years of massive exploitation of African human and natural resources four hundred years of colonialism the four hundred years of mismanagement of its economy is partly responsible to the inhuman living conditions of many African people today.

The needs to re-organised reconstruct the continent after a long odyssey of ill-treatment and mismanagement of her both natural and human resources the leadership of this new independent continent was forced to ask for money from the financial clubs of the west. What we know today is that most of these funds borrowed went to private pocket of representatives of the western financial institutions and the representative of our continent. Corruption was then officially introduced into the political life of the Africa people.

The world bank the G8 the united nations and all the countries responsible to making life miserable for the people and governments of the third world countries should investigate to find out on what conditions the money was borrowed what project the said money financed and how much of this money has been retuned through services of interest. The entire continent of Africa should not be hold responsible for the money siphoned by a handful of selfish idiots on the preteens to help promote the continental infrastructures that had since been longed abandoned…

Its unimaginable that after four hundred years of explortation Africa was left without roads schools or public infrastructures like offices where a country can be govern road for the distributions of goods materials and services. The Roman Empire was a complete opposite. she did lights up the entire world with her civilization especially in Europe and north Africa her legacy of roads schools architectures and modern social attitudes where ever presence were she stepped her foots. This article is not justifying the massacre her leaders perpetrated during wars campaigns but trying to show lights on some of the contributions of that Empire to the modern world development.

Unsatisfied with the 400 years stay of killing and of looting in Africa the continent is enslaved through economic bondage; the real amount of money borrowed has since been retuned five hundred times more through services of interest.. They choose to still want more for selfish purposes or God knows why. It appear that many coming generations of African children will pay part of this dept. Unless a drastic decision is made by African people themselves to break lose the chain of Economic and social bondage just the way the colonial bondage was broken. It is logical that the west will not be willing to let go her victims it is left to the supposed weak to decide to breath a fresh air of freedom by breaking loose from the gripes of the blood souckers or go ahead to be her victims for ever. The fear of Economic blockage is one way Africans are obliged to servicing with 80 of our total income depths that these generations knows nothing about.

I am confidence that if the entire African continent put together her resources she can survive far more than taking cover under the oak tree that is overshadowing her future that reminds her constantly of her inability insufficiency and lack of resources to pull herself together. After many years of constant exploitations by the very same vampires that is socking her blood to the bones.. The western government has been using her strategic economic and military might to perpetrate corrupt leaders to the disadvantage of the later. This is the worst of problems in Africa and many third world countries.

I will rather like to use this medium to appeal to the African Americans not to close their eyes in the waak of the unfair tretments the west are malting on the African people.The HIV virus was a product of the western laboratries and it is cauing epidemic in Africa.

Like we all know Europe is a tradictional refuge and home of the yellow Americans while Africa is the tradictional refuge and home of the brown Americans.After the divastiting war in Europe a plan marshal was promolgated to rescue Europe of it's messMy question is what plan is been made to rescue Africa from it's mess

We are awear that our brother's was told that we sold them and I have ment with many African-Americans here in Spain that has accused me of this horrable sin and to be honest many brothers in diaspora are still not happy with what happened some or about 500years ago.

When they first came to our shoresome brothers went with them to lean their language for easy comunications.Than comunication was slow and information was difficult to reach us. How on earth could we have known that many of our children were being used as slaves.Howeveri sincerlly apologies on behalf of Africa and we sincerlly hope of a strong link with the two Africa.

Africa at home and Africans in diaspora.

congratulations Mr paul.


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