Against Terrorism: Poems by Nduka Chidi Uzuakpundu



By Nduka Chidi Uzuakpundu

Sign on to the Kyoto treaty
Sink into the anti-ballistic missile treaty
Sync with anti-racism campaign
Swing with the anti-slavery crusade
Slip into the reparation camp
Stick with the brotherhood of the human race
Spread the smirch-free gospel of unsparing love and charity to everyone
Sweep creed-based hatred out
Ship it … into the base of the roaring sea
Torpedo terrorism
With the unsparing bent –
The consuming might and appeal of a Texan Bush –
To the blessedness of democracy
The jubilation of capitalism
And safety of global peace and freedom.



Nduka Chidi Uzuakpundu

Wild telling cuts
Against an open society
The heart of freedom
The big apple that has made safe
The glebe for its towering twin practices
In brief swift sharp swoops
By metal birds seized by paid hands
The soaring peerless hub of exquisite deals
The shiny symbol of Caesar’s due
An unrelentingly blest
Dexterously sculpted and managed gravid productive system
Lively with a fairly round mix
Like the hired hawks’
A helplessly bound bunch
Horrendously held hostage
Endorsing in sniffy sharp relief
The injurious inevitability of surprise
The emptiness of state security
The failure of intelligence gathering
Heinously hewn
Hunches lifeless
Under this forced heap – that apes a knoll – lies an epochal necropolis.



By Nduka Chidi Uzuakpundu

’Twas Tim
The bomber
In Oklahoma
’Tis Tim
The rapist
In Okinawa
Will it be –
Well after a daringly aroused
Po-faced Drakon, in his praetorian pluck
Quaffing imperiously to the brig’s blessing
Has had his harrowing thirst thrown back –
A comfortably cringing
Tim the Timorous
In Omagh –?
Proudly dissociated from the crypto-Davidian trucker
Prudishly dissimilar to the orient-based defender of freedom and liberty
Who – in dignifying deference
To the decent demands of a diaphanous democracy
And its monumentally menacing military might –
Professes against prurience
Practices platonic love – and
Plots and stands stoutly for the sacredness of the skimpy skirt
Predicated on a cast of “lurid gleam of awe and horrible repugnance”
To the stilly . . . stately sanctification of a sinless puritanical society –?

Nduka Uzuakpundu is the Managing Editor, Business Plus magazine, Lagos, Nigeria.

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