‘Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi Emerges Councilor in West Thamesmead in the UK

by Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

A Nigerian woman ‘Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi has won the election to become councillor for the West Thamesmead ward in the Royal Greenwich Borough of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. She was one of the two candidates that represented the Labour and Cooperative Party in the election held on the 5th day of May, 2022.

Of the six contestants in the keenly contested poll, she was elected behind Chris Lloyd, her fellow partyman after polling a total of 1,085 and 967 votes respectively.

They defeated Julie Rosetta Adams of the Green Party (263 votes), Suzanne Jane Miller of the Liberal Democrats (148 votes) as well as Jonathan Morris and Colin Podmore of the Conservative and Unionist Party who totalled 259 and 210 votes respectively.

The results declared in 200 councils saw Labour gaining 11 and losing 6. It has the Liberal Democrats now controlling 3 more councils; a significant increase in the number of councils they control across Britain.

‘Lade who worked in many capacities in advertising before leaving these shores is the convener of the NOUS Charity Incorporated Organization. To mark the mental health awareness week they co-hosted a symposium tagged ‘Let’s talk about loneliness’ on Saturday the 14th of May, 2022. It featured informative talks addressing the issue of loneliness with a particular focus on young adults between 18-30 years of age.

On the campaign trail she had promised to provide ‘a voice for the voiceless’; pledging ‘to support, work and improve the vibrant, diversified’ ward.

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