Agents Of Satan Now In Abia

Unfortunately, Abia State has become the devil’s den with daylight
robberies, killings and kidnappings. The state has become a free for all
place for killers and armed robbers.

Hoodlums could follow you immediately you open your gate and rob you
without any fear, because they have seen that Governor Theodore Ahamefule
Orji’s government is not serious and is one which has surrounded itself
with touts and charlatans.

These touts and charlatans are in his media team, retinue of aides and in
other paraphernalia. The government is a government of buffoons, charlatans
and touts.

It is a fact that security has failed woefully in Abia State upon the
vanguard of marked-faces soldiers that characterize the state. It is sad to
note that what many of them have resorted to doing is to be chasing drivers
and their vehicles and collecting sweeteners from staunch transport
companies, especially in the ‘Mivaton’ area of Aba that amount to hundreds
of thousands everyday.

Imagine where Abia people are being humiliated in crass lawlessness of the
same people who were deployed to the state to maintain law and order. In
Abia, it is no longer the maxim that you may kill the body but cannot kill
the soul. In Abia, it is a case of killing the body and the soul with
mis-governance from any angle that one stands to look at it.

Our people are passing through acute pains in the government of Gov. Orji.
The government does not welcome men of honour, except urchins. The killers
that have resurged in Abia State today feel that our people have no right
to their lives. You are chased miles away if you dare oppose the government
or your name is blackmailed in the media.

These are even understatements to what we are passing through in the
government in Umuahia. Gov. Orji and his government think that what
everyone should do to better Abia State is to be praising his government
and amplifying “Ochendo Global” to the West end.

The Abia State Government is one with misplacement of anger and priority,
griping the state with the fist of a tramp. If you want to talk of both
street and corporate lawlessness, talk of Abia State under Gov. Orji. One
is that it has refused the grassroots to elect who they want to lead them
in their various local government councils.

The blood in Abia State today heaps like refuse in Aba area of the state.
Innocent people are mowed down like the aftermath of clashes between rival
cult groups. Our once glorious Abia State has become a place where people
live a disgusted life and are humiliated by murderers of life and good

The biro now threatens the conscienceless government in Abia State. When
ideologies want to ignite change in the state, the government apparatuses
use corrupt behaviours to quench them. The Government of Gov. Orji leaves
leprosy to be treating cancer. It does not show a little apprehension in
tune with realism of time. Governor Orji has refused to attack the cause of
the woes in Abia, but is ever ready through his untutored media-attack
dogs, to attack the solutions.

It is the prayer of every Abia person of good will that may there be a
divine intervention in Abia State and the people be delivered from the
shackles of the emperor they have as governor. People like Chidi Nwosu was
killed by yet to be found killer(s), because of what observers have said
was his strong voice for the 2011 elections. Who knows how many people will
be killed for the 2015 elections in Abia State? Where is one Kenneth Nwosu?
What about the military personnel that taught the governor’s son that might
is not always right?

Sound minds do not comprehend what the devils in Abia State gain by killing
our people. Calling them assassins is to exalt them. They are goons and
useless people, who do not think about tomorrow. The only tomorrow they
think about is to be contracted to go and kill. Hooey!

It is time all Abia people of good made the mis-government in the Abia
State uncomfortable through diplomacy, since it is bent on destroying ideas
and, not hearkening to the voice of the people, except the voices of
Chinedu and Odochi Orji. Tragedy is a name for Abia State since this

The government continues to make our people uncomfortable through multiple
taxations and the use of soldiers meant to protect laws of the land, to
break the laws by engaging in superfluous of collection of funds from

As human beings we should know that truth will never die no matter how many
of our people are killed per day to suppress truth.

How to make Abia State a non-violent one in earnest, the government has
over 70 per cent worth of duty to contribute. But sadly, this is a rotten
system that does not welcome brilliant, visionary and optimistic critics.

It is sad news in Abia State that truth is wanted not be told. Those who
fight for the truth, fighting for the oppressed, are hated. Many people are
sending their condolences to the death of Abia State under Gov. Orji. There
is no good governance in the state. What is there is a dishonest

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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