Amaechi, “Economytortion” and “Sextortion”

by Odimegwu Onwumere

There is a revolution going on in the last two Centuries in Nigeria. This
is not about the Industrial Revolution or any of its kind, but a Revolution
instigated by certain women in our society against the men christened
“women liberation”, “violence against women”, and women this and that. Due
to women are lawyers, police and complainants by nature they use these
nature-given tactics to wrestle the men, knowing that men are not good at
talking or listening to much complain. For this reason, men will give up.

Not all the women are into this confrontation against the men or give
support to it, and not every man knows the tactics these women are using.
To this set of women who are not in this confrontational gesticulation by
women against the men they believe that if all that these women are
fighting for is to equal with the men, their names should be counted out of
the loop. They believe that the chemistry of the man can never be equaled
with that of the woman. So, any woman shouting to measure with the men is
just going astray, but man and woman need each other for a mutual world.

This is why I beg to disagree with the position of the Rivers State
Governor, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, who said that the economy of the country
was the reason women are crying and shouting for who knows what. To overrun
the men? His suggestion was that the “economic imbalance” created the room
for what women face in what was described as “sexploitation of women and
violence against them”. This disclosure was made at the one day conference
on, “Violence Against Women and Sextortion” organised by the National
Association of Women Judges in Port Harcourt on Saturday 30th June, 2012.
In his words, Amaechi said: “I look at this issue of ‘sextortion’ from the
economic realities in Nigeria. I doubt if there is any woman born on earth
who wants to use her body to the detriment of herself”.

Wow! Did Amaechi really say that people, especially women, engage in
immoral acts when they are so deprived of what they truly need to live
happily? If this is true, then, we can say that Amaechi is being political
or playing to the gallery to win the sympathy of the women. The fact is
that no sensible person would want to engage or feel gravely duty-bound to
engage in any kind of livelihood without actually considering the ethical
inference. If Amaechi really said that, it means that he was bored by the
many complaints that nature gave to women and they are using them
surreptitiously without the knowledge of the men hence he gave in. And any
man that does not give a listening ear to women automatically is
characterized by them as wicked and uncaring. Do we blame Amaechi?

While going to school is very good, it would be better that we
differentiate school from education. Some of us who are schooled are not
educated in all aspects of education. This is why I must say that a child
whose parents were unable to send to school, the parents could afford to
engage the child in any meaningful work to learn. This is against Amaechi’s
stand that grown-up daughters of parents could engage is any shoddy
business due to their parents economic challenges. To appease the ego of
women, hear Amaechi again: “So we must agree that the economic challenges
we currently face as a nation could be linked to what you judges refer to
as sextortion.”

It is an aberration of the truth for anybody to say that women are
exploited in Nigeria in what they called “sextortion” because even in the
offices women have more legs to get whatever they want more than men,
because men by nature listen to them more than. To this end, men do not
most times have fair and equal opportunities as women do, therefore
‘sextortion’ against men is paramount in Nigeria, whereas it was not
supposed to be so.

Amaechi should take a survey of the number of men and women working in
offices across the country and be surprise who is sextorting who. He should
not mind most greedy and evil-minded women who want to control the men and
give orders on what to do and not to do. And Amaechi saying that whatever
community misbehaviour people displayed in earning a living had a straight
link with the country’s economy poses a gigantic question: what are they in
the leadership position doing to address the economic woes? No one should
tell me that at least the governor and his titular House of Assembly
members in Rivers have started to address the economic woes with a rather
cruel Pension Bill where ex-Governors, their Deputies and all that bunch of
pseudo-leaders will be entitled to 100 percent pension benefits. This act
is the reason morals have sharply fallen among Nigerians as a result of
social inequalities and not the so called “Sextortion”. Does Amaechi
subscribe to this?

If Amaechi buttressed his point by saying that “this harsh” situation has
made women more susceptible in their proposal to stay alive, because in
2011 the National Bureau of Statistics said 71 percent of Nigerians are
poor, he should know that the pride and survival of any given state is
based on the 100 percent transparency of its leaders; he should know that
there is also “economytortion”. And this is more dangerous than the satanic
poetry – “Sextortion”. What about “braintortion”, “Votetortion”,
“oppositiontortion”? Just name them.

I will like to advise Amaechi that next time these women organized such
conference he should talk about “Virtuetortion”. This is where every wise
woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands”
(Prov. 14:1), and comes out to talk of “Equality” and all that noise meant
for the trash bin. He should ask the women the following questions,
according to one Nancy Leigh DeMoss: 1. Am I building up my house or
tearing it down? 2. Am I investing in my marriage? Am I nurturing the heart
of my marriage? 3. Do I frequently express admiration and gratitude to my
husband? 4. Am I reserving the best of my physical and emotional energy for
my family? 5. Am I creating a climate (through words, actions, and
attitudes) that makes my husband want to be at home? 6. Am I content to be
“at home”? Am I finding my “fulfillment” through reverencing and serving my
husband and family? 7. Do I reserve intimate communication, looks, words,
and touch for my husband? Am I giving of my emotions, attention, affection
to a man other than my husband? 8. Am I meeting my husband’s sexual needs?
9. Am I trustworthy? Is there any behavior or relationship I am involved in
that I am keeping from my husband? Have I been totally honest with my
husband? Am I fueling sensual thoughts and desires through books,
magazines, TV programs, music, or movies that are not morally pure? “Who
can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies” (Prov.
31:10). Etc.

These women’s thoughts are truly not their’s; their thoughts for
“Sextortion” were fuelled “through books, magazines, TV programs, music, or
movies that are not morally pure”. Please, when next Amaechi will speak on
this topic he should tell the women to stop making sensual comments that
have made many women raised shoulders high against the men which have
resulted to divvies in many homes today. The girls are also teleguided by
this word as “sextortion” to have a feeling of war against the boys,
whereas it was not supposed to be so. Women are causing hazard of opinion
in this country.

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