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Amaechi, Oil Companies and the Rains

The rains are here again. Many people want it to rain always because of the
intensely scorching sun, while others do not want it because of the
condition of the area they are living in Rivers State.

Regardless of the fortune of those who carry their crest at hand when it
rains, Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State has achieved some gleaming
feats in sectors of the economy. The unacceptable condition of most
roads in the state, in earnest, investigations reveal that they are not in
the custody of the state government to repair. These roads belong to the
many oil companies in the state who spill their crude oil, and indeed,
their crude character everywhere and anyhow around the state, and by
extension, in the Niger Delta.

The oil companies’ non-challant attitude to address these roads has not
only caused innumerable hardship to road users, but has led to the damage
of property and lives worth millions of money. This has left the informed
residents to be asking for explanation why the roads are left to the
ignoble condition they are.

We, critics, of this administration have always antagonized the government
on the roads, not knowing that not all that we thought were its
responsibilities, were really its’. The residents are not finding it easy
while plying these areas. The drainages are blocked by sand and refuse. The
companies are relaxing from the sledge pen of critics while Amaechi bears
the brunt. Yes, he is the number one citizen of the state, but those it is
their responsibilities to have certain sectors in the state fixed should
not be relaxing.

The festering critiques this administration has got on the issue of road,
the oil companies that refused to work most of these roads belonging to
them should apologise to the government and the people for failing and for
making the government be perceived as anti-people whereas it is far from
being that. In some areas, it is difficult before a neighbour could visit a
neighbour unless the neighbour traveled miles in the course of looking for
a motorable road. This is what negligence on the part of the oil companies
had to cause Rivers State.

The rapidly increasing economy of the state is also exceptionally affected.
Opportunities have also been lost, while the oil companies continue to
smile to the bank, to the detriment of the people, and the workers growing
fat cheeks and pot belly, while the vulnerable residents continue to suffer
their inopportune pit of hell called roads. While the companies are also
criss-crossing for juicy contracts, the people are suffering exceptionally
deadliness on the roads. The residents are snowed under wickedness without
any bleak to their besieged environment.

Traditionally, these companies worked the roads in those days. What has
entered their once horizon of positive thoughtfulness? Even some of the
roads they worked in the past did not stay long and they damaged. What a
lurid? Tours to these roads, potholes and caverns have germinated all over
them. It is time the residents resisted peacefully this evil notion. And
Governor Amaechi should incessantly call these oil companies to order for
the people to exhale noisily relieve. Their consignments of declarations
that things would change for the better have only positively changed their
growth, while the residents are left in churlish.

In addition, they should be advised to build schools and hospitals as well,
which they were doing in those days. If they have lost focus they should
call for help so that the people can help assemble some best hands to help
them carry out the burdensome conscientiousness of picking their task. They
should do away with the omnipresent damaged roads to ease the people. The
residents are not even sure if the companies are still constructing new
roads, so they should rehabilitate the existing ones. They can liaise with
the intercession agency, the Rivers State Road Rehabilitation and
Maintenance Committee, if the agency is not moribund.

Moreover, Amaechi should direct his Commissioner for Works to launch a
serious protest to these companies for a reinvigoration. They should not be
allowed to do away with their ugly character. If the roads in Port
Harcourt, the state capital are fine, many in the environs are mindsore. If
the oil companies refuse to work their roads we would be forced to mention
their names and their crowed of exploited roads.

We wish Amaechi the best.

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