Ambassador John Campbell Is An Undiplomatic Loud Mouth!

by Paul I. Adujie

There is nothing to know or learn about and from Ambassador John Campbell. If there is at all, it must be that he is not a friend of Nigeria! If he were, he would not so frequently and in most offensive regularity, engage in writing scripts for would be coup plotters, political opportunists, anarchist which might lurk within and outside Nigeria.

John Campbell is no expert on anything Nigerian. If he is an expert at all, it has to be on one thing and one thing alone, which is, his undiplomatic and uncharitable willingness to paint worse case scenarios regarding Nigeria, at every turn.

It will be recalled that some Americans, while debating policy on Nigeria have, during the past several years announced that Nigeria will disintegrate in about fifteen years. This latest salvo by John Campbell fits those preconceived notions and predilections often exhibited to often by some, towards everything Nigerian, nay, African, where everything is without redemption and nothing good is possible or is sustainable.

We should ask, what and who made John Campbell an expert on Nigeria anyway, his stint as a United States representative in Nigeria for a few years?. John Campbell’s predictions about Nigeria stemmed from wrong predicates and premises and his conclusions are clearly wrong, and should be dismissed.

Nigerians will do well to compare Martin Indyk the former American ambassador to Israel for several years with John Campbell’s very damning public comments, articles and now, an unflattering book about Nigeria. Ambassador Martin Indyk does not exaggerate or engage in hyperbole against, despite all that is known by the public regarding the contentious relations between America on the one hand, and Israel and her neighbors on the other. Ambassador Martin Indyk does not engage in slash and burn against Israel as John Campbell obviously enjoys doing against Nigeria.

Nigerians should ask why John Campbell regularly announces to the world, that the sky in Nigeria is falling? His latest diatribe on Nigeria followed his pattern of demonstrated pessimism about Nigeria as illustrated by most recent article, titled, “Nigeria On The Brink, What Happens If 2011 Elections Fail”

Well meaning Nigerians should demand to know why, if John Campbell has any viable connections with either the political establishment in America and Nigeria respectively, why then, is he not using such connections for the benefit of the historically cordial relationships between the United States and Nigeria? Why does he need to frequently shout fire, fire, and conflagrations ever so often?

John Campbell has instead resorted regularly, to pedestrian rumor mongering at frequent intervals.

It is quite possibly the case, that some Nigerian pessimists, upon reading John Campbell’s latest dire predictions and extremely ominous forecasts, regarding Nigeria, these Nigerian pessimists would jump up and down with shouts of Aha! We knew it, we knew it, and the Americans have confirmed it!

It can be imagined that these Nigerian pessimists think of John Campbell as having the requisite pedigree or qualifications on matters Nigeria. All westerners to always claim possession and or to have exclusive preserve, of this “superior” knowledge about Nigeria, Africa, and in fact, about the whole world!

The only notable exceptions being, perhaps, the whereabouts on earth, of raggedly Osama Bin Ladin. Or the massive American intelligence failures in the run up to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and American Defense headquarters, Pentagon. And the massive American intelligence failures which neglected to anticipate the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR.

The wrong-headed American invasion and occupation of Iraq and the silly expectations, by some American officials, who predicted that Iraqis will dance in the streets, while throwing flower petals at the feet of Americans troops, whom Iraqis would hail as liberators, indicates this trends in public policy failures on the part of the American political establishment.

The failure to anticipate the magic of China’s double digit economic growth and ascendancy as a dominant superpower ranks up there as well, in public policy ineptitude on the part of the Americans. And yet, John Campbell, a part role player in this American establishment is an “expert” on Nigeria?

John Campbell comes across as busily writing scripts for disasters and miseries for Nigeria, when there so much happening here on the home front in America. The Chinese economy is in audacious upsurge and unprecedented growth, the American economy is quite in the opposite trend with high rates of unemployment and in free fall. There is mounting public debt as deficits in the trillions stares America in the face. America and other western nations are in clear trepidations over China emergence, particularly, China’s ability to fund America’s public debts as well as compete with western nations for resources on the African continent. There is an economic meltdown in America, there is mass discontent and disenchantment in America.

In the face of all this, John Campbell, seeks to lecture Nigerians and Nigeria on public policy failures? The sad thing is that, some Nigerians may actually listen to John Campbell, take him seriously and even allow themselves to be guided by the nuisance value of John Campbell’s preachment to us!

All Nigerians will do well, to ensure the success of the forthcoming scheduled general elections in January 2011. Ensuring smooth elections is in Nigeria’s best national interests, and in doing so, we will be doing no favors to interlopers and inter-meddlers such as John Campbell. Nigerians and Nigeria do not need outsiders with pretensions to what is best for Nigeria. Nigerians and friends of Nigeria must ensure that the precipitous predictions by persons and entities such as we have in John Campbell does not come to pass.

Nigerians will do well, in pronouncements and actions, so that we do not fall victims sinister rumors and into John Campbell’s worst case scenarios. There is no time like now, to redouble our efforts, just so, we do not fulfill John Campbell’s false prophecies and fatalistic fantasies.

It should be clear to all Nigerians by now, that John Campbell should not be seen as just a messenger or some sorts of teller of “bitter truths”. He instead, has repeatedly portrayed Nigeria as always chaotic, and at the brink of total collapse or as if always at the precipice of catastrophes. We should not take his word for it, that we are dancing at brinks of extinction. We should do nothing to play into his abominable and obnoxious scripts.

Nigerians should see through John Campbell’s very paternalistic preachment and condescending manner towards Nigeria. John Campbell’s articles and now, his book which scandalizes Nigerians and Nigeria, his actions are indicative of the contempt he reserves for us Nigerians and Nigeria.

Nigerians ought to and should in fact, denounce John Campbell and others like him, for fanning the embers of our family squabbles. We should, for our own purposes, ensure that our diversities in regions, ethnicity, religions cultures and languages are seen always as attributes which services our national interests in mutually beneficial ways. Nigeria is a plural society and that is a wonderfully positive thing which we must emphasize often, instead of our minor and infinitesimal differences emphasized and exaggerated by John Campbell.

Nigerians and friends of Nigeria should boycott John Campbell’s forthcoming book. The book is a calculated insult to us Nigerians, for it scandalizes Nigerians and Nigeria most offensively.

John Campbell’s book is a crime against us. Our boycotting the book effectively is the best way to send a message to the writer that crime does not pay. And send a message to him, to the effect that his scandalous book about us and out nation will not be rewarded or made profitab

le for him, not by us, at least.

He must not be rewarded for his repeated crimes against Nigerians and Nigeria, with his notoriously reckless, irresponsible and yet, extremely toxic predictions about our very existence. John Campbell and persons like him, constitute existential threat to Nigeria continued corporate existence as a nation.

John Campbell’s latest article published recently, identical in title and subtext with his forthcoming book. It is scandalous and offensive. It is loaded with suggestions to those who might engage in opportunism,

John Campbell should be told to cease, desist and refrain from his persistent silliness about Nigeria. He should stop peddling anarchy, disasters and catastrophes with the hope of finding Nigerian buyers.

Nigerians are urged, in reaction to John Campbell’s latest exercise in gloom and doom predictions, which he insists must be Nigeria’s fate, the question reasonable persons should ask and answer, is; What Purpose Does John Campbell’s Public shaming of Nigerians and Nigeria serve? What is the benefit to Nigerians and Nigeria in John Campbell’s portrayal of Nigeria as helpless sheep on the way to a destined doom in a slaughter house or abattoir? Nigeria is not the only plural and multicultural multi-religious and multi-ethnic and multilingual nation on earth. And Nigeria is not the only nation which may experience election impasses and deadlocks! Nigeria’s democracy is imperfect, but show me a perfect democracy!

After all, there have been several elections this year, worldwide, with inclusive results or outcomes, notably in Britain, Iraq and most recent amongst these, is the case of Australia. These other nations managed to have survived election deadlocks, without total collapse, anarchy, civil wars and disasters or catastrophes.

Even Iraq, made fragile by America’s invasion and occupation, has not collapsed or disintegrated from her election impasse, why should John Campbell or any reasonable person suggest that Nigeria is much more fragile in comparison with the now war ravaged Iraq? Why is that Nigeria would not survive election impasse and deadlock? Could this be because we are Africans?

Why is total collapse and military coup, wars, and disintegration the highlights and the only possible outcomes in John Campbell careless forecasts for Nigeria?

Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria will do well to discount and discountenance John Campbell’s rabble rousing gloom and doom worst case scenarios.

Nigerians are a keenly aware of our national issues and challenges. Our national challenges are made more clear to us, in the run up to the general elections in January 2011 even without outsider meddling in our internal affairs.

Nigerians and Nigeria must engage in these forthcoming necessary political process and emerge triumphantly. We do not need John Campbell or anyone for that matter, predicting our national demise. The forthcoming elections too, will come to pass without disasters and all the negative outcomes from John Campbell’s uselessly fuzzy crystal balls.

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