Ambode: Why we shouldn’t dismantle the ladder of success

by Yahaya Balogun

The results of the APC primary election in Lagos State few days ago is very instructive. What we must take away from it is the potent power of the ordinary people to make things happen if they are well-informed. We must also understand how the misuse of power, influence, affluence, etc., to create a wedge among people could boomerang on us. We are all keen learners in the unfolding political consciousness in Nigeria.

When Dele Momodu, a man popularly known as a towncrier from the committee of loudmouths and ovations, and of the Nigerian looters stealthily gives a progressive political strategist (Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu) an advice, it is evident that the man known for rooting for other progressives will gloss over the publicist’s selfish advice.

I strongly sympathize with Ambode for his self-destruction. He plays politics of vengeance and ingratitude, but karma is an equal distributor of rewards. Ambode’s world press conference a few days ago was a mistake and misplaced political gesture, a great political miscalculation. Whoever advised him to medically denigrate his political opponent did him a great disservice! You will lose sympathizers in a torrential manner if you use a known deformity or medical impairment of your political opponent for political expediency. Also, it is political suicide to foul a position that is ephemeral. Even the world we currently live is transient! Every single soul or object shall surely expire someday.

The political juggernaut, Tinubu the master strategist, knows the political leanings and interests of the towncriers for Nigerian looters! Under Tinubu’s administration, the rapid development Lagosians enjoyed was unprecedented in the history of Nigeria. Lagos, a megacity has always been the cynosure of all eyes! When the time came for Tinubu to anoint his successor for Lagos State, he introduced the quintessential and indefatigable strongman Babatunde Fashola to succeed him. Fashola was not only a brilliant and selfless politician, he is also a master strategist with strong will and determination for continued progress and development of Lagos state. Tinubu’s strategy and legacy have painted Lagos state glowingly in all ramifications. Politics is not immune from skirmishes and rancorous protests among the players but the unique bond of progress and development that bind them together is their collective signature. We all witnessed how Fashola and Tinubu resolved their political misunderstandings in the immediate past.

In actual fact, after Fashola’s impressive and impeccable performance in Lagos state, as a man who believes in the politics of inclusion; as a man who belongs to the school of inclusiveness, Tinubu envisioned tomorrow. He saw and handpicked another technocrat in the school of management and accountancy. He introduced Akinwumi Ambode which, from a reliable source was grudgingly rejected by the Lagos socialites, but Jagaban was graciously able to convince the stakeholders to give Ambode a trial to contest for Lagos state governor! Expectedly, Ambode won convincingly in the 2015 governorship election. The rest has now manifested in today’s history.

Meanwhile, as Ambode took the mantle of leadership, and did tremendous job in the area of infrastructural development in Lagos state. In the main time, Ambode consolidated power, he became exclusively beligerant and pugnacious in the art of politics. Ambode began to dismantle the ladder that he climbed to his self-esteem and state of self-actualization in politics. He began to build his selfish political empire! I felt bad for him for not being a student of history. History, a precursor to the success or downfall of man. Ambode began to coagulate his political loyalists by giving them contracts and political inducements at the expense of the people. He built a trumpian wall against his opponents and arch-associates. Ambode forgot that politics is a game of numbers and strategies; not a game to play with vindictiveness and stubbornness. The consequences of the former and latter can be dire! You do not bite the fingers that feed you. Now, with yesterday’s primary, the rest has become history of Ambode’s political career in the nearest future!

Sadly, Tinubu and a few conscientized politicians are the only remaining political apostles and scions of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Others remaining remnants and pseudo-scions of Awo are prostituting the fouled political terrains of Nigeria. The truism is that, we know them. The good thing is that, Tinubu and sai baba are sending these political prostitutes to involuntary retirements. All the Tortoises and do-or-die welfarists in our midst are extinguishing into political oblivion. If you know, you know!

Tinubu is a master strategist in the dungeon of the Nigerian politics! Please, call Tnubu all names you want to call him from our Yoruba axioms and your English lexicons, If you underrate Tinubu by commission or overtly, you do so at your own political perils! Yes! Not by happenstance, Tinubu belongs to the Eko socialite or Lagos caucus (call it socialite cult or whatever names you deemed fit) whose nomenclature is signatured by progressive inclinations of Eko! Lagos is a mini-Nigeria, when Lagos coughs or yawns, other States in Nigeria are in a state of trepidation including the Federal government. That’s why it’s injurious to mess with the stakeholders of this nerve cell or commercial center of the most powerful enclaves in Africa.

Lagos is miniature planet in its own coccyx. It is a state that controls the economic well beings of African countries. To mess with Lagos is like messing with New York or California in the United States of America. You will ultimately pay the political and economic prices! Every powerful State nucleus in any country has its own “cult” or stakeholders that act as a political lifewire to the development of the state, if not the whole country. This is a jinx that will be difficult to break as long as the stakeholders are in vows and wow of progressive unions and agenda. This is a depicted culture and picture of Eko Akete in the politics of Nigeria. Take it or you leave it!

Honestly, I wish Governor Ambrode had been thoroughly schooled in the politics of Eko before he suantered his own political interests into the whirlwinds and complicated Nigerian polity. By obvious permutation, Governor Ambrode may be on the famished road to impeachment. A cataclysmic situation that will put the rapacious governor on the wrong side of Nigerian history.

Let’s wish Ambode well in these precarious position and self-inflicted political wounds he has wrought on himself.

Life must continue anyway!


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