America Is Friend and Ally of Dictators and Tyrants Worldwide

by Paul I. Adujie

President Barack Obama it was, who once stated that Africa needs strong institutions and not strong men. But now we know these statements are mere deep end platitudes, in view of the fact that America, Israel and Europe etc prefer strong man dictator, tyrant president for life authoritarian Hosni Mubarak of Egypt

President Obama now engages in ambivalence and equivocation regarding democracy and Egypt.

American, European and Israeli apologists for Hosni Mubarak’s 30 years dictatorship and absolute power insistently talk about stability, what stability? Hosni Mubarak is now said to have sponsored and paid thugs in efforts to intimidate, frustrate and truncate legitimate peaceful protests by Egyptian citizens demanding democracy and freedom, and the Egyptian Army is said to have refused and neglected to prevent these Mubarak’s thugs from killing and maiming peaceful protesters.

Where are unequivocal denunciations and condemnations of these egregious Human Rights violations? Where is the outrage?

There are also these nonsensical talks about anti Mubarak protesters causing chaos, even though it is quite clear to all reasonable persons that Egypt has been in a constant and continued state of chaos for 30 years. Hosni Mubarak has an abysmal track record of making promises of reforms and he has never kept any such promises. Allowing Mubarak to stay until September 2011 is the equivalent of another blank check for Mubarak

Alienating citizens of Egypt and supporting a dictator and turn blind eye to repressive Hosni Mubarak. There are now attempts by Hosni Mubarak and his friends to use thugs to orchestrate a counter demonstration or protest in support the unraveling dictatorship in Egypt.

There is this unreasonable insistence that Mubarak kept peace and maintained peace, and that Egypt is the cornerstone of Israel Middle East policy, but how has that furthered the best national interests of Egyptians?

There are these unreasonable self-serving fears by some, a new government after Mubarak departs will cozy-up to extremists and will ignore Israel -Egypt peace agreements and that such new government would reopen and disregard blockades by Egypt and Israel against Palestine; by re-opening of Gaza Crossing, Egypt will stop assisting Israel in blocking people and goods into Gaza. And so, some in America and Israel say supporting Mubarak at all costs is a good policy!

Israel now monitors, Jordan, Syria and Yemen, America, Israel and their allies are terrified at the mere prospect of Muslim Brotherhood becoming a measurable part of Egyptian political process and these fears are completely unjustified! Mubarak is American Israel stalwart, but he in the process neglected to be stalwart for Egyptians!

Muslim Brotherhood have been demonized and maligned as extremists and violent demagogue, even despite evidence to the contrary. Muslim Brotherhood have no record or history of violence, these false labeling have been employed often by Hosni Mubarak as a camouflage and cover to shield himself as he retained an ossified authoritarian, dictatorial and tyrannical power for thirty years

Reports are that over 300 people killed in Egypt already, in 10 days of political upheaval and yet, America has shown ambivalence, equivocal, muted response to the peaceful demand for democracy, freedom and liberty by Egyptians in their millions! America, Israel and some European nations are insouciantly practicing expediency as a policy, a myopic and shortsighted policy which has incubated hatred and terrorism in the Egypt, Palestine, Arabian and Persian worlds.

America, some European nations and Israel are thoroughly implicated in the dictatorship in Egypt with diplomatic, financial and military support for 30 years. But why prop-up puppets and dictators and tyrants while proclaiming the high ideals and tenets of democracy, freedom, the rule of law and due process? What an oxymoron is that? These double standards and hypocrisies are so glaring for world to see.

America, Europe and their allies must cease and desist from supporting and protecting authoritarian and tyrannical regimes in worldwide, but more particularly so, dictators in the Middle East and Africa. An Arab American has compared Hosni Mubarak to the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, she says, when Hosni Mubarak falls, democracy will dawn in the rest of Arab world and Middle East.

It is unreasonable, it is counter intuitive, it is illogical and it runs against the grain, for self-proclaimed democrats to support the obscene dictatorship for which Hosni Mubarak have been known.

Israel have been making very condescending comments on Egyptian crises, Israel saying it is in the interests of America, Israel and western nations of Europe to keep Hosni Mubarak where he is, in power. America, Israel and others are nervous about the revolt and possible snowball effects in the entire Middle East from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, to Jordan, to Yemen, Syria etc

A successful peoples revolution in Egypt, will reverberate and have sundry ramifications, hence, enemies of the peoples of these nations are worried that their arrogant neglect and constipated complacency over the Palestine-Israel peace process is about to be disturbed by
responsive governments in the region, borne of the people, by the people, for the people

A myopic and parochial policy is being planned by the Americans is the contingency plan is to ensure that Mubarak survives long enough, then install a pro-American successor, preferably, the hierarchy of the Egyptian Army. The idea that America and her allies are advocating, a military takeover or coup in Egypt, with winks and nods to the Egyptian military with a view to truncating democracy, will make the head of true democrats and true lovers of freedom spin!

President Barack Obama of the United States once famously said that that Africa needs strong institutions and not strong men. But in recent days, every American official commenting on the political upheaval in Egypt have stated a clear preference for an Egyptian strongman known as Hosni Mubarak, who represent for the Americans and Israelis, a symbol of stability in Egypt, the Arab World and the entire Middle East.

American officials and journalists have for several days now, been aggressively promoting Egyptian Army as respected institution with individuals inside of it as wonderful friends of the United States! Americans are aggressively promoting the Egyptian military as successor to Mubarak. The Egyptian military is now being touted as preferred substitute. It is the case that America is behind the curve and quite clearly ambivalent in connections with what is happening on ground in Egypt. An Egyptian political earthquake is unfolding

Egypt and Hosni Mubarak have been an anchor, a bulwark and an epicenter for America, Israel and the rest of western world, which desperately wish to continue to use Hosni Mubarak Egypt as a wedge against Egyptians, Arabs and Persians national and regional interests, while the American, European and Israeli interests are given primacy

During the past several days, we were just regaled with the high ideals and tenets of democracy and the strength of American idea, but is America willing to see Egyptians taste freedom, democracy and idea?

Hosni Mubarak is president for life, the symbol for one-sided peace for Israel, at the expense of Palestine, Arabs, Persians and all Middle Easterners. Americans and other westerners have during these several days of political revolt and public demonstrations and protests by the people of Egypt, stated preferences for stable, stable, stable Egypt, even in the face of economic and political stagnation.

There is this pervasive attitude in which not much is said or expressed by way of what Egyptians want, but instead, what stability and a strong Hosni Mubarak’s fall could mean for America, Israel and other westerners! But why is it that not many westerners stop to consider

what Egyptians want?

It cannot be argued that there is no one else among more than 80 million Egyptians, only Hosni Mubarak can govern Egypt. First of all, he is 82 years old and he will not live forever and secondly, there are qualified, seasoned Egyptian administrators and technocrats who would manage Egyptian politics and resources more creatively than Hosni Mubarak have done I 30 years

Hosni Mubarak have perennially used scare tactics and blackmail with his insistence that only absolute power wielded by him, would guarantee peace and stability and maintain Egypt as a secular state. Hosni Mubarak has forever pretended, without proof, that Muslim Brotherhood is violent and it is a terrorist group, even though there are Muslim Brotherhood members of Egyptian parliament. Hosni Mubarak and his friends, supporter and allies have forever pretended that every Muslim Brotherhood is a violent Ayatollah with extreme theocratic worldview, intent on imposing a theocracy.

All this flies in the face of Egypt being a plural society with left, right, liberal, conservative, Muslims, Christian citizens. Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 as a mainstream revivalist movement and they are not different from evangelicals, religious rights and Christians. After all, Strum Thurmond and other segregationists were elected to the United States congress from the so-called American Bible Belt or the bible wielding American south of the Dixie line. The National Rifle Association or NRA wield great political power and clout in the USA and NRA only promotes gun and not bread, butter or books, whereas Muslim Brotherhood have parliamentarians!

Egypt is gatekeeper and enforcer for the US and Israel, and, demonstrates stability and civility says Israel, says Egypt is a representative government as with Jordan. he arrogantly asks whether Egyptians can be trusted with democracy to be managed on their own, when Hosni Mubarak leaves.
America, Israel and western Europeans have gambled and squandered resources propping up Hosni Mubarak and sundry dictatorships

General Omar Suleiman the intelligence chief who was appointed vice president by Hosni Mubarak in response to demands for democracy is known to be a pro American pro Israel Egyptian, who has supervised American outsourcing of torture also known as Extraordinary Rendition, is unfortunately being touted now as likely successor to Hosni Mubarak. A complete army takeover is also being suggested, all these, because, American and Israel military have for decades interacted with the Egyptian military in most intimate ways.

30 years probationary period for Mubarak, he can initiate reforms now, and orderly transition thereafter. and the rest of mere mortals are only entitled to 3 to 6 months probationary periods on our jobs!

We should also factor in, the cause and effect of “sit-tights” rulers and their enablers or facilitators
we ought to also ask, why it is okay, to support Hosni Mubarak for peace, stability and as gatekeepers…. after 30 years of brutalities, extreme political repressions against opponents… and after 30 years of entrenched state of emergency with unmitigated arbitrariness and yet, neither America, France/other western nations are demanding that Egypt be invaded in order to dethrone Hosni Mubarak
Yet, Nigeria, ECOWAS, African Union were being pressured by America/France to invade the Ivory Coast in order to dethrone Laurent Gbagbo in complete disregard for the political independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ivory Coast

We should be alert to these double standards and utter hypocrisies!

Give me democracy, give me freedom and ensure that these high ideals have UNIVERSAL application etc. All reasonable persons should have zero tolerance for dictatorship and detesting and disdaining dictators should not be a selective. It is quite revealing that the same nations which are currently demanding and insisting on the use of force through military invasion to unseat Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast, are the same nations who are unfortunately very accommodating and comfortable with 30 years of Hosni Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt, with 30 years state of emergency

Hosni Mubarak is a dictator, a tyrant with record of ruthless repressions and brutalities. Mubarak has repeatedly used arbitrary authoritarian powers, but, thank God, Mubarak is a friend and ally.
Mubarak has for 30 years used brutal extreme repressions against his own people, but, thank God, Mubarak is a staunch ally and friend of America and Israel and some Europeans!

Mubarak has sponsored and paid thugs to attack peaceful protesters. Mubarak has used his political party members, and his armed forces against peaceful demonstrators American journalists with NPR, ABC, CNN and NBC, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Christianne Amapour and Garcia-Navarro respectively, Human Rights workers etc are being attacked agents of Mubarak, but, all these are acceptable overhead costs of doing business and thank God, Mubarak is our friend and ally. Mubarak is the surety and guarantor of stability and peace in the Middle East

Mubarak is 82 years old and after 30 years of absolute power and 30 years of a forced state of emergency in which civil liberties have been circumvented and completely denied every Egyptian, Mubarak is still unwilling to yield to democratic demands by millions of Egyptians, but thank God, he is friend and ally of America, Israel and some European nations and that is all that matters! Mubaraka’s friends and allies, America, Israel and European nations must determine the political outcome for Egyptians!

It is a fact, that Egypt is recipient of the second largest foreign aid from the America other than Israel!
It is also a fact, that Egyptian military is heavily reliant on America and Israel for money, hardware and other resources…

We all must note the facts of origins of even the teargas being used against protesters are MADE IN USA by an American company in Tennessee. America is largest arms supplier to Egypt. But America is not similarly deeply involved with Egyptian agriculture and food production sectors. President Obama sent a diplomatic emissary to Hosni Mubarak in the middle of this continuing revolution by the people of Egypt, but the emissary never met with representative of the political opposition across the spectrum
It is clear therefore, that America has only one dog in this fight, and it is Hosni Mubarak, not the Egyptian people. There so much poverty, unemployment and desperation in Egypt, and yet, Egyptian military has more arms than 10 developing nations put together

I am surprised though, that when Israel is discussed, debated or lightly, ever so lightly admonished, there is never a mention that Israel, a nation of less than ten million people, receives the highest foreign aid from America more than all the over 50 nations of Africa combined!

Americans, Israel and some Europeans are aggressively advocating and promoting the Egyptian military as successor and best substitute to Hosni Mubarak. It is clearly the case that all these three groups of pretenders to true democracy, are behind the curve and the citizens of Egypt inspired revolution which is currently unfolding on ground in Egypt.

President Obama on February 3, 2011 held a national prayer forum in which he prayed for the people of Egypt and we are sure that from now on, this will be standard policy, to pray for democracy activists in China, in Tibet and Iran etc in place of forthright statements of support for all those who seek democracy and freedom from oppression?

The Egyptian military allowed Mubarak thugs to attack peaceful protesters unhindered. These thugs who have been identified as members of the police and the military, acting at the behest of the dictator and apparatuses, were allowed to attack, murder and maim peaceful protesters, but, thank God, Mubarak is friend and ally of western nations!

Mubarak reign of 30 year is hallmarked by broken promises

of reforms and his extreme repressions against millions of Egyptians and as Mubarak’s house of cards collapses, his allies and friends are now belatedly, at the eleventh hour, insisting on merely urging Mubarak to initiate reforms as salutary effect?

In 10 days of protests against Mubarak, he has spoken twice to his nation and President Obama have merely parroted Mubarak asinine platitudes!

The Truth About Foreign Aid; Where It Really Goes & Not To Africa

1. What is good for Egyptians and Arabians and Persians, as opposed to western nations?
2. Why the fixation on what is good for you and America?
3. Why are supposed “democrats” afraid of democracy in the Middle East/Persian/Arab World, and particularly in Egypt?

4. Why MUST democracy be acceptable to us, only when our puppet is in-charge?

The Americans are insisting on peaceful transition in Egypt, despite thirty of unfettered state of emergency, and despite thirty years of authoritarianism, dictatorship and tyranny by Hosni Mubarak, thirty year during which there were brutal repressions of every shade of political opponent to Hosni Mubarak, a man who refused to have a constitutionally mandated vice president in Egypt.

But instead, Mubarak planned to have his son, Gamal Mubarak as his successor, as if Egypt were a monarchical system of government and as if a Mubarak is the last man standing capable of governing Egypt?

These same Americans and their western allies, have been demanding and insisting a military intervention, military invasion of Ivory Coast to unseat President Laurent Gbagbo, in order to install another western puppet Alsance Gbagbo.

America should urge the African Union or Organization of Arab States to invade Egypt and overthrow Mubarak and his dictatorship after 30 years or why set such dangerous and terrible precedent in Africa’s Ivory Coast? Why should America, and its European allies protect Mubarak, an anti democratic with an extremely brutal repressive regime spanning 30 years, while hounding Laurent Gbagbo, who was duly re-elected according to the highest constitutional court of Ivory Coast?

Supporting dictatorship is bad business and bad for all those nations with pretensions to democracy. In Afghanistan, Ronald Reagan’s supported the Mujaheedeen who were named Holy Warriors by Ronald Reaganin a proxy or surrogate war against the USSR, for hemispheric and hegemonic influence and geo-strategic advantages, then, the Mujaheedeen were fortified with tons of American sophisticated weapons Mujaheedeen subsequently were abandoned by the US and they eventually morphed into the Taliban which the US had to now fight. The fear of Islam as represented by Muslim Brotherhood is the foundation of most asinine America policy towards Egypt

Hosni Mubarak foisted stagnation, desperation, hardship and suffering by citizens of Egypt should not be replaced by another dictatorship, military or civilian. Egyptians military is funded and equipped by the United States and as have been revealed during these several days of protests by Egyptians, even the teargas used by Egyptian police and other militia, are made in USA, so are other military hardware, fighter jets and Apache helicopters etc

All reasonable persons would have thought that the United States have by now learned painful lessons in the unpleasant repercussions for supporting the Shah Palavi of Iran against a democratically and constitutionally elected government of Iran, when CIA engineered a usurpation of Iranian democracy in 1953, the unsavory history is the same in the role of Americans in support of dictatorship in Iraq, the US supported Saddam Hussein, then invaded Iraq to dislodge him, when Saddam ceased to be a full time puppet or when chickens came home to roost?

America similarly supported dictatorships of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, Augusto Pinochet in Chile and the list of American support for anti democratic forces worldwide is legendary. America and its western allies regularly squanders and wastes what ought to be its democratic credentials and moral authority, by their support of anti people governments across the world

America and other western nations must know that it is bad investment, a shortsighted investment, to be strange-bedfellows with dictators and tyrants or operators of authoritarian regimes.
Why? Why is America Friend, Ally of Dictators & Tyrants Worldwide

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