An Open Letter to Kemi Adeosun

by Yahaya Balogun
Kemi Adeosun

Dear Sister Kemi,

“Kòlè yé won…yí ò yé won lóla!!!”

“Truth is an essential norm that is very scarce, only the inquisitors or truthfinders are sure to find it.” – Yahaya Balogun

Permit me to thank you resoundingly well for your service to our nation, and your resignation letter to president Muhammadu Buhari and the nation over your NYSC certification melee and brouhaha.

As I perused your background, it’s not surprising that you did the unprecedented thing in the annals of our political history by tendering your resignation letter. It’s an unfortunate abomination for an African leader or public holder to resign from a post as a result of a real or imagined scandal. It has never happened in our political enclaves.

Some Nigerians are political vultures and mobsters. They will always look for preys to devour. They’re good at perfection of the art of manipulation and character assassination. Nobody cares about your integrity and honesty in Nigeria, everyone is wanton in a quest for hedonism, grandstanding, opportunism, ignorance and divisiveness. If you can’t beat them and you refuse to join them, you will be made to pay a political price. But history will judge us for who we are as a nation, and how we have treated our impeccable human capital and unique intellectual property in Nigeria. I also pray that history will forgive us as a nation for our iniquity. A nation that likes to resent and to destroy its brightest to her own inadvertent adverse and detrimental future.

Sister Kemi, your uncommon and historic resignation letter is a missive with instructive message for a generation with misplaced priorities and contradictions. Why your contemporary citizens mutually destroy themselves for triviality, naughtiness and frivolity is a syndrome that needs a case study, or needs to be addressed to unearth our potentials as a nation. I have long passed a personal resolution on your NYSC’s case that if truly you were found culpable in the certificate brouhaha, your resignation should be imminent in the administration widely known for its integrity, direction and change from within, without and the past. I am so glad you did the most honorable thing to preserve the sanctity of our love for Buhari and his administration. Trust me, your wealth of experience, brilliance and contributions to stability of our nation’s economy will not go unnoticed.

As you already know, we are in a state of anomie in Nigeria. Those who are your castigators are themselves swimming in the ocean of deceit, hypocrisy and squabbling behavior. When I read in-between every line of your resignation letter, my conclusion is that, change from the past being hauled out on us by the administration you were part of, is the most misconstrued and hated nuance in the history of Nigeria. It is understandable why it’s generally so—simply! no free flow of national cake to individual families and private pockets anymore!

In human history, history has always been a precursor to human existence and development, and Nigeria will never be an exception! The optimism of the incurable optimists of a better Nigeria like this writer, will continue to fuel and fire our passion for the betterment of Nigeria, and for a nation we love so dearly.

In retrospect, sometimes ago, I wrote a poem for my inmates in prison in one of my cognitive restructuring classes, The positive responses I got from these prisoners literally made me wept for the ignorance people go through to meet the needless existential pleasures through crimes. But my consolation is that I was one of their sources of inspiration to stay away from prison infractions and future crimes.

We must not be judgemental in our opinion to correct a precarious situation. Man is not what you think he’s, he is what is hidden underneath his heart. We must not castigate those who have crucified this young and intelligent lady, rather, we must empathize with them for they do not know the import of their deliberate ignorance. I wish her the very best of luck. Other prospective young patriotic Diaspora Nigerians must not be discouraged to accept offers in the service of their fatherland. Kemi Adeosun Kemi is a case study for our mindfulness!

Kemi, you have nothing to lose but hugely to gain on the long run. Remember, you’re operating in a dysfunctional society yearning for direction and a true identity. Do not be discouraged to offer your invaluable contribution to a nation we love wherever you are called upon to do so. Nigeria seems to be on a journey to self-implosion, surprisingly, self-implosion may be the moral prescription to solving our naughty and self-inflicted problems. Our people will soon wake up to realize their current mistake of Mutual Assured Destruction-MAD.

You should be proud of your contributions to national integration and economic development. As young as you are, you a young brilliant lady who were naively cajoled and conscripted from yonder into the murky water of the nation’s politics. There’s no doubt that the war against your astuteness and political ebullience is a great assault on the collective sense of patriotism of the Diaspora Nigerians, most especially those who wish to serving his or her fatherland. Your contemporaries in the Diaspora must not be discouraged.

Kemi, your gracious disposition, dedication and service to Nigeria has further cemented our unblemished reassurance of the template being created by the Buhari and Osibanjo’s administration. As a con politician, politics is not about facts again in Nigeria, it’s about playing into the emotion of the disgruntled people to win them to your side. Your political adversaries have moralized indecency and corrupt behaviors.

Kemi, you made this writer a proud Yoruba man, and a patriotic Nigerian for what you have done for your motherland. The trajectory of our problems is solvable. We will not be discouraged to see a new Nigeria. Your resignation is another milestone and a significant signature of the true daughter of whom you are. Your articulation and disposition are a very good example for all of us who value integrity and probity.

Finally, we see you as a principled young lady; and a true representation of Yoruba dynasty and Nigeria. O kare, Omo Akin! You have done what a scarcely Nigerian, or an average and honest person would do. Sweet young lady, stay proud of your service to your motherland. History will not be harsh on you, but history will be unkind only to the hodgepodge who played politics of hate and resentment about the unscathed boss who conscripted you to serve your fatherland.


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Anonymous September 20, 2018 - 6:01 am

hmmm…Food for thought for the wise
Thanks sir,More power to your elbow @ yahaya Balogun.


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