Angel Michael must praise Gov. Orji

by Odimegwu Onwumere

A people without shame do not regard honour. This is what the government in
Abia State and its agents have turned out to become. They are barefacedly
defending every truth that I posited in my article titled, “Gov. Orji and
foreign trips” with their feint tactic.

What makes their response boring and a ploy is the groundless lies they
laced their article with. Just one cynical article they wrote, they have
used over seven pseudonyms to pass their hard-to-sell message. It was
either Amaka Dike was posting it online, or Nnachi Kalu, or Eddie
Onuzuruike or Barrister this or Doctor that was posting the same article to
the unsuspecting editors to publish. So, you can see how virtue is wholly
extinguished in the Governor T.A Orji-led government of Abia State.

Just read The Guardian, Wednesday, 05 June 2013, their article titled “Re:
Gov Orji and foreign trips” and the one in the National Mirror of June 6,
2013, titled “Onwumere’s distortion of facts” and be shocked and shamed how
many names are being used to circulate just one article. This is just their
trademark. Gov. Orji boys are not proud using their real name to write an
article in a government that has been widely known as unenthusiastic and

For your judgement, click or copy and paste the following URLs differently
on your browser if you cannot get hold of the papers prescribed and be
surprised how guilt and shame are working side-by-side in the Government
House, Umuahia, where Gov. Orji sits like a spell-bounded individual while
his boys inveigle him with lies that are always attracting shame. No wonder
he booted many of them out of office recently; but yet, they are hanging
around labelling critics (like me) with fictitious rape, extortionist,
blackmailer etc. puckish stories.

The links are:



As if one commentator on one of the blogs was in my mind when he was
commenting, he wrote: “I wouldn’t know why the revered editor of this
papper published these lies for Gov. T.A Orji mischievous boys. Since 23rd
May, this article has been in circulation with over seven pseudonyms
writing one article. Pls, to buttress my point read Guardian of 5 June and
be surprised the distortion these boys are making in the by-line and
content of the article, or you Google “Gov. Orji returns from Canada trip”
and be surprised how they singled out their boss in that article for cheap
publicity till the innocent Odimegwu Onwumere they are now calling names
picked from the content and wrote. Seeing that the tactic in hoodwinking
the masses has failed, they started re-writing and adding where Angel
Gabriel praised Gov. Orji for all his (mis)application of governance. One
thing is certain; Odimegwu Onwumere is a good writer, not a blackmailer &
all those unprintable things these Orji boys are circulating against him in
the Internet. Ride on, Odimegwu Onwumere. People are reading you. Cheers,”
the commentator wrote.

One of the misfortunes of Gov. Orji government is that in trying to bury
his government’s shame his boys so far exhumed much real shame as well.
When they noticed the facts in my article that Gov. Orji was travelling
outside the country so much, they now changed from the real story which
they initially posted here –

where I wrote from, to the falsehood they expressed in their marooned
response to my article just to sideline the thinking of the public, which
is all negative about their government in Abia State, by bringing in the
names of different Nigerians who they said were on the trip with the
governor to Canada. So, why were the names of these people not brought in,
in the earlier news they made out of the trip, which can be found in the
immediate website with the URL and in other news portals? There is no
gainsaying the fact that the government has been hoodwinking the public
with such information, which was supposed to be involving the people that
were concerned, but Gov. Orji boys removed their names just to score cheap
political gains; therefore making Nigerians to believe that their governor
was always travelling to attract foreign investors.

Time has started to unfold what their cunning hide. Read their article
where they involved the names of top shots in Abuja who they said have
praised their governor for “job well-done” in Abia State. I say that it is
time for the biblical angel Michael to visit the governor and praise him in
the ways known and recorded of the angel Michael for not performing in our
state. Somebody say Amen.

Somebody should tell them that they are living in shame and want to die in
shame. It is a case of seemingly that what these Orji boys have resorted to
doing is to be awarding online media outfits with adverts to calm them not
publish stories that are not praise singing their governor again.

It was once purported that they pay heavily to the online media to pull
down any articles from the critics of their government they saw that
revealed much of the shenanigan government they are not proud of with their
names. It is a pity!

They have been circulating falsehood against me. See these from them:




However, I will never do same. I know that it was written that “Shame is an
unhappy emotion invented by pietists in order to exploit the human race”.
And this is Gov. Orji boys’ trade in stock. Wait for me to publish vital
documents that I have about this government. The battle has just started.

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