Anti-Christ Strategies for World Annihilation

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The anti-christ is yet to manifest but his agents have been at work. The world has been grievously vexed with the devil and his human and spiritual agents.

Under the shibboleth of playing politics for the advancement of the human race, they have caused wars to be fought, cities have been destroyed.

As a dutiful raconteur, who makes sparkling remarks, pithy one-liners, caustic comments, I always amble through deeper thoughts about events happening in this universe of man.
Since I stick to the apostolic order of truth, I do receive inner ministrations that transmit revelations to receptive minds.

At the Elihu School of Prophesy, I imbibed lasting rabbinical teachings that were deep and profound.
I hereby expose to some extent, the programme of the anti-christ.

His most accomplished agent was Adolf Hitler, who wanted to enslave mankind. He caused monumental destructions in Europe, but failed in his mission.

However, the world inherited a culture of military rule, which replicates the agenda of Hitlerism, in our time.

The re-incarnated souls of the tall soldiers, who used ferocious muscle power to crucify OUR LORD JESUS, are located in the world’s military and we remember the atrocities they have engaged in as” leaders” in contemporary times, in many nations.

The gory massacres and killings they carried out, when they were intoxicated by transient political power, is still fresh in our memories.

In some cases, they overthrew civilian governments and treated the funds of the state as booty.
They are now in Nigeria, regarded as “icons”, but their crimes are unforgettable.

The agents of the anti-christ changed the sound of music from operatic, classical, melodious music that soothes the soul to pop music and then the noisy, meaningless and vulgar hip hop rubbish, that kills human sensitivities and deadens the intellect.

Scruffy jeans, indecent fashion is now the vogue. Women expose their sagging breasts and wear mini-skirts, which has probably trigged the increase in rapes.

There is the replacement of intellectual discourses with propaganda, as the producers dictate. Story-telling, poetry, novels are rated higher than new thinking in science, economics and political thought.
There is a marked decline in intellectual dialogues and disputations.

Prosperity pastors have dollarized evangelism. Some now collect tithes to buy private jets, while others fraternize with thieving politicians for filthy lucre, thereby debasing the Eucharist.

The wars in the Holy Land are the hand-work of the indomitable agents of the anti-christ.
The rate of divorce is high in Euro-American states, where the promotion of same-sex marriages violates God’s injunctions, to the detriment of the race.

War-mongering has become the past-time of politicians with misplaced consciences.
Murders have become common-place, because guns of all sorts can be bought in open shops. Human life has become cheap, VERY CHEAP. What has happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt confirms the end-time predictions

Personality cult promotion extols the virtues of actors, political leaders and CEOs, making them acquire the status of man-made gods.

Poverty has become oppressive as people now die of hunger and suffer malnutrition.

With the inexplicable legalization of marijuana, in the near future, more demented social humans, people with lack of inhibition, who lack coordination, who are visibly impaired, who lack brain connectivity, who suffer from extreme psychotic disorders, drug addicts, drugged drivers, overdosed consciousness, whose power of shame has been overpower by LSD, marijuana, cocaine, school and college drop-outs, men and women with short attention spans, irritability, nausea, THC marijuana graduates, will be governors, presidents, mayors waiting to serve the anti-christ. We have a HELPER!!!

In the BLOOD OF JESUS CHURCH, we make intercession for man’s redemption, while we watch and wait “for the dawning of that glorious day, when our Saviour with all His saints will come down in bright array”


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