Nigerian Renaissance Prospects and the Impediments by the Ogbologbos of Nigerian Politics

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Nigeria has never been in short of Renaissance Men, people, who chant borrowed political slogans to appease a gullible citizenry that has no relevant ideological experience to evaluate their sloganeering.
In the last three months, the Nigerian state has been riddled with petty power politics in Rivers State, ethnic, irredentist musings in Lagos state and infantile responses by political aspirants, who have used these ruling class geo-politics as campaign issues.

With new political parties now registered, more vibrant disputations are coming. We have joined the race by inaugurating the AZATA/NEPU political party, a party of intellectual giants, who find it demeaning to join any existing political formation.

At the appointed time, this political party will unfold its agenda, backed by political programmes, a credible manifesto containing scientific political ideas from Machiavelli to Marx, Zikism, Awoism, Talakawa ideology and the social credo of Islamic jurisprudence.

This winning party is very different from past and present parties in Nigeria. Those parties thrived on sloganeering, one-line statements that carried no weight.

Political statements promising Nirvana turn out to be meaningless and deceptive.
Examples from Nigerian political history are rife and entertaining. “Power to the People”, “Forward Ever Backward Never”, “Life More Abundant”, “You Chop I Chop” etc etc.

A treatise on how Nigeria was misruled is being poorly governed and efforts to chart a new path, is what we shall attempt to deal with in this essay. The new All Progressive Congress is an amalgam of ambitious political moguls and very rich ,tribal political elite, who are promising to unseat the PDP.I wish they know what they are up against and I wish them luck.

Most Nigerian citizens and especially, their political leaders received some education based on British mannerisms, language and political orientation.

The polity has been governed by alien political philosophy that has no social relevance to our traditions, cultural beliefs and historical orientation.

This is why we have evolved constitutions that fail woefully to regulate our societal development and growth.

Our understanding of politics is for those, who stole enough money under previous dispensations to gang up, seize power either by hook or crook and proceed to tear down the state’s existing structures under the shibboleth of unending reforms.

There has been visibly absent, a unifying ideological movement that promotes nation-building. The constitutions have little to say about enforceable civil and political, not to talk of social and economic rights.

The executive and legislative branches of government cream off the wealth of the nation, leaving paltry sums for infrastructural development, which have been decaying for decades A progressive political, economic and cultural trend has been elusive.

Governance is in the hands of strong men, with military / police backgrounds and tribal connections.
Any power grabber, by hook or crook, who is a son-of-the-soil, ministers assiduously to create a local bourgeoisie from his village urchins, who suddenly become rich and important:, adorning the pages of newspapers to announce their new status.

People, who were driving “ eba mi ti” cars, now fly in private jets over roads with deep gorges.
They marry new wives and keep a harem far and near. Yet, his level of unsophistication beckons from afar. He reads speeches prepared by his hired hands and forever, never learns to articulate his thoughts by himself.

The Ogbologbos of Nigerian politics can only be adequately addressed in caustic terms in order to uncover the damage they have done to Nigeria.

These septuagenarian and octogenarian compatriots have been impediments to Nigerian forward march. They are marginally educated in statecraft.

They have impacted negatively on Nigerian politics. They rely on other people’s brain power to govern. These negative interventionists are members of occult brotherhoods and spiritual mediums, to whom they pushed many party stalwarts to swear.

As a result, some, who swore Oaths are sick, some have since passed on.
These cabals are untouchables, or so they think. They acted with impunity and still put on the attitude of “what can anyone do to us.” We are Nigeria!

Unfortunately, even those one thought had a modicum of sense, write eulogies about them, fraudulently sweeping under the carpet, their recorded misdeed.

The Ogbologbos of Nigerian politics are criminally rich, without visible means of livelihood. They are stimulated by young brides and occult rituals.

Every beer parlour in the country is filled with repeated factual narrations by compatriots, who know the secrets of the Ogbologbos in Nigeria. Some are telling us about the documented gory details of the Ogbologbo exploits in wicked acts in pursuit of narrow fetish interests.

They equate their political, personal interests to national interests. They nurture and promote Lilliputian political neophytes, armed with failure agendas and excuses for non-performance.
Pastors (not the jet-set ones) have predicted that in 2015, God will overturn, overturn and overturn the Ogbologbos of Nigerian politics.

Gifts to Nigeria, errand boys of our oppressors, will soon be exposed.

There will be a shaking of Nigeria as from January next year. A mighty wind is going to blow through Nigeria, leaving the political debris of the Ogbologbos of Nigerian politics, moribund and cold.
Then, we shall smile and be happy again.

The AZATA/NEPU party will rescue Nigeria from neo-colonial cleavages and poor governance. Its members and supporters are drawn from the intellectual class, who will forge a durable alliance with the feral, marginalized under achievers, who will benefit enormously from the social justice programme of the AZATA/NEPU Party (AWO/ ZIK/AHMADU/ TAFAWA/AMINU political wisdom as propagated by the Nigerian Elements Progressive Union,( NEPU).

If you are sick and tired of little governance and no development, join the AZATA/NEPU Party TODAY Call 07036660693, e-mail Join the millions of our compatriots, who want a new beginning!!!

Please be prepared to rescue Nigeria from old, tired hands, who have become professional presidential power-seekers.

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