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APC: Remember, the Plebeians are Watching!  

If the news emanating from APC Kogi State is true, then we should be re-arming our political arsenals to prevent  APC shenanigans in Kogi State. The dumb political maneuvering of APC in Kogi is an exploit in self-destruction. It will boomerang. Nigerians are aware of their political rights now, except only for some political neophytes and opportunists among us.

APCWe should be getting ready to remove the cudgels/chemo we used to exterminate PDP’s cancerous politics, from the plafond to fight the impending political escapades manifesting from APC in Kogi.

The injustice to one is injustice to all. Nigeria shouldn’t be an occultic nation, where political dynasty is made expeditiously exigent to family affairs or ascendancy. It’s a misnomer and archaic to participatory democracy. It must be seen as such and must not be allowed.

Nigerians should be on the watch with eagle-eyes to resist all attempts to willfully and surreptitiously subvert the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The political elites will continue to rape our collective memory and conscience if keep silent. Kogi APC seems to be allowing the remnant tumors of PDP to metastasize itself in its body politic. It’s politically dangerous and must not be allowed. If we fail to fight these political ghouls trying to truncate our hard-earned new Nigeria, our children’s generation may not forgive us.

Senator Tinubu and other elders in APC should earnestly come to the rescue and be conscious of the reality; and the impending doom and self-destructive politics emanating from Kogi. APC should learn from the political extinction of PDP, otherwise, the horse-whip used to beat the PDP is in a safe haven for APC political transgressions or misdemeanors. A stitch in time saves nine.

Remember, the plebeians are watching with keen interest.

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