A Syrian refugee boy: (c) Freedom House via Flickr

Humans + Materialism

‘’He gives twice who gives promptly.’’ Publilius Syrus (1st century BC)

The current refugees’ flight from Syria and other parts of the earth have once again exposed our claim to be the most intelligent creature in the world as mere fallacy of the human imagination. The daily migration of human species is a sign that all is not too well on our celebrated planet; because unlike the few fortunate once amongst us with roofs, clothes and steamy food to grub on our tables, other humans like us are daily trekking through thick and thin to survive under the sun; thus exposing a compelling sketch of the reality of the battered world we live in and the glaring truth on the ground.

A Syrian refugee boy: (c) Freedom House via Flickr
A Syrian refugee boy: (c) Freedom House via Flickr

The veracity is the fact that upon all our intelligence, celebration of power, position and intellectualism we are yet to get the gears of life on the right course. We have failed to glance back to the past and comprehend the reality before us that we are slowly sneaking onto another form of modern slavery, fascism and other glaring realism of class, colour and economic segregation. We are yet to really gawk at our existence in this temporary space that everything under the sun is all illusion that must one day melt into ruins.

Our celebrated great nations and fortified countries are mere fallacy which would in the future be a topic of discussion among the next generations in class rooms as part of history. Just like the tyrannical stories of King Pharaoh and his failed realm, the now once upon a time great Roman Empire, the futile human degradation of Africans called slavery, and the illusive Aryan dream of Hitler.

Presently we are all witnesses to another historical tragedy playing before our eyes, as we selfishly gaze at other human beings like us, kids and innocent children struggled across the Atlantic to have a better life in this temporary world some of us are greedily holding unto. We are playing ‘a –look- and -sleep attitude to this present modern day tyranny, allowing power hungry dictator like Assad send millions of men ,women and children scampering like beast across the globe; while we merely keep on discussing and talking politics as innocent children and their parents gets daily drown on high seas.

Thank God, there are still thoughtful human species among us today that are boldly standing up to this human degradation call refugee. Great motherly women like Germany chancellor, Angela Merkel, whose sole compassion as a true human being makes her voice and her personality in my view and I believe in other prudent minds the indisputable number one woman in our ephemeral world.

Gratefully we are also witnesses to the tremendous role she has been playing against this human disgrace. Her voice so far is the loudest and the most comforting since the beginning of this idiocy. Her mind has remain the most generous and her hands the most warmly and safe. This woman’s frame and image is no doubt currently the most outstanding among us today, and I believe the fate of life would be kind to her and place her among saints.

She has dared to give from her shelter, while others have closed their barns and hide their keys. She is standing boldly and daily addressing this blight, while men and women in position like her or greater are daily chickening out to hide under the comforts of their vanity and materialism.

It is my believe therefore that when the time come for those who stood up against this current human depredation Angela Merkel shall stand tall like an Iroko tree among men and women. Syrians and the other hundreds of refugees from other oppressed nations who were fortunate to be alive today through her kind motherly gesture would stand up bold tomorrow to remember her mink of kindness and their children and grand children would be proud to sing her folklore, and her consciously believe and famous statement that ‘’ We can do it.’’ ; Would always resonate in generations to come.

The fact that we have long abandoned the famous Geneva agreement of freedom and equality to all races and the reality that we are now more self-centered and enmeshed in cheap materialism worship and preservation as witnessed across Hungary, Snovia, Croatia, Bulgaria and other not so friendly nations who brazenly closed their gates to these traumatized humans no doubt has cast a shame on us as the most intelligent species on earth.

It is a shame that we are holding on voraciously to the free geographical land created by God and daily dehumanizing one another over border crossings and mercilessly maiming innocent lives over shelter and other materialistic comforts that would at long run metamorphose into ruins and eyesores.

Again the verity that the so-called super powers like America, Russia, France and Germany who have long folded their hands but are now waking up after the barbaric Paris showcased their nonchalant attitudes to the hundreds of lives being daily wasted in Africa, specifically in Nigeria through deadly attacks by Boko Haram.

They had all hitherto been playing politics with the lives of millions of endangered humans across traumatized countries while their nations continue to burn in flame through the selfish ambitions of few greedy men and women. This made nonsense their artificial grip in world’s affairs and exposed their weakness as modern colonists with sole interest in wealth pilfering and plundering.

The celebrated richness of Europe and its vast web of different nations and various lands have remained obscure in this current human migration as the daily internal squabble among them on ideology and the best sensible way to arrest this pathetic situation has still remained a mirage to them. Thanks to Angela Merkel, whose sole voice has remained firm and audible amidst other squeaking voices of European leaders; the situation could have been worse and greater catastrophe would have befall these helpless fleeing human beings among us.

While the Arab world itself has failed its Arab neighbors, their back-stab they should comprehend would someday hit them on the face. The fact that they folded their hands while Assad and his cohorts lighted the dangerous flame in Syria and watch the IS take over their land should not be viewed as a distant fire that could not reach their lands, because common sense has taught us that a raging fire knows no bounds. They should be ready to face their own blaze alone when the flames spray dangerously over their fortified nations.

There is no doubt that we can still prove ourselves to be that species of creation with the most intelligent caring minds and helpful hands if we can stop playing politics with the lives of other human beings like us and give assistance promptly to these deserving men and women, children and the elderly whose only desire is to live peacefully and resourcefully in their lands until that final day that they will definitely and naturally bade farewell to this materialistic world, just like all of us someday.


Image: Freedom House via Flickr

Written by
Ahmed Dodo
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