APGA: Karma Has Finally Caught-up With Victor Umeh?

by Odimegwu Onwumere

In “Reincarnation and Karma”, Stephen Knapp educates us that Karma is one
of those topics that many people know a little about, but it is often more
complex than most people realize. The second law of thermodynamics is that
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. On the universal
scale, this is the law of karma. The law of karma basically states that
every action has a reaction and whatever you do to others will later return
to you, either in this life or a future life. Furthermore, ignorance of the
law is no excuse. We are still accountable for everything we do, regardless
of whether we understand it or not. We cannot escape it, even if we do not
believe it. Therefore, the best thing is to learn how it works. If everyone
understood the Law of Karma, we would all be living a happier life in a
brighter world.

I was too sure that a day like this would come against the embattled and
estranged All Progressive Grand Alliance’s (APGA) National chairman, Victor
Umeh, because the founder of the party, Chekwas Okorie was hounded out by
those he brought to the party. Okorie was crying and shouting above his
voice, but the powers that felt they were in the party did not care to
listen. All they cared about was ‘politics’. Nothing more! They could say
that Okorie was removed as chairman by the court of law. But in ernest, was
the court not adduced?

I don’t know Umeh neither Okorie except as I read about them in the
newspapers like other Nigerians. One person that is conspicuously in the
scenario that I have met one-on-one is Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State.
It was during one of the Press Conferences that he held at Government House
Awka, and I was among the invited pressmen.

Umeh reminds me of how people in our country talk about religion so much,
but hurl the word Karma around nonchalantly, as if it belongs to the
Traditional Believers they regard as fetish, periscoping through the
self-acclaimed Godly people’s inadequate and prejudiced lens.

There would always be karma! Umeh who is a Knight in the Catholic Church
had in different interviews talked about how “God” has helped him to the
‘level’ he is today. He rather forgot that there are always the principles
of Karmic Justice, which provides deep lessons to learn. The God of Justice
(pls, not Jehovah or Yahweh) but Karma, has given Umeh a wonderful gift to
use as he was disgracefully chased-out as the national chairman of APGA, by
the same court they used against the good-natured Chekwas Okorie, whose
tears of how they intimidated him has not dried from the ground the fell.
How I wish that Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu is alive today! Remember?
Okorie brought Ojukwu to APGA and made him the Leader of the party and
latter, the founder of the party was made the feeble.

It was a long encounter between Okorie and the forces that hijacked the
party he founded from him. In an appeal instituted by the former National
Chairman of the party, Chief Okorie, challenging the decision of an Abuja
High Court, which validated his ouster from the Party by the Umeh faction,
the tussle came to an intimidating end on 13th January 2010, as a Court of
Appeal sitting in Abuja, delivered its judgment against Okorie.

The stubborn confrontation for the Chairmanship of the party didn’t start
in 2010; it started in the year 2004. Umeh faction met and sent out Okorie
from the party. They gave a good dog a bad name in order to hang her,
mouthing that Okorie was shooting to sell out the party’s mandate. Governor
Obi was then seeking to retrieve the state from Dr. Chris Ngige, who was
the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Umeh and his splinter group gave all sorts of names to Okorie. Apart from
their shamefaced claim that Okorie wanted to sell the party, when they saw
that that was not saleable, they said that Okorie embezzled the party’s
fund, and converted same to his private use. How true was it that Okorie
was the sole signatory to the then party’s accounts? They even expelled
Okorie from the party that he founded! Humiliation, upon humiliation!!

Umeh did not remember Karma or respect the “God” he has always boasted of
serving. Upon that the National Working Committee of the party latter met
and ratified Okorie’s expulsion before he moved towards an Abuja High
Court, to challenge his eviction, Umeh and co was busy playing ‘politics’.
But still Okorie has face to present today in Nigeria than Umeh. Okorie was
able to file an action before the court seeking to have his expulsion
quashed and sought for an order of the court dismissing this Umeh.

It is today palpable that the victory that Okorie could not get then, Umeh
has finally gotten it but in the opposite and is disgraced out of the
party. Even though that Okorie failed in his pursuit at the High Court and
talked to the appellate court to set aside the lower court’s judgment, Umeh
is straight away disgraced, not only by the court that he used against
Okorie, but by the same forces that he was boasting with against Okorie,
and Maxi Okwu has replaced him in acting capacity.

Umeh is today suffering in the APGA that his team suppressed Okorie in, and
the latter’s matter suffered series of adjournment including applications
for stay. Umeh was then thanking the judiciary for the unanimous decision
reached by the court, which upheld the decision of the trial court and held
that Okorie’s ouster from the party was authentically done, in line with
the stipulations of the party.

While a cost of Seventy Five Thousand Naira was awarded against Okorie in
favour of Umeh then, the case is different today. A national shame has been
awarded against Umeh in favour of Okorie. Not even the Supreme Court can
save Umeh, as he has started to talk ills of the judiciary that he was once
full of praises for. How I wish that this Victor Umeh could lay hand on the
work entitled “Eckankar: Ancient Wisdom for Today” by Todd Cramer, he would
understand that Karma applies itself in the most exacting and clever of
ways. If we deprived another human being of freedom in a previous life,
we’d probably have our freedom curtailed in this life. This experience
would give us time to reconsider our views and learn the Law of Love.

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