Are You A Proud Nigerian?

The world today created symbol or colour to show the uniqueness of things. Lovers use rings as a symbol of their love, corporate organizations use colour i.e. GTBank uses orange, Zenith: red, Glomobile: green to mention only a few.

The purpose is to make sure that even when the substance is not there, the represented objects can be seen everywhere, that’s why MTN wants to paint everywhere Yellow!

It, however, amazes me when I hardly see the Nigerian flag which is supposed to be a symbol of our love for Nigeria everywhere.

The truth is that quite a number of her citizens are frustrated but the good news is that if you and I decide, we can make a difference. A Yoruba proverb says: “You don’t need to have a complete set of teeth, if it’s only two you’re okay once they’re effective”. In Nigeria, we don’t need 140 million frustrated souls, all we need to make Nigeria the most powerful country in the world is you!

I have decided to be a good and law abiding Nigerian, if you can also make that glorious decision with all your heart, Nigeria will become another world power. All we need is you.

The reason why corporate organizations use colour to advertise their company’s is just to paint themselves in the heart of the people. In Nigeria today, everyone already knows Glo for green, red for Celtel, anywhere we see the colours, we mention the company’s name immediately. That’s the logic.

The Nigerian flag is meant to speak all about Nigeria, as Nigerians, we should have it all around us, its very important.

If you believe in the new Nigerian vision, kindly make sure that the Nigerian flag is always with you. Let people see the new Nigerian dream through you. Cherish it, flaunt it.

The green colour represents agriculture while the white part represents unity and peace. What else do we need to make Nigeria that great nation? Who else can make Nigeria great if not you? Be a proud Nigerian.

Let’s join hands to see to it that tattered Nigerian flags are no longer been displayed in Nigeria. It does not speak well of the new Nigerian dream.

Try to hoist the Nigerian flag in public places.

Be a proud Nigerian. Show it; carry the Nigerian flag around, in Nigeria or abroad.

Kindly also note that the second stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem is more of a prayer than just a song, after all we’ve been calling our compatriots for years all they give us is corruption. Let’s call on God always. Let the God of creation direct our noble cause in Nigeria.

Before leaving your home everyday, make it a habit to sing the second stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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  • this is a nice article cos Nigeria is a great country in the making and God is raising up great people to stand for the nation pleasee i would love to know the importance of the nigerian anthem and how it affects the nigerian heritage

  • In a time when many Nigerians idea of patriotism is actually nationalism, it’s good that someone out there actually has the audacity to inspire us to fly the GWG flag. I keep a Nigerian flag in my car to remind me of where I come from, despite the ‘yabbis’ of my ajebutter Nigerian friends who berate me for ‘overdoing’ it. Abeg, Ope God bless you for this article !

  • It is not annoying to praise OUR country, if we don’t praise our country nobody else will. If you’re just a complainant about all that is wrong without your contribution to make it right by simply display your flag, then stop talking about the country. It unreasonable to sing daily, but whenever you can. Our country need us, let answer whatever way we can. Ii is our true country. American love USA with all its issues, why can we do the same. We shoul not play into the distractors hand.

    Nigeria, we love you.

  • LOL, Truth! The american anthem is freaking annoying. Especially when they get divas with loud voices to oversing it and make it pop music. Yeesh!

  • I don’t think I have the amount of time you have on your hands to sing the Nigerian anthem everyday. You can’t be a busy man.

    Please don’t turn Nigerians into the annoying American people, who like to bathe in their American flags. It is annoying.