by Imole Joseph

Do you know that the most important word in the English Language is attitude? For it applies to every sphere of life, including one’s personal and professional life or do you think an executive can ever be a good executive without a good attitude? A student being good without a good attitude? Can parents, salespersons, employers or employees be good in their roles without a good attitude? If no, then attitude is a critical factor in life and the popular saying “Attitude is everything” is true and remains valid.

There is no attribute of a man so powerful as his attitude. It dictates his response to the present and determines the quality of his future. A man’s attitude is the brick of his life, which bonds up to build his destiny. Little wonder that William James of Harvard University once said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by uttering their attitudes of mind. Attitude creates one’s world and design one destiny.

Dear reader, do you know that success and failure are the same choice, only attitude makes the difference, for attitude is just a little thing that make a big difference. The distinguishing factor between an average and a peak performer is attitude.

No amount of training in business skills or courses in the academic can substitute for the right attitude. There are some certain obvious personality traits people with positive attitudes possess. They are caring, confident, humble, honest, patient and courteous, they are optimistic as they have a high expectations of themselves, things and others.

At this juncture, may I let you know that there are numerous advantages to having a positive attitude which includes; making you the person qualified to achieve your greatest goal, energizing and fueling your zest for success, inspiring others around you, increases your enjoyment of life and ultimately helps you become a contributing member of the society and a plus to your country and generation.
Considering the business world or career wise, a positive attitude solves problems, fosters teamwork, increases productivity breeds loyalty, fosters better relationship with employers, employees and customers, thereby reduces stress.

On the contrary, if a man’s attitude is negative, his life is restricted, his success level at work will be limited. He creates an unpleasant environment at home and work and becomes a liability to the society. His enjoyment for life will be less as he’s faced with resentment bitterness ill health and of course, a high stress level.

If attitude is such a critical factor in destiny then shouldn’t you examine your attitude towards life and build the kind of attitude that will catapult you into destiny. Have a bet, working to build a positive attitude will be worth enduring the temporary stress and uncertainty of change. Always remember that for you to rise to the top, overcome barriers and attain success, you must develop an optimistic, healthy attitude.

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Joseph Itiat April 14, 2009 - 10:10 pm

The aphorism “attitude is everything” is not just true but very true as it weds every aspect of life. It is what determines one’s altitude in life. It is what makes and breaks the man. In the words of Keith Harrell “the most valuable asset you possess is a positive attitude toward life” and truly, attitude is everything. So my dear Imole, this is a good piece from your end.

Okenwa Udochukwu August 22, 2008 - 8:20 am

this is a good one coz i have long before now known that attitude is the basic thing. That is why if sum with the alphabetical numbering, it gives100%. How can i send my articles.


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