Before Obama Speaks

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

I start with the consideration that what happens in America should concern all of us since what happens in the world concerns America, according to Lady Clinton’s doctrine. As the US Secretary of State, she has travelled to most states, lecturing, urging, cajoling and persuading, at times irritating her audience. In all her diplomatic engagements, she was well-meaning.

Before Barack Obama speaks at the Democratic Convention, I would like to remind him that he met a broken vase, with the inscription,” The Spirit of 1776″, now ruined by belligerent Republicanism, economic melt-down, social dislocation, a confused state of affairs and desperation. America was in suspended animation, which later found expression in the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT.

Obama did not despair, he summoned courage, emboldened by hope and armed with single-mindedness to try and patch-up the broken vase. Curiously, many Americans quickly forgot who broke the vase and for understandable reasons or unreason, they associated the vase-mender with little virtue, just because they could not believe what happened at the elections four years ago.
OBAMA WON and is poised to win again and restore the democratic values, for which America used to be respected.

The American economy can only be fixed if the United States reviews its world-control ambitions. The maintenance of troops around the world cost an awful lot of resources needed for health-care, for production and distribution, which promote national economic well-being.

Republican new dogmatism in foreign policy, which billionaire Romney, who said that he “does not care for the poor” propagates, is dangerous and ill-advised. To take on Russia, in order to impress war-mongers is to fan the embers of world insecurity. No normal American will approve of a return to Cold War antiquated rivalries in pursuit of narrow geo-political interests.

No-one, who has acquainted himself or herself with the military, diplomatic and intelligence capabilities of Russia under Putin, will understand the tragedy Romney is promising the world. Those of us, who are privileged to read Russian Defense Journals and other literature, in the last fifteen years, can attest to the giant technological status of Russian why the critical American intelligentsia will not vote for Romney.

While the American Secretary of State, Lady Clinton has tried her level best to re-set American diplomacy with Russia and China, Romney is poised to dismantle these ties, without giving enough consideration to the global consequence of such mischief.

On Iran, Romney is red-hot. He should learn from the over 120 states that trooped to Teheran for the Non-aligned states’ meeting. He should find time to read the diplomatic notes of these Non-aligned states, which form the majority in the United Nations.

Obama has been able to win over many states that were not well disposed to the United States four years ago. These states would like Obama to continue in the Oval office.

Obama’s health-care, his attempt to give social orientation to rigid capitalist policies, that had failed, will cause the marginalised-underachievers in America, to vote for Obama, since Mitt Romney does not care for the poor.

For Romney Africa does not exist except in what he remembers from watching the film, KING GONG and other mass culture hits about backward Africa.

Yes, Obama is of African descent, but is a legitimate American. He has displayed his ingenuity and audacity, which Romney cannot appreciate.

Mitt Romney has a chunk of jet black hair, while Barack Obama’s black hairs have gradually turned white as a result of sleepless nights spent in mending the broken vase, with the inscription 1776, which the Republican savior of Iraq and Afghanistan broke.

While the Democrats have invited President Bill Clinton to speak at the Democratic Party Convention, Mitt Romney did consider the Bush legacy unworthy and so brought in a Clint Eastwood to paint imageries that failed to show why Americans should vote for a man, WHO BELIEVES IN DOLLARIZED DEMOCRACY, WHERE POOR PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE NO PLACE.

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