Breaching a supposing trust is an act that many people in the modern times
are involved in without bathing the eyelid and they call it being sharp.
Those who are involved in this behavior see such act as a way of life and
do not care about the breakdown of the heart of their fellow human being
they are inflicting this ruinous habit upon. This crude behavior is making
love to wax cold among people. The confidence that produces morality has
been sent on an errand, replaced with emotional conflict within human
relationship, because majority of the people have chosen the way of money
instead of the way of maintaining a relationship.

Persons have oftentimes been betrayed by those that they held in high
esteem. Relationships between friends, wives and husbands, parents and
children have always been battered on the altar of betrayal. What makes
betrayal one most horrendous aspect of human crudities is that two people
are not involved in betrayal at a time. It is a presumed and nursed idea of
one party against the other. And betrayers do not know that they are
traitors to the human race.

Friends, colleagues, parents, husbands, wives, cousins, aunts, uncles,
relations, just name them, who are among the world few that can see with
their own eyes and feel with their own hearts, when majority don’t see and
don’t feel, are today in the oath chambers drinking the brood of betraying
their loved ones. Hardly are they thinking towards the direction of an
age-long saying that kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and
the blind can see. They make their loved ones not to see an opportunity not
until it had ceased to be one. They refuse to see both what has been done
and also what remains to be done. They are not proud of the people and
place in which they live; hence they strike with abuse of trust. They do
not live to seeing those who trust them be proud of them. They preach well,
but act towards doom.

Those who want to betray those who hold them in high esteem start with
humble dispositions and will tell their supposed victims that life should
not be classified, but that one must look forward and also backward so that
the future would be well connected. You see them making a difference in
people’s lives – an orchestrated act to build the individual or people’s
trust – and protect even the downtrodden in the society regardless their
status, and prosperity.

With all that which are internally bent on hoodwinking the unsuspecting
persons, they talk about humankind so much, but a closer look at them will
attest to the fact that they do not love and care about human beings, in
the real sense of loving. They hardly retrospect to what was written that a
man who has assumed a public trust should consider himself a public

The emotional crash on the person betrayed is the worse effect of the
betrayal of trust, especially when there had been piled up of trust, hope
and followership. While the traitor feels happy and relaxed, the betrayed
is tormented with emotional distress and always questions the integrity of
people around. Not only to the person that betrayed, but there is likely to
be this fear of not trusting anybody in the world again, but it all depends
on one’s maturity of mind to assimilate.

Many people do not want fairness even when the word on their lips is
‘justice’. They do not come clean before those who trust them and would
always refuse to accept responsibility of those they have betrayed. They do
not care about the future, especially when those they betrayed are
financially below them.

For instance, the crudely rich people in the society, when they want to
betray those who are financially below them, they dispose a very fine
approach of human relation, but there are more to that. They always play
politics – the Nigerian parlance – in everything. They fail to propagate a
John F. Kennedy’s quote, which says that to state the facts frankly is not
to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful
inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he
owes an obligation of trust.

Betrayers always play the contrary of the Kennedy’s admonishment. You trust
them, they betray you, but the former is the best way to find out if you
can trust people. They hate to hear a Ralph Waldo Emerson, saying, Trust
men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show
themselves great.

Even when providence makes them rich, they are still envious of the poor.
They manage their wealth properly and mismanage people properly, so that
they would remain on top. Bravo! Their sugarcoated mouth, not divine gift,
embedded in them infects the innocent people to come to them, even at the
verge of risking their lives, for the betrayer. Betrayers would prefer to
hold the pittance they pay you at the work place and even loot the loot you
surrendered in their hands. They are treacherous and very envious and
appreciate whatever you are doing for them without them paying you with the
reward you deserved.

Betrayers will make you to cherish every of their gestures, but will not
pick your calls or reply to your text messages, when they have made up
their mind to betray you. They will no longer want your relationship and
will not tell you why they don’t want your corporation again, because they
have achieved what they wanted.

When they have not really gotten what they wanted, they will make you to
keep hope alive. They will approach every means to tell you why they deemed
you the best person they have ever met in the world. Then, you will see
every stepladder around them to climb, but they will not allow you to
climb. They will only make you to keep hope alive and tell you that
tomorrow will always be better, even when today with them is not good.

You will always be highly impressed with a hypothetical betrayer’s
relationship with you until he or she struck. Betrayers will make your joy
knew no bound. You will dine and wine with them without any growth. They
will prefer to donate things before the camera, whereas you have been
begging for the same thing clandestinely. When you complain, they will tell
you: We have not yet arrived to our destination; we will soon get there.
Keep up the good work.

This hope, always given by betrayers, continues to enlivening their
supposed victims. You are yet to believe that all that glitters are not
gold. They do not understand what it takes to execute behaviours in making
sure that your relationship works with them, let alone, doing a brain work,
just to see that you were not the betrayer. You will be baffled that
instead you will be growing in their midst, you will always wear a
sorrowful face.

When you want to harness how you perceived their behavior towards you and
their lack of appreciation proper of you and your poverty state for years
in their hand, you will read this body language of theirs characterizing
you as an enemy, seeing you as one who deserves to be working, but should
not grow monetarily or otherwise. Betrayers will talk to you the way they
like because they do not have emotions, and you will not expect such
statement coming from someone you held dearly and cherished so much.

But Trust is one word many do not accept as an indispensable ingredient to
relationship, they accept betrayal. They kill trust which defines mankind,
because without it, there is hardly any interface among people in the
world. Betrayers hate relationship; they have this spirit that with money,
they can build intimacy at will.

What perhaps, the world people do not

realize is that money does not
strengthen trust and bond. Trust is the only thing that makes people or
relationship to thrive, not position or money. When will (modern) people
begin to appreciate trust the way it was? Rather, they take trust for
granted because it was not paid for. Let people stop betraying trust. A
badly damaged trust can grossly affect a generation. Let every individual
put back to track honesty, because many people have imbibed roguish
lifestyle by breaking trust and characterize such as politics. Hooey!

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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