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Beyond 2015: Discard Illusions, Embrace Visions

After the large turn-out of Nigerian  voters clamouring for change, it has become clear that the political and legal underpinnings of our under-development  has been the ascendancy of illusionary statecraft mechanisms.

nigeria flagMany vital state decisions were based on unsearched policy formulations, diluted implementations “commonsense solutions”, mimicking of Western economic models, closely supervised by IMF and World Bank “experts”. These have not worked.

The untutored opinion of who was the President, his whims and caprices, in consultation with the gerontocracy, favour-seeking advisers, fortune-seeking meddlesome interlopers, constantly going on solidarity visits , a docile academia, the guzzling political commentators on radio, TV and in the media, are factors that have affected the quality of governance in Nigeria, inexorably.

Constitutional wiz-kid approach, panel-beating of hackneyed legal norms, chiseled out of the old colonial order but which have no social relevance in Nigeria, are hindrances to societal development and growth.

Tired of experimental governance, indefinite learning processes, the Nigerian masses during the last presidential and gubernatorial elections, engineered a political tsunami that swept away the political he-goats, in the ruling party, now in disarray.

This brought to an end, delusionary power pursuit that approved of bribing obas, pastors, political opportunists, the occult brotherhood and semi-literate advisers, who steal campaign funds?

Now, the tide has turned. What shall it profit a man when he is sure to fall from grace to grass? What shall it profit a leader if he has unavoidably to move from state-house to jail-house? What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul?

Consulting soothsayers, listening to false prophecies of “pastors”, in pursuit of “tithes”. All these have failed. ECCE HOMO!!! There goes a pathetic les miserable!

The defeat of the ruling class sent chills down the spines of entrenched political jobbers, political harlots, who defect from party to party, political turn-coats, who serve in any government in power, power brokers, who harass the President with self-serving suggestions and political orchids and daffodils, now on the run.

According to our World Intelligence Unit findings, the era of disclosures of material facts has arrived. NOW IT CAN BE TOLD, WHO STOLE WHAT and who planned mayhem. We shall see who will win and by how much.

Transparency International and many intelligence formations tell us that the corruption in Nigeria was obscene, very obscene! It had a dehydrating effect on the economy.

In Nigeria, the pen overthrew a political party that glibly boasted that it would continue to milk Nigeria, for sixty years!

After the BRADFORD INITIATIVE conference in England, scholars resolved to write hard-hitting prose, editors decided to publish telling editorials, poems, features, informed commentaries, copious analysis that would expose

the infamy, the stealing and corruption, lies about security, the CHIBOK GIRLS, that were deceptive policies of the government. Like the artful dodger, no concrete facts were made clear on many issues. A puerile, clueless state of affairs dominated state governance.

After postponing the scheduled elections, the government let out a string of promises, hare-brained diatribe, that it naively thought would change things.

If the later-day converts to good governance had advised Jonathan as they are now doing to Buhari, perhaps… These later-day wise men were taciturn, sitting on the fence. Now, they are playing SOLOMON! HYPOCRITES ALL.

Evil is like dew drops, which melt when the sun beams its rays and they dry up. Evil, no matter, for how long it reigns and no matter how callous, will end one day. Hitler’s Germany’s brutal exploits ended abruptly. In Nigeria, after the tinseled coat of presidential authority wore off, there is a depressing inevitability that the PDP will ask its leader cogent and piercing questions on how twenty billion dollars were hidden in the vaults of a private bank and not the Central Bank of Nigeria, how he spent two trillion Naira, bribing obas, chiefs, pastors, political rascals and other indubitable wrongs prevalent in his administration.

On a lighter note, incidences of bed-wetting have been reported as the sordid disclosures continue! Illusionary thinking is propelled by lazy romanticism, wishful thinking, building castles in the air and otiose disputations on what will happen to the erring political class, their electro-dermal response to change.

Vision is a pointed discernment of a rational way of executing tested ideas for societal progress. We need to frame a sociocratic political philosophy, based on humanistic ideas about the dignity of man. The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women will continue to hold that in national affairs, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Nigeria is in the crucible of karma and re-birth and in maelstrom of political colloquy.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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