Beyond Religion and Culture: Spiritual Musings 4

by Odimegwu Onwumere

1. “Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. Physical
relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul,” Mahatma Gandhi

2. “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military
defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual
doom….Our scientific power has outru

n our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men,” Martin
Luther King, Jr.

3. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a
spiritual life,” Buddha

4. “The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit
of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile
in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises,” Leo Buscaglia

Spiritual Musings One: Those who can help, pls, help! Create jobs for our
teeming jobless masses. Why should a few oligarchs masquerading themselves
as democrats be the majority’s problem, and are far from being the
solution? Is it not important to put our people where they are supposed to
be, than where penury has made them to be?

Spiritual Musings Two: Nature misdirected the ocean surge ravaging most
parts of our country. This has only brought wailings and winkings, hassles
and harangue without a benefit to our people, and our people are not
joyous. We next need ocean surge that will destroy corruption,
mercilessness, extra-judicial killings, mediocre, ineptitude… We next
need ocean surge that will cleanse the land, and not this that hates the
property of our people who are already impoverished.

Spiritual Musings Three: Do not mind how strong any man might postulate
to be, there comes a mood when every man cries for his woman, and can go as
far as kneeling down for her. Does every man not kneel down for his woman
knowingly or unknowingly?

Spiritual Musings Four: Many Christians believe in their pastors, rather
than in their bible. Many Muslims believe in their Imams, rather than in
their Koran. Many want better wives and husbands, when they have not made
theirselves marriageble materials. Some want a God fearing person, but what
parameter is used in measuring a God fearing person? Do some people not
fall in bed, and call it falling in love?

Spiritual Musings Five: Much ignorance we mistakenly characterised as
CIVILISATION has ruined our once revered marriage/world with a lot of
blueprint & theorem introduced in them. We are just selfish to nature. Is
it not selfishness to train that person in school bcs of the sole aim that
the person will marry you latter? This is fad in our society today. Some
would want to, or kill the person in the event there is disappointment.
What shows you love this person you want dead bcs of marriage? Why not
leave something you love to go? Just like parents would let the girl-child
they trained and love to marry.

Spiritual Musings Six: “All religions including the received Christian
and Islamic religions and African indigenous religions acknowledge the need
for prayers in the life of the individual, the community and the nation…
Nigerians did not hear of God & prayer from the white missionaries or their
Arab counterparts. Our forebears had been praying & worshipping their God
on the terms they knew best before the unwarranted incursion of these
intruders. Yet after praying for good crop yield, they go to the farm &
till the soil. They work & pray. But today, Nigerians literally depend on
prayers that only prayer controls their lives. They pray to God to heal
them of headache, malaria & cough…” [Excerpted by Odimegwu Onwumere from
Robert Obioha’s Column, Friday Sun, Oct. 12, 2012, Pg 19].

Spiritual Musings Seven: “I am who I am. Many people are trying to run
away from who they are. They are running away from who their parents are,
from the heritage that is theirs. I embrace my heritage, where I’m coming
from, the language they speak, the values they uphold like honesty,
selflessness, uprightness, self-pride, truth & communal spirit… That is
my package; I embrace traditional values… What some people are running
away from; what they are calling too archaic, I go towards it… What the
West gave us that we are trying to run toward, that all of us are trying to
adopt, has its own values, advantages & disadvantages… What we inherited
from our forefathers, ancestors are values & advantages. As somebody who
has been exposed to the two, I should be a perfect agent & know the one
that is superior”-(Excerpted by Odimegwu Onwumere from Friday Sun, Oct. 12,
2012, interview by (Musician) Segun Akinlolu known as Beautiful Nubia).

Spiritual Musings Eight: The poet does not read, the poet only meditate
with books, because reading is spiritual to the poet.

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