Bode George: What the Judgment says

by Charles Sogbesan

I have to say, I was completely numb on hearing the verdict against Chief Bode George. As I sit in my office working on another topic completely, I had to stop as I got a phone call from a compatriot as soon as the verdict was delivered. Various emotions were running concurrently from surprise and optimism to disgust, anger and anticipation.

We have definitively not gotten any dose of good news from Nigeria recently, as the announcement of the amnesty and subsequent surrender of “weapons?” was impart with superlative parade, I couldn’t help but ponder the stupidity of the whole exercise,
How cash payments, ‘promise’ of jobs,’ promise’ of “development” and the power of “Mr. Personality (Our dear President) would solve deep rooted problems? Years in the making, years of neglect, plunder and abandonment.

My melancholy was equally vindicated by the fact of the amnesty being a behind the scenes deal making, back hand slapping, no concrete solution, type of a deal. What were the details? We don’t know?

Typical of Nigerian “Big Men”, “meet me in Aso Rock, and don’t worry, I personally guarantee afferitin (everything) will be ok”, no strategic or long term solution. Notwithstanding, as most (Nigerians) jubilated and exuded optimism, I decided to hold my tongue for the moment; you know, not wanting to be the party pooper.
In short, this has been a blithe few months. The Katsina aristocrat cum socialist cum non performer continued in his dependable discordant.

Of course all has not been gloom and doom; I lost a bet that Sanusi would not release the 2nd round of debtor names. That was a relief. A relief not that I lost my bet, but the loss of my bet guaranteed the bantam assurance in an otherwise almost predictable causatum. Then again, hearing the gentleman from FIFA arrive Nigeria and accordingly complain and badger our lack of preparedness, inadequateness, was yet another confirmation that Sanusi was an anomaly.

This (The judgment), fellow Nigerians is an anomaly, albeit a welcome one.
With Sister Farida running all over the world for yet another unnecessary meeting, unnecessary use of Estacode. With Goodluck (really?) VP probably in another conference of ministers of parastatal heads, commissioning the un commissioned? Being consistently invincible. Continuous summarization of summaries


I wouldn’t want to throw discretion out the window. To do that is to not understand that the charade is still winning. To do that is to not understand that a serious stab at our instituted malfeasance is deep rooted. On the grander scheme of things, we are yet to take a huge stab at the pretension.

To attempt this is to probe every single leader from Gowon with a minimum of 5000 office holders from his time to the present time. To pursue that is to be prepared of blood letting. I once heard Ribadu said “when you fight corruption, it fights back”

Imagine what he (Ribadu) has done (his mistakes not withstanding), now a Ribadu clone, beholding to no one, and imagine a complete independence of mind. Imagine 500 Ribadu Clones, young, energetic, incorruptible honorable (not like our men of the assembly), moral and most importantly pious, on a sense of purpose from Zamfara to Badagry.

Then we may have something!

To attempt this is to have a national conversation, a dialogue and an assault on our prior silence. Truth letting and a complete over haul of the judiciary. To attempt this is to go the hilltops and Gated highbrows. That would be the truth and nothing but the truth.
You nurture the fantasy? Wishful thinking, but of course.

Because, with this baby steps we are taking and corruption is fighting back.
What in Gods name will corruption do, when it is attacked 500 fold? See!
Now the spot light beams!

Sanusi might still end up being Wishy washy, eventually when starts fighting back.
Fashola might be timid and not run again. The old bankers might weasel their ways back.
We may wake up tomorrow and find out that the naval commander through some
Voodoo has won his appeal.

Today, however is a good day


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