Boko Haram, Human-gods, and Allah’s Will

The recent bombing of the United Nations’ complex in Abuja, Nigeria has opened up an entirely new dimension to the Boko Haram issue(since Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the bombing). If Boko Haram actually did carry out the bombing on their own, then I dare say that they have gone beyond the status of a national ‘terrorist’ group to an international one since the UN complex is not a state owned structure.

Somehow though, I do not believe that Boko Haram on its own perpetrated this act. The sheer bravado and expert breach of security resonate of something bigger than what mere religious fanatics this side of the globe can exhibit. Do not get me wrong. I have not said that Nigerians do not have the necessary expertise to breach security. I am only saying that our level of criminality has not gotten to that. More so, we are not yet that evil minded.

But I am worried. My worry is not for the government structures that are being destroyed. A little of the worry is for the innocent lives being lost. I am mainly worried about my brothers (and perhaps sisters) who are members of the Boko Haram group. Peradventure one of you lays hand on this article, I think there are some issues we need to talk about. So I am inviting you now; come let us reason together.

I believe that the basic thrust of the Boko Haram ideology cum philosophy is the jihad, right? Good. Jihad is a holy war. But most importantly, this holy war is against infidels, who have refused the gospel of Allah. That is good. A very noble cause. Except that Allah has not asked for the extermination of the human race. He has also not asked that those who are already believers in their own “gods” should be forcefully brought to him. Islam is a religion of peace.

Let me explain something to you:something that those who are now utilizing the noble “jihad” for personal gains have failed to tell you. The jihad was necessary when nations and communities had to be conquered and ruled. So you conquer them, preach Islam to them, and then rule them peacefully. Those were holy wars. Wars that not only brought salvation to the primitive people, but also brought civilization to them. Do you understand? What I am trying to make you understand now is that the jihad has served its purpose and should now be obsolete. You want proofs? I will give you the one that lies beneath your noses daily that you have failed to see. Proof that the jihad has now turned to a tool for personal gains.

Would you dispute that a higher person out there sends you out to bomb all these places? You and I know that truthfully, those bombs are acquired by rich people, who then distribute them to you, and give you your targets. What do they tell you when they give you the bombs and allocate the targets to you? “Fight for Allah’s holy cause. Even if you die in the process, you will live a better life in paradise”? That is noble. An easier option for the young man/woman who already has a rough life on earth. So you think to yourself; “of what use is this life? Better to die in service to Allah and go to paradise”. Have you asked yourself this question; “The rich man that sent you, does he not like paradise?” Since Allah wants you to kill yourself and come home to him in paradise, and the rich man is obviously Allah’s mouthpiece, let him carry the bomb, die in the process and go to Allah. Why must it be you, my poor brother/sister who will die early so that you can have a better life in paradise with Allah? Do your ogas not like paradise? Funny, isn’t it? They say “die fighting for Allah’s cause and go to paradise” , and they shy away from the actual fight! I guess their own paradise is already here on earth!

These rich people will never stop fooling us until we get bold and tell them to go and drown! By the way, where are their kids? I guess they must be somewhere in the United States, or the United Kingdom(Infidel nations according to them. Yet I wonder why they prefer sending their kids to schools in these same nations; why they shop in these same nations), getting good education with the hope of coming back to become CBN governors, ministers, governors, senators, and maybe presidents of the country that their fathers sent you to destroy. Their kids do not love to be in paradise? Come on, hold! They tell you that some people need to get education so that they can guide “the way” better, and be strategically positioned to help the cause later. Good reasoning. But let their kids go out and bomb places, while they send you to school so that in the future you would be educationally equipped to lead “the way”.

You see how merciless these people are? You see how they use us like we are fools? They protect themselves, give their kids good education, and send us to carry out their dirty deeds. And you think they do not make money out of it? You are deluded my brothers/sisters if you think so. They have it all mapped out. The money to be made, the political gains etcetera. And you know the tragedy of it all? You and I do not feature in their future of bliss.

Do you want to know the worse part? They send you to bomb your fellow hustlers and poor brothers. The ones you bomb daily are the ones who suffer the way you suffer; the ones who actually do feel your pains. Your fellow brothers and sisters who walk around with hollowed eyes and hunger filled stomachs. Your brothers and sisters who like you, daily pray for a better tomorrow, and for survival in a world filled with so many blood sucking men and women.

I love Allah, he is a merciful God. I know you love Allah too, he is a God of peace. Allah will not ask you to go and destroy innocent lives(Muslims inclusive). When you do that, you are no longer doing the will of Allah. You would be merely carrying out the selfish and profit-oriented wishes of men. Men, who are sinners in the eyes of Allah. And when you do all that these evil men ask you to do, paradise will never be yours.

It is time for you to think. Think hard and do something for your own good(and the good of posterity) for once. Allah is merciful; he will elevate you.

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Written by
Nnaemeka Oruh
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