BOSAS International Law Bureau vs OPEC


Nigeria is a bona fide member of the Organisation of

Petroleum Exporting Countries with its Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The Nigerian State, exercising its Sovereign Membership

right, nominated its Minister of Petroleum for consideration as the OPEC”S


Whereas Minister Allison Madueke is very well-known to OPEC

and the international oil producing countries as a knowledgeable technocrat,

the OPEC, it is reported, refused to appoint her to the post she was

recommended to fill by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the discriminatory

basis that she is a woman.

1)OPEC”s decision violates the right of the Nigerian

state to choose its representative.

2) The decision violates all known Declarations and

Conventions on Human Rights( to be listed in our main legal contentions, in due cause).

It violates the recently concluded London Declaration on

Violence Against women.

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU condemns the discriminatory

decision and urges the OPEC to rescind its shameful and retrogressive action

against the Nigerian recommended representative.Internal political wranglings,

unproven allegations and innuendos are inchoate reasons for the application


We are determined to pursue this OPEC decision to the UN

Human Rights Commission,the African Commission on Human Rights, the European

Court of Human Rights, the United Nations

Security Council and the General Assembly of the United

Nations Organisation.

We shall urge the Nigerian Federal Government to suspend,

with immediate effect, relations with those bearded Arab Sheiks, who still

treat women as inferior and as sacrificial

harem objects in the 21st century.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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