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Buhari Goes To Daura

Retrospectively, In the history of Nigeria, no Head of state or President to one’s knowledge, has ever willingly given his constitutional authority to his vice while on holiday, incapacitated or in abdication. Egoistically, It was always a government of mutual suspicion or Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Obasanjo and Atiku are readily a good example.

Buhari1Buhari goes on vacation. In spite of the shrinking world to a global village by the Internet and information technology, President Buhari gives his position to a trusted deputy. He has done this with Mutual Assured Respect(MAR), humility and candour to the Vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yemi Osibajo. The vice president is a loyal, hardworking, intelligent, God-fearing and resourceful man. A professor of law, and a constitutional lawyer who is the backbone of this administration in their quest and determined war on corruption.

Whoever is still in doubt of the good intentions of Buhari/Osibajo’s administration, to return Nigeria to the path of transparency, accountability, progress and good governance must have a rethink. The two individuals at the helm of affairs are the goodness of a new Nigeria. Buhari will fallibly make mistakes, these mistakes must be criticized constructively in the interest of the nation.

Like the president aptly said before he went on vacation, the war on corruption and graft has not even began, he is just unearthing the skeletons our previous leaders have stached in their dirty and sacrilagious closets.

The mind of Buhari is the mind of a leader. I see in Buhari and Osibajo, redeemers who are providentially given to Nigeria to return the country to sanity. If Buhari fails, we all fail. Let’s talk the talk, and walk the walk now to collectively eke fortune from our untapped nature-given commonwealth and potentials.

God bless Nigeria.

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