Buhari, Health of the Nigerian Nation and the Human Body

by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth
Nigeria flag

The Nigerian Human Body and the Body of the Nigerian Nation are continually interacting with one another. They ought to be interacting harmoniously but they are not.

Human body and the Body of the Nation are supposed to be in a symbiotic relationship. If all is not well with the Human body, much would not be well with the Body of the Nation and vice versa.

The Human Body and the Body of the Nation are both crying for Healing and caring.

The Human body comprises of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. In the case of the body of the nation we have to contend with the political, economic, investible, financial, administrative, legislative. judicial and cultural.

So, whilst there may have been an attempt at a reform of the health of the human body there should also be perhaps the restructuring of the health of the Body of the Nigerian Nation.

For now, the body of the Nigerian Nation is sheltered by a rusty and rickety roof. A roof of leakages and loopholes. The rickety roof is perched precariously and peremptorily on a pillar, such that people are running from pillar to post as it appears there is an accident waiting to happen. The First Thought of an Engineer is safety. Including the social Engineer.

From computations and permutations, the structural engineers in the Nigerian Nation saying of the rickety roof, that there should be additional pillars put in place to shed weight off the central pillar. Computations and permutations show that there might be a need for six additional pillars in the first instance arranged in a circular manner at the periphery and under the roof to avert disaster and to attain some measure of stability. And much later on, in the same fashion, 36 pillars and consequently 774 pillars for sustainable stability.

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