Buhari is a Dumpster

by Yahaya Balogun
We shouldn’t castigate those who have genuine criticisms of President Muhammadu Buhari. The president will make some unintentional mistakes, but his intentions are good after all. When a leader of a nation errs or falters, constructive criticism must be made in the spirit of nationalism to bring the leader back on the right path. Constructive criticisms are recipes for good governance.

The underlying factor of Buhari’s efforts for a just and egalitarian society should be a rallying point of paramount significance to all Nigerians. Those who trade in lies of Buhari’s Islamisation of Nigeria are just peddling premeditated lethal lies. They do that to divide people along religious and ethnic lines to achieve their political motives.

Meanwhile, when things seem not to be going right, and without words or explanation from the presidency, it gives the children of corruption doubt of Buhari’s sincerity of purpose; it also gives the Buharists churning stomach to be on the defensive side of the president and his administration. In spite of his gaffes sometimes, there is overwhelming evidence that Buhari means well for the country. The presidency should make information of governance available in clear language to all Nigerians. It is soothing to see the office of the Vice President fine tuning this nuance through the 23rd Session of the National Economic Summit in Abuja.

Buhari is a leader, and leaders are like cesspit or junkyard where everyone goes to dump their trash and goodies. Good enough, the president’s demeanor accommodates all hate, indecorum and unblemished love being hauled at him from time to time. He still has the constitutional authority to maintain law and order, and to secure the general population. The presidency needs to speak up and address the issues that can weaponize the children of corruption, resenters and haters to impugn the image of a man that wants a just and incorruptible society for a bruised Nigeria.

Buhari is a president to his supporters and adversaries. Under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, people are entitled to challenge their president if the President is complacent or found wanting through their selfish expectations from their president.

Moreso, if the subordinates are engaging in the act of insubordination that can tarnish the image of the most loved president in Nigeria, and to put the country on the edge of crisis, the presidency needs to earnestly speak out to counter unfounded arguments. Most people don’t have nationalistic mindset, they just want to bring any government down if their opportunistic aspirations are not met. Those who trade in the hate of Buhari need our empathy and patience, not castigation. We shouldn’t weed them out of national conversation; in fact, their warped or impotent contributions to national conversation is good for the nation’s moral rearmament.

Please, the Buharists should not bringing themselves to the level of haters and the unrepentant children of corruption who have seen nothing good in anyone. Some of their unfounded criticism may be benign to them, but they can also be destructive to the point of evil to our society! We should be careful to discern the minds of those who are being used to destabilize our country. President Buhari should understand that, his administration is a punctuation of our immediate mindless journey to the precipice. We are glad that going forward, we will not allow a return to the ugly past. Change is constant, and because of its constancy, it’s the most difficult choice a man in our contemporary world wouldn’t want to gladly embrace.

At this auspicious period in world history, when the western world is bedeviled with political paralysis, this is a great opportunity for Nigeria through our president to champion the re-emergence of a great continent of Africa. African has the wherewithal to get itself out of the wood. In fact, Nigeria can begin to champion the reinvention of Africa by putting her house in order first. Buhari seems to be on the right track. All we need is to encourage and support his administration to change our warped orientation, and the corrupt old ways of doing government business.

When people are prejudiced by primordial issues instead of substantive issues. It is dangerous, because as they make their minds unavailable to facts and other people’s opinions, they will never see anything good in others who don’t agree with their jaundiced opinions. President Buhari is laying a solid foundation of an enduring legacy for Nigeria. In the process, Buhari I know may make fallible mistakes, but he will not falter; his good intention will ultimately liberate Nigeria from chronic corruption.

People with unblemished love in their hearts don’t like to hate people to self-destruct. Hateful people need the love of good people to countervailing them from self-immolation. One love in our heart can neutralize one million hatreds around us. Love is a potent power of a winner any day.  Haters and resenters need us as moral clinics, as much as we need them from committing self-harm.

As a leader, Buhari is just a dumpster where we dump all sort of things such as our hateful rhetorics, resentment, anger, criticisms, love etc! It is the duty of the President to objectively open to these criticisms, hateful rhetorics, genuine and fake love etc, and then process them to his advantage. Buhari must objectively use these criticisms to formulate good policy that will bring unity and progress to all Nigerians. The wind of change we yearn for in Nigeria is beyond Buhari’s persona. Buhari is just a symbol of what (integrity and accountability!) we want for Nigeria. We cannot be doing one thing again and again every time and expect different result.

Buhari is a focused man who knows his promised destination, thus unmitigated from the wailers’ unnecessary noise in the marketplace of ideas. My message to the Buharists, and to other good Nigerians is to continue to oil the discerning mind of the President to rescue Nigeria from the past, because we are the magnificent image of the progress of Nigeria. The time is now to drop the title of a sleeping giant of Africa to a formidable country worthy of emulation by other African countries.


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