Buhari is not a Nigerian!

by Yahaya Balogun

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is not a “Nigerian.” Buhari’s actions, honesty, frugality, integrity, utterances, intentions, speeches, ultrasonic conservatism, demeanor and dispositions to naughty issues are very unNigerian. Majority of Nigerians are not used to the words prudence, discipline and incorruptibility. It is practically impossible to practice good governance and orderliness in a country that aped corruption and indiscipline for decades. Buhari is a child of history, and providential son of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. History and karma are impartial, they will be very kind to Buhari.

A widely beloved Buhari and his accentuated accent “za ozaa room”, and his honest but craft dry jokes in times of national crisis has got him into more trouble more than any other Presidents in modern Nigerian history. But the man of integrity remains the political insignia for the continental African renaissance.

Undoubtedly, Nigeria has been in moral and political quandary for too long. Buhari governs a country whose social amenities were decayed for decades before he came to power. Electricity, good roads, regular sumptuous meals, portable water, security, good and quality education, etc. are foreign and luxury to the impoverished people of Nigeria. The generality of Nigerians is not used to these basic physiological needs (need for sleep, food, air, and sex or reproduction). The current Nigerian generation Z are not used to all these enumerated basic necessities of life. Current Nigerian youths are not students of history but students of hip-hop music and social media idiosyncratic maladies. How do you expect these youths to know the root and history of Buhari? How do you explain the origin of Nigeria and what the youth in the nomenclature of Nigeria truly want or stand for?

Buhari’s attempts at reordering the comatose nation is understandably under stiff opposition gingered with ignorance of some of those he governs. The stubbornness of Buhari seems to be his strength, but sometimes his burden. Buhari’s weakness sometimes morphs to strength, thus making his slow-motion movies towards Nigerian contradictions a painful comic relief.

To create a monument is a herculean task but to destroy it is an easy job that can be done in a jiffy using the modern day machinery. Buhari’s unpretentious patriotism usually nauseates his unrepentant adversaries. “Buhari of a man” is unperturbed with focus and vision; the vision to see an egalitarian society. I would have agreed with the children of corruption who believe from their glorified wisdom that Buhari is a “Sudanese man.” The mutation of Buhari in Nigeria is truly by happenstance! The man is not a typical Nigerian. His ‘adoption’ of Nigerian nationality was a political gift for his overwhelming votes for his reelection. Those who called him a “Sudanese man” are being graciously disingenuous! I spoke it loudly in my ace published article in The Guardian, December 14th, 2018 on a pastorpreneur who amplified the fake news of the birthright and birthplace of Buhari. I postulated that the god of man’s exposé on Buhari was going to be a political gift. It was an antithetical political gift that translated to victory on the election night for a man the political pastor claimed was from Sudan.

As those who hate the “Sudanese man” are musing his inauguration today, let’s implore their Children Of Corruption (COC) to go back to the use of ancestry dot com to find Buhari’s controversial family lineage. As for me, I “suspect” the Daura man is from Rwanda. Yes! Buhari is a ‘Rwandan.’ His forefather must have come from Tutsi with an admixture of Hutu’s genes in his DNA.

Take a cursory look at the skeletal structure of Buhari and Paul Kagame! Listen to the two ‘brothers’ body language and accents; Peruse the historical perspectives of these two icons of war against corruption and indiscipline! They share the sameness of values, convictions, discipline, and focus. The major difference between them is that Paul Kagame governs Rwandans who appreciate history, while Buhari governs some Nigerians who have no respect or countenance for history but repetitious history. Coincidentally, history is bunk to both Nigeria and Rwanda!

Furthermore, carefully compare and contrast the two tall old soldiers. Paul Kagame of Rwanda is an anti-corruption csar, Buhari of Nigeria has zero tolerance for corrupt practices. Buhari is an ex-military man, Kagame is also an ex-military man. A man providence has bestowed with the luck of uniting a genocidal and war-ravaged nation-Rwanda. While the majority of Rwandans appreciate Kagame, majority of Nigerians also repose their trust and expectations in Buhari. To say President Muhammadu Buhari means well for Nigeria is an understatement. In spite of his contested nationalities amongst our naughty compatriots, Buhari fights to entrench a corrupt-free nation.

Buhari is an idealist and a realist. The two commonalities are scarcely available in our clime. Unfortunately, Buhari dwells in the integrity of life. Without minding whose ox is gored, he continues to find ways of changing the irresponsible ways some people live in his adopted and privileged country-Nigeria.

Who would have thought Buhari would be the leader to resuscitate the spirit of June 12? June 12, 1993, was Nigerian anathema, and a great opportunity with a milestone in the history of Nigeria. June 12 was a day the destroyers of Nigeria sentenced Nigeria to the abyss of time! I doubt it if Mr. Tortoise (Obasanjo) and his co-usurpers and conspirators will be able to sleep the night PMB signs the bill on June 12 into law in Nigeria. Truth is recalcitrant, the more you try to kill it, the more it rears its beautiful head to rattle the ugly conscience and consciousness of the evil-doers.

The consciousness of guilt is like depression. The more you try to suppress your guilt, the more you get enmeshed in a guilty conscience. Mr. Tortoise exhibited hate for the Late Chief MKO Abiola with passion. During the 16 years of waste of his party, Mr. Tortoise as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and chairman of his party refused to recognize June 12. Mr. Tortoise deliberate indifference to give due recognition to a man(MKO Abiola) who made it possible for him to be president has been consigned to the dusbin of history. A vindictive Tortoise is a man who hates anyone who tries to outshine him in the national spotlight. His vindictiveness metastasized to late Chief Awolowo, MKO Abiola, and Prof. Wole Soyinka. The Ota Enora is now subsumed in the consciousness of guilt!

The Late sage Awolowo and the business mogul MKO Abiola were the first two icons who were obviously denied the mantle of Nigerian leadership courtesy of Mr. Tortoise’s political shenanigans. Buhari is so lucky to have escaped the manipulation of Mr. Tortoise. The Daura man has mystique qualities that scare Mr. Tortoise. The only weapon in Tortoise’s arsenal is name-callings of those whose intentions are genuine for their people. “Naija no dey carry go.” If Buhari had evolved from a functional society, he would probably have effortlessly transformed Nigeria within a short period. Unfortunately, our loaned President is a “Jubrin” from the Sudanese Republic. But as for me, I am of the ‘conviction’ (not of the opinion) that Buhari is a “loaned person” as Nigeria President from Rwanda.

In the next four years, the rejuvenated “Rwandan-Nigerian” president of Nigeria is set to consolidate on his efforts to bringing Nigeria to discipline, decency, probity, national reorientation, growth, and development. Stay tuned with unfettered optimism as we all journey tumultuously together with the “Jubrin” of Rwanda, oh, sorry! Sudan to liberate our beloved country-Nigeria.

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