Buhari’s Victory: The Role of Military and Political Intelligence In Nigeria

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With the overthrow of the Nigeria Khakistocracy and Kleptocracy (1999-2014), a new Sociocratic dispensation is emerging. The tide has turned.

The Socratic order is anchored on constitutionalism, the rule of law and efficient political and military intelligence. These will help to erase the debauchery of the Obasanjo/Goodluck era of anomie and reckless governance. The Obasanjo/Jonathan universe of the turning wheel has ground to a halt.

It is now clear why the PDP wanted” Continuity” and why the party received the support of ancient thieves, bribe-takers, ritualists, pen-robbers and other cretinous “big men”.

nigeriaThey knew that Buhari’s Victory would be their death sentences. I had posited in a number of articles that “Honesty is the best policy”. I wrote that God is not mocked that what people and nations sow they shall reap. That those who sowed the wind will reap the whirlwind. I deposed that Nigeria in the crucible of Karama and Rebirth and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.

I wrote that eternal vigilance was and is the price of our liberty. You Know, they near killed Muhammadu Buhair last year when it became obvious that the PDP would lose. Eighty-two people died in the incident.

Now, the DSS and other intelligence formations are unearthing the debauchery and looting of the funds of the Federal Republic of Nigeria we know a lot more than what has been announced. Our world intelligence Unit is watching and waiting for the judicial outcome of the indictments that have been filed. They are a drop in the ocean! One confession will lead to other ignominies in due course.” IWA LANWO IWA.”

The NLC has insisted that looters be given the death penalty for grievous crimes against the Nigeria, but which looters? They are a multitude. There are past looters, present looters and Known rich men who were once looters.

The Federal Government has said that no looter will be spared. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Buhari must step on big toes, fat bellies and destroyers of the Republic because as I write. “Condonation is a coordinate of corruption”.

On Thursday July 24, 2014 Nigeria newspapers in banner headlines reported that “Buhari survived bomb blast in Kaduna, 82 were killed”. Yero imposed curfew, Jonathan condemned the attack.

Continuous investigations have revealed that there was a conspiracy. As a result, the United States promised to train Nigerians on counter-terrorism. If that attempt had succeeded, Nigeria would have been in unimaginable agony, leading to disintegration and dismemberment.

Groups are reported to have prepared to have prepared for war. The threats of dismemberment and crisis loomed large as dissident groups, political malcontents incinerate the political atmosphere in Nigeria.

Disagreements should be resolved through constitutional methods. “The constitution is supreme and its provisions shall have binging force on all authorities and person throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

What that means is that authorities must not through neglect push the people to revolt and the people must use peaceful means to channel their grievance to the authorities.

No state is prosperous if it has to quell demonstrations using military/police force in dealing with its citizens.

This merely gives protesters the reasons to disrupt the government programmes.

It is shocking that some Nigerians are not concerned about reports about the colossal amount of monies stolen by ministers and government operatives, who have looted the treasury simply because they benefited from their loot.

People with misplaced conscience should not be allowed to have their way. Punishment for crimes against the people should be serer to serve as a deterrent to future leaders.

At page 44 of the National Mirror Newspaper on Friday December 4 2015, it was reported that a man was sentenced to death by hanging for armed robbery of N14, 570. Justice John Adeyeye past the judgment following the confessional state of the convict. I suggest that all cases of pen-robbery or executive robbery, be sent to Justice John Adeyeye for trial. I will clerk for the learned Justice.

On Thursday 3, December, 2015, Dr Tunji Braithwaite of NAP fame observed that Buhari was treating corrupt officials with kid gloves. In a state that has adopted sociocracy as the fundamental principle of governance, it is wise to make haste slowly.

The people have a way of sympathizing with criminals in Nigeria, because of the warped mentality imbued in them through years of militarism, which made crime virtually acceptable. You remember the “settlement philosophy”?

To buttress how the people react to strong action against wrong doing, a man was reported to have tie a goat to the state and was flogging the animal for eating his yam. People who were passing by asked what the goat had done upon their return, the man was still beating the goat. They screamed, “Are still beating this goat? Please let it go. This is the mentality of looter-sympathizers in Nigeria.

There are corrupted Nigerians in high and low places who are not impressed with condemning corruption. Some people now run to a well-know “patriot” for cover!

By their silence, ye shall know them. They were the ones who sold our national wealth to their friends and associates. They are the noise-makers, who talk rubbish all the time to pretend love for Nigeria. They are Wolves in sheep clothing. The big deals they put away are being exposed for “Nothing is hidden under the Sun.”

Although the president announced that treasury looters are paying back, we should be told who stole what and how much before Justice will take its course. The people have a right to know these people.

In a sociocratic sate, due rule of Law involve thorough investigations of allegations, meticulous gathering of evidence diligent prosecution, adequate punishment and judicial review of all cases so that Lawyer/Judge collaboration to “permit a wrong to be without a remedy is averted. NO JANKARN PRACTICE. We know lawyers who have profited from unethical legal practice.

The supremacy of the Law should not be bewitched by condonation, party considerations and “who” is concerned.

In Nigeria party faithful raise politics above the law until God overturns, overturns and overturns as we have seen in Nigeria, since Buhari’s Victory which is now their death sentence. A sociocratic order is emerging.

For God is not mocked. What people and nations sow they shall reap. Nigeria is passing through the crucible of Karma and rebirth and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.

Today’s Nigeria is a divided country where the looters of the state funds, dismissed corrupt officials are blaming everyone except themselves.

From disclosures published by the Federal Government so far, there is evidence of adroit use of military and political intelligence in the process of developing a sociocratic order. Nigeria intelligence, whether military or political, general or specific has thrived on good training, endurance, foresight, strength and skill.

The various sectors performed poorly from 1999-2014.there was a cult of intelligence that pursued money avidly.

From 1999-2014, Nigeria had the singular misfortune of being governed by some indefatigable mediocre, party men became ministers who had obvious intellectual limitations, which were very glaring.

As we have observed in Nigeria such men turned the refined art of politics into money-making endeavors, their antics and tantrums have been exposed to ridicule. Their political dogma was not well though out. It did not flow from learnedness but from militarism.

Our BOSAS INTERNATIONAL Law BUREAU, whose centers of operations are spreading, teaches that the best intelligence is Economic intelligence. We promote international trade because a state that diversifies its economy can compete in international trade and excel in international economic relations.

In a state where terrorists and terror-breeders are up in arms, Nigeria must be careful. Out there in our world, the existence of nuclear thermo-nuclear, hydrogen, neutron bombs in the over-loaded arsenal of the super-powers in this Era of the anti-Christ, masks a swarm of complexities.

I most continue to expose the vulgar superstition of mad politicians whose high sounding pretensions, at times rise to eloquent grandeur.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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