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Caught in a Web of Circumstance

Every social human has been caught, at one time or the other, in a web of circumstance. When one reflects on how he or she has lived on planet earth, there are situations that bring back pleasant memories and others that cause one to ask, why me?


A close look at the operations of these departments show that there are formations that engage in recruitment, training and the use of human beings as instruments of destruction of other human beings, cities, causing mayhem, in the name of geo-politics.

The history of international relations is rife with stories of how secret service personnel are officially commissioned to hurt other people in war-games propelled by the devil.

Men and women are bribed, brain-washed, whitemailed or blackmailed, as the case may be, to engage in unholy, dirty tricks, treacherous actions to lure targeted innocent people to commit crimes they did not intend to carry out.
This satanic deployment of the sons and daughters of God into crime has dominated the war-games of dirty tricks departments of intelligence units of many states.

As we see in films that depict the exploits of spies and men and women in the service of dirty tricks departments, their actions stretch from incrimination to more dastardly operations.

A friend told me how he was invited by a university abroad. When he arrived in the city, he was sent to live in the house of a lady, he later discovered was of the old boy network. What follows here is not fiction.
As soon as she started making overtures to him, he checked out of the house. He later found out that some coloured students, who had lived there in the past, were in jail.

When he met one of them, Paul narrated how the lady enticed him and later reported him to the police. He was then “granted” amnesty and recruited him into the old boy network. He had no option but to serve against his will.
My friends experience, while in that city can be a box office success. After leaving the house of the seductress, he moved into a house, where he later discovered a listening machine tucked away over this bed. He sent for a man from his village, who lived in a nearby town. After looking at the machine, he advised him to ignore the find.

Another townsman was fond of coming to take him on long journeys, during which time, his room was searched. One day, a fierce-looking fireman walked into his room unannounced, He was scared.

My friend published a book and went to launch it at city hall. A lady came at him expressing love for his country and how she would love to visit his country. He was wise not to be hooked.

A week later, another lady turned up, uninvited, at the height of night, with a dog. She requested that they go for a walk. He observed that a car drove slowly behind them. For the next three weeks, she phoned him incessantly. The plot failed.

Then two compatriots of his came and took two boxes containing the book. They lied that they were going to ask a prominent citizen of that town to launch the book. Two months later, they returned the books. There was no launching and no explanation was offered for the lack of it.

Two weeks before he was set to leave the country, he was invited to the house of a compatriot for dinner. There, he saw an under-aged lady, who constantly beamed smiles at him. After dinner was served, she came over and sat near him, in typical Herodias, seductive style.

My friend, seeing that he was between the devil and the deep, blue eyes, left hurriedly. The plot failed.
He was then invited to a party in a famous city. When he got there, he discovered that there were five divas, with long legs, shiny eyes and they were all very sophisticated. They smoked pot and when my friend was gradually losing his senses, he excused himself and left. The plot failed.

Shortly before he left for home, he met a cripple, who had probably dropped some money as he was passing the cripple. Unsure of the real owner of the money, he took the money to the nearest police station.

The cripple sought him out and later invited him to his home, which was out of town. He turned down the invitation because the cripple lived alone with his wife.

He reminded me of the Russian proverb, “Schem chot ni sutit “The plot failed.
God be with us has remembered these clandestine evil attempts to involve him, whitemail him and later “grant him amnesty” and induct him into the old boy network. The plots failed.

There are no people I disrespect like people, who, as a result of greed, whitemail or consent, allow other people or institutions, in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy to desecrate their divinity.

At the end of it, all such people grow gray hairs, and forever are rankled by the memories of the people they destroyed. Many, I hear commit suicide, when the pangs in their misplaced consciences become insufferable.
If you are under the demonic influence of any person or organization, please quit today.

Always extricate yourself, if and when you are caught in a web of circumstance. Call on Jesus and he will come to your rescue. He said “Call on me in your time of trouble and I will answer you”

“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?” Excessive material quest leads to perdition. Accept Christ NOW and it will be well with you!

Joy, joy, joy
In my heart ringing
Joy, joy, joy
Jesus died for me
See what the Lord has done for me
He died on the Cross to set me free
See what the Lord for me
It’s joy, joy, joy.

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