Champions For Nigeria

by Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Champion (n) – “a person, who enthusiastically supports, defends or fights for a person, belief, right or principle”

Dear Fellow Citizens of Nigeria,

The euphoria over Nigeria’s experiment in democracy is over. Reality is once again at our doorstep with the unsettling questions about our future.

Why is our nation, home to brilliant minds, rich traditions, rich in natural and mineral resources and centuries of wisdom, withering in poverty while most other nations rapidly move ahead of us?

Why are we, as a nation, drifting aimlessly, without direction or vision? Are our current systems, economic, political and social, limiting us in this era of intense global competition among nations?

Can we, the people of Nigeria, afford to watch while brazen official corruption, political instability, rudderless administration in the states, flagrant wastefulness, tribalism, maladministration and administrative lapses, overloaded judiciary and unwieldy civil service, and unbelievable personal greed demoralise our society and negate the advances we have made so far? Why have we been getting a raw deal from our various governments over a very long period of our existence as a nation?

Like all nations, Nigeria too has changed. Unfortunately, the motherland that we see today is not what we desired our country to be. Much of the change, especially over the last two decades, has caused grave concern amongst a lot of us, to the extent of desperation and sadness. However, haven’t we haplessly and helplessly watched on, either choosing to compromise our integrity or insulating ourselves from the forces that threaten our society?

There is hope… We know from the testimonies and occasional glimpses of hope from people who are fighting independent battles to correct the system.

Can you and I change our nation’s current course? I am positive that we can, in many ways and with the right people and disposition.

In every conversation with fellow Nigerians, we have felt an urgent need to embrace change, to create for us and for our children, a society with hope, opportunities and fairness for all.

Some concerned and patriotic Nigerians have perhaps made the first small, yet significant, step in this direction. What was initiated as an idea among a handful of concerned citizens, home and abroad, has now evolved into a definitive organisation, which is intended to celebrate genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to the people of Nigeria.

Over the next few months, by networking with people like you, we want to bring together a variety of minds from all across the world to start putting together a ‘people’s agenda’ for the nation and encouraging and mobilising support for recognising, commending, promoting and celebrating individuals and organisations that we recognise as genuinely having the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians in mind. People who have acted, or will act, as guiding and pivotal beacon for our leaders and people, suggest new policies, set standards, and provide a direction for our future as a united and strong nation.

It is with this that I invite you to be part of this growing network of concerned citizens. We have already started this process by setting up what we hope will be a versatile website – (currently under construction) – where progress and hope in the country is going to be celebrated in words and in action, and whose main purpose is to recognise, commend, promote and celebrate individual Nigerians and organisations by publishing their actions and deeds and making other Nigerians realise that we are gifted as a nation with men and women of distinction. Through the dedicated website, we will celebrate any Nigerian of distinction irrespective of age, ethnic group, gender or religious disposition. The mark of excellence would also be given to any institution based in Nigeria that champions rigorous ethical or professional excellence towards promoting Nigeria. Efforts and successes of Nigerian achievers either as individuals or as corporate entities shall be the focus of this “Champions For Nigeria” organisation.

We will not pander to the politicians and governments in Nigeria. We will not be funded by them or by any individual or organisation, except if we are convinced of their true intentions to support and demonstrate practically and wholly, what we stand for. As such, we are independent and self-funding, so that our ideals and visions will not be hijacked.

We do not care for academic titles and achievements; national honours; chieftaincy and traditional titles; religious titles; business and professional achievements; social and political recognition and professional status. We will shun, discredit and expose mediocrity, mismanagement, wastefulness, lack of purpose and sincerity and corruption. Instead we will promote and highlight good governance, sincerity of purpose, commitment; selfless service; honesty; hard work; and good behaviour towards alleviating the problems of Nigeria and Nigerians.

We have got to take our country back from the forces of regression and those who are hell bent on monopolising our God-given resources and wealth in order to oppress us and keep Nigeria constantly in turmoil, impoverished, underdeveloped and undervalued.

Please join us, all Nigerians of goodwill and foreigners who are friends of Nigeria, in identifying our worthy and true compatriots, because there is no time to waste.

Our email to register your interest is and please pass on to people you think share our ideals and vision.

Long live Nigeria.

Mr Jimmy Ojezuabi Gabriel Mr Ade Adewolu Mr Godwill Agbakwue

Mr Femi Ibiwoye Mr Akintokunbo A Adejumo Ms Angela Bruce

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Hayatu Sanusi July 11, 2008 - 12:46 pm

I believe this site is not created for talking alone, but for bringing out fresh ideas about how to go about the business of ‘righting’ the wrong that is being committed in the name of democracy!It is not enough to lament about the abuse of democracy that is common in most African countries or to state the obstacles inhibiting the success of democracy; we must proffer workable solutions, no matter how difficult or daunting; any form of dictatorship can only be toppled with the support of the people whom democracy is supposed to free and serve. The first step therefore must be to educate the people to stand up to undemocratic forces – it appears to me this is what this site is poised to do, by the grace of God.

I hope my commitment to the achiement of this goal will sustain my desire to make a modest contribution to this enterprice that belongs to us all.

dugan September 7, 2007 - 1:54 am

well i really enjoyed your article. I think that the faith that people put in this system is bizarre. the bible predicts that man can only rule man to its injury. Meaning that all these years man has not been able to rule man without someform of bloodshed. So we as Jehovah.s Witness are waiting for Jehovah.s right to rule. In the bible at matthew 24 .7 it speaks of nation against nation.reports of wars.and other terrifying things. but the bible says these things have to take place. the bible also speaks about food shortages ect. THese things have to take place before the Great Tribulation. I hope you come to find that we cannot put faith in this system. Seek Out Jehovah my friend you can preserve the life of your family and any one who listens. if you need more info. email me back with your comment in the box.


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