Combative Leadership: The Really Angry Officer

by Sylvester Fadal

I was nauseated. I literarily began to choke. I gasped for breath and each additional line I read created an internal implosion in my stomach and a few seconds later, it happened…I puked. My staff thought I was sick. Very sick they concluded since I didn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough. Reality was, my body was reacting to an article that was forwarded to me by a friend on Tafa Balogun’s pugnacious and mischievous acts. I couldn’t stomach the gluttonous passion of the ex-Inspector General of Police for illegal wealth. Needless to say the article made me sick. It made me very sick and all that came to my mind was “why?”

There are positions that must only be filled by people with integrity among others. One of such positions is that of the Inspector General of the Police Force. This position requires a lot more than qualifications and there must be a standard established to attain this height. Integrity and honesty conceivably shoots to the forefront. Since Nigeria is a country where qualifications has very little relevance to positions, the word “qualified” holds non-mutual meanings to all and intricately, a multi-faceted but seemingly tangential broadened approach that checks both the personal and professional history of police officers should be required since they technically dictates rights from wrongs.

The case of Tafa Balogun defiles reasoning. How many houses does a man need to be deemed wealthy? Why does he have so much greed in him in view of his career path? I am scared to imagine some of the unknown havoc this man must have created over the years. Of the many problems faced in Nigeria, the easy exit strategies given to top officials is perhaps, one of the reasons why they have a complete disregard for the law. Based on what I have read over the last few days, chances are, if he looks pugnacious, acts intimidating, harasses others to get his way, pounces on the innocents, seeks undue rewards and encourages top-level criminal acts, Jesus!! He is a combative criminal that must be treated as such.

A criminal boss doesn’t only create the framework of how his department functions but also establishes the characteristics and behaviors that are modeled by others under his domain. If the IG openly used his State Police Commissioners as money extortion tools, he did not only create a new paradigm of acceptable actions, he fueled the acceptance of criminal acts. Through the use of intimidation and fear, he encouraged a system that is probably much more corrupted today. Tafa Balogun supported rather than deter bad acts. His desire was not to do good things. In place of lifting the heavy crime load of the backs of Nigerians, he failed to alleviate it but rather, added to it.

My soul cries out. I feel the pain of OBJ in this situation. Disciplining bad employees is one of the most difficult aspects of management. OBJ, as noted in most publications was insanely furious and lashed at Tafa Balogun upon finding out these atrocities. OBJ must not apply a fuzzy logic to resolving this issue. He must not apply a foam-padded stick in this situation. Tafa must be fully investigated and tried accordingly. He must not be allowed to make calls of harassment or intimidation during the investigation. Reactionary emotions by Tafa must not derail the investigative process or insigne a need for a consensus. The severity of his acts should dictate the consequence. OBJ must recognize that the negative innate virtue of Tafa Balogun’s actions could sculpt the image and perception of the police force from now on. His sad catalytic mechanisms were heartless, inconsiderate, disconcerting, and borders on illegal financial-coup-de-tat.

Tafa Balogun is a narcissistic leader recognizing how he championed high-level criminal activities with bold audacity. He extorted money, houses and others items from all he came across. His partners in crime must also be investigated. OBJ’s success, if any, depends on his team. He has a few good ones…Gob bless their souls. Tafa Balogun is a reflection of OBJ’s team. How OBJ chooses to fight back this greedy tyrant could shed light on his devout willingness to mitigate executive-level corruption in that society.

And he seeks rest!!!

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orela May 2, 2005 - 3:14 am

We can go on and on about Tafa Balogun, he’s just a tip of the iceberg, there are more atrocities being committed out there and these people just haven’t been caught.

Nnadi January 1, 1970 - 12:00 am

Tafa Balogun should be shot.


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