The Legacy Of Kenny Ogungbe

An idle mind they say, is the Devil’s workshop. This cliched expression has been used severally to explain why most Nigerian youths engage in criminal activities. “If they have something doing”, many have argued, “they will not have time for all those criminal acts they engage in.” Thus because our youths have “embraced” idleness, the “Devil” (whoever he is) has made them his workshop. But I point out en passant that the Devils in the Nigerian society are all those shameless and power crazy politicians who hand over guns to the youths and bid them exterminate their political opponents; the Devils are those who have made it their sole aim, to squash the opportunities of actualization of dreams which the youths would have had: those selfish and corrupt leaders.

In a society where you must make money (not just bucks, but mega bucks) otherwise you are a nobody, the means of acquiring the wealth become inconsequential. Remain poor today, and your position as the first son in a family will be taken over by your “Smarter” and richer younger brother. In a society where money is “god”, opportunities to make the money become very essential and are scrambled for. Unfortunately, opportuities could either be positive or negative. Our task therefore becomes that of painstakingly directing the youths to embrace the positive opportunities. But in letting them embrace the positive opportunities, there must be positive opportunities in the first place.

It is not vain saying that talents abound in Nigeria. In the area of sports alone, we have witnessed abundance of talents. Today, Emeka Nwana, Vincent Enyeama and the others have no reason to engage in “Internet Fraud”, Armed Robbery and political assassination. But it is not everybody that can be a sportsman. There are also talented musicians, writers, physicists, technicians etc who sincerely desire to apply their talents in positive pursuits. Here then is the problem: where are the openings through which these talented youths will apply their skills? I can hear voices saying,”so if there are no opportunities now, can’t they exercise patience? Must they then embrace crime?” To these voices I would rather advise that we should all come together and change the mentality of our people who would impatiently crucify a young man for failing to “make it” fast. As far as our society is enveloped with impatience, the youths will be no exceptions. And while we work towards changing our people’s mentality, let us also work towards providing positive opportunities for our youths. Opportunities which are competitive and devoid of favouritism.

Now, Kenny Ogungbe with his Kennis Music has taken a giant step towards curbing youth restiveness, while providing opportunities of actualization for the youths. Picking up and nurturing young musical artists, Kennis music has clearly channelled the attention of many youths towards positive pursuits. Having released the musics of such artists as 2FACE IDIBIA, TONY TETUILA, IDRIS, Kennis music has proved beyond any doubt that in it, talented artists stand a chance of attaining fortune and fame in a positive way. Here then resides hope for many. We must confess that one today, witnesses a mitigation of crime in Ajegunle. What with the youths there perceiving themselves as the constituents of Nigeria’s hip hop world, the equivalent of America’s Califonia.

To me, what Kennis music is doing remains one of the most viable ways of reducing youth restiveness and crime. By giving the youths hope and outlets through which their talents can be harnessed positively, their perception of reality will become more positively conditioned. In a set up as Kennis Music’s, favouritism becomes reduced and the best emerge. Which reminds me, some time ago, I had the priviledge of being in one of my cousin’s birthday. There, I witnessed hip-hop in its pure, unadulterated and no musical equipment aided form. Two youngmen Bobby and Jazzman kept the entire house entertained. Now how do Bobby and Jazzman perceive their future? I tried talking with these two youngmen and in them I found towering hopes that soon, Kennis music will catapult them to limelight. They are currently working on their premiere albums.

I must confess that I have completely lost hope in our so called leaders. Those clique of robbers have absolutely nothing to contribute to the welfare of this our country. It therefore behoves us to try everything humanly possible to restructure our country. Let us for now forget those devouring lions and try and save our country afterall, their existence will soon be cut short. Kenny Ogungbe and Kennis music have taken over the music industry, consequently giving hope to thousands of youths whether or not this music label will be able to face all the challenges that will come to it in a fastly developing society awaits another telling. But the truth is that other industries remain unexplored. It is those fields that I suggest that we should all go into. This way, we can at least safeguard the future of our country by giving the youths positive platforms as take-off points. Bravo Kenny Ogungbe!

Written by
Nnaemeka Oruh
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  • Pls i’m a student in nigeria,i goes by d name temitayo but friend call (lappy)i’m so happy dat i can express myself pls i’m a young musician but where i am is a rural area no producer no body 2 sponsor pls either u help us by moving 2 some rural area like(ketu,alapere )&etc cause some of us cant broadcast through pc so pls help us

  • i agree with you in some aspect.Do kennis music do anything for free?,the answer is no,then i really dont understand their legacy,they have been in the industries for years but have never pay back the dues back to the people that buys their music.

  • hi pls i have being trying to be in contact with kenny’s music but all to no avail so i decided to drop a line here,pls my email is i gave u this so that u can get back to me because i have some music written and composed by me which i will like to do under ur cusotody but to be sincere why i have being trying to reach u is because i can’t finance my self in it,please do try as much as u can to get back to me for i realy mean what am saying,anyway am residing in senegal of which i can fly down to nigeria so that we can see face to face before we proceed pending on what you said if u are to help,my number is 00221775905940

  • Hi, Kenny,D1,ID…..I love you guys, you are no more a guys but father….i just have to use it like that. Why people love’s you is bcos of your doings…and i think you know this in maths/1+1=2 but in life 1+1 may give out 0000. people love what they see they don’t ask of what they don’t see.i want you to know people have been talking about you that you never respond to any request from them regading contacting them see people we not say you are busy but bluffing.heven here my brother is telling me not to contact you with this but i am doing this now just bcos i love you guys ……i love being a hip hop musician which i know that is my way if their is any way of helping me pls do. My name is olaribigbe sarumi . 111 love……. Did i HEAR any body say no long ting……………..long ting deyyyyyoo

  • KENNIS MUSIC NO 1,this k-4oz,tanks daddy kenny for letting me know the big djs in raypower.i really wanna say a big thank you because i dont know i can be talk to a top celebrity like you.and i hope and pray to God that uncle yinka craig get well soon because he helped me in 2005 when i was invited to AMexpress.i promise that i will be praying for him.because i gat no dough for now but i believe in god almighty

  • This write up is a very powerful one. Honestly, I really think it answers the questions in our hearts. I wish every rich and well-known Nigerian had this mentality, this country would have been better and greater. So Kenny, Please keep up the good work you’ve started and don’t let anything dissuade you. Another important advice I would like to give is that Kennis Music should open its gate wide enough to accommodate all those who are talented and willing to come in. I would like to get in-touch with Kenny Ogungbe for an important business. My number is 08025129475.

  • guyz may God bless u 4 wat u have been doing 4 nigeria and their musicians.i will like to meet u in person coz i will like u to hear me out with wat i got 4 my people and my country sorry i will not tell u wat i really wnt coz if i do, u will not wnt to hear me a matter of fact, we are 2 in number.plz sir i will like to book an appointment. my numbers are 07030980745.i would have called but no contact of u.but plz sir i will like u to approve my appointment.Take care nd may the lord be with u gyz and i will say AMEN to that…………..

  • Kennis music is the best thing that ever happenned in the Nigerian Music Industry. Ride on and keep the flag flying.

  • This is a very nice piece, i believe the future of Nigeria is in the hand of all of us. and if only few musicians are benefitting from Kennis, others Nigerians should follow suit by creating more channels and opening up opportunities even in other sectors for our youths rather than criticizing Kennis Music.

  • dear kenny,i am a good mucician,a writer,and a composer.i am using this opportunity to imform you that if you can be my promoter i would be so much happy thanks.

  • Yezs, its nt aa thing to think of but to be focused, I would be popular very soon, Insha Allahu… Watch out for AZ ..Hardcore rapper.

  • Nice work. I believe setting good standards in every facets of human living e.g in health,education,security e.t.c should be the way forward for Nigeria just as Kenny Ogungbe has done in the nigerian music industry.

  • i love the ogunbe kennis concept and the way things are going on . he is such a wounderful combination with kabiasy( D-1 ) his partner. i most say and confess this and would show my concern should it be needed at all times. many more blessings for you

  • well,they are very good in promoting young stars and i love kenny personally because he knows what he is doing and he does his things at the right time,so keke,keep it up…………

  • dear sir,

    how is everything, i hope fine, my main purpose of writting u,is to seek favour from u.

    am good in singing, but, i dont have any sponsorer,that is why i descided to com to u,bcos i know u are the only person that con help me. i will be vary grateful if my request should be granded, thanks,incase of nesecity, i live at no,37 anuoluwapo street, off pipe line bus stop, orilowo ejibgo,u can also contact me through my daddy s phone number 08067232439,i believe, whit my music, i can make u proud.




  • I trully belief that one day young Guys would take over good positions in Nigeria and if someone like Kenny and D1 can start and become a great people representing Nigeria anywhere anyday, even proud that they are trully Nigerian I know that they are going places in Jesus name. we need Guys like Kenny, D1, Dele Momodu, Gbenga Daniel,{etc} to take over this country Nigeria in future not the arm robbers. Guys you has aim and Objective, Guys you has Vision not Thiefs that call themselves Chiefs. Kenny/D1, I pray that God will bless you Guys more and more and you will never fall in Jesus name {Amen}.Please no matter anybody says let be proud of Nigeria, Rome wasn't build in a day.

  • am not for comment but all i need is a help from kennis music to sponsor me in music and i think with my tracks i can rule the world pls help me contact brother kk ogungbe and dayo d1 i need their help am just16 yrs old am i believe myself and am confident

  • Hi,

    Kenny,D1,ID…..I love you guys you are no more a guys but father….i just have to use it like that. Way people love you is bcos of your doings…and i think you know this in maths/11=2 but in life 11 may give out 0000–or 10000 people love what they see they don't ask of what they don't see.i want you to know people have been talking about you that you never respond to any request from them regading contact them see people we not say you are busy but bluffing.heven here my brother is telling me not to contact you with this but i am doing that now just i love you guys ……i love being a hip hop musician which i know that is my way if their is any way of helping me pls do for GOD……MY NUMBERS IS 08034090092 OR 08026232880 MY EMAIL my name is olaribigbe sarumi .

    pls get back to me 111 love……. Did i here any body so no long ting……………..long ting deyyyyyoo

  • HI

    my name is Samson i am from oyo state in nigeria but i live in JOS for now,please i beg you to keep on asisting the young stars i really love the way you help young stars,it redused criminal criem out of our country, please keep it up i reay pray for you evry time i know GOD have grantted you long life,please MR KEN i am a new singer i have some tracks of jams please i want you to help me out of this stress and i will never forget you in my life , coz i have tarlent inside me please i have to splash out my feeling to the word, i beg you,i will be expecting you mail back.PLZ SEND ME UR CONTACT NO.THROUGH 08035931996 OR 08065975855 I WILL BE GLAD IF U CAN RESPOND QUICKLY SIR


  • p/z sir, i want to help me reach for kenny ogungbe for me cos i really need him to help in my music career. thanks as u help me my name is abasianyanga monday from akwwaibom state. my email adress is

  • am an upcoming artiste who is into rap , hiphop and rhythmic blues . what am looking forward to now is to be giving a chance to showcase my talent in a concert . and also looking forward to be signed by one record label ,KENNIS MUSIC or any .

  • Hi Bro,

    As far as for me you and D1 are fantastic, and i want you to keep it up, but my massage for you guys is please try to promote nigeria flag, on video instead of Jamaican flag, am not racist but the jamaican give promotion to thre flag that is why is well known all over the world, let Nigerian musician use nigeria Bandana or flag instead of Jamaican flag and Bandana, let promote nigerian and build it as you guys are nigerian ambassador. You are Great Guys.

  • We are musicians from port harcourt and needs a better studio out there in port harcourt.Any body that knows any studio can call this number 08054396182 or send an email to pls as people have said that you are helping young stars in nigeria which is true pls do help us out from this studio problems we have.This is our first track and we don't want it to be anyhow we want to put every effort to make sure we realise our music in a better studio that when people hear our music to will start woundring where is this boyz from and which studio did they do their musics.We are in port harcourt and want to be in contact with you guys alway.We really need your help.We need your phone numbers to contact you directly,your email addresses to contact you people directly.Pls do this for us and you shall recieve the reward at the end.God bless you as you conply.

  • It is true God is using you and your crew to help in the economy of Nigeria. Pls know that the salvation of their soul is very important.

    Are-Egbe Moronke

  • The nation needs serious people in the place of leadership who will have the love of youth and the next generation in mind.

  • Hello,Bro Kenny,

    I have a message for u from God. He want u to organise a praise night for Him in the 1st quarter of 2007 where u will invite gosple singers from all over the world. The venue will be Lagos & Abuja. Theme: Let worship the King of Kings



  • Your article is apparentely fabulous, i think you got almost everything right xcept for the unfair bravo=to kenny alone.unbehalfe of every outgoing nigerian youth i am nominating rmd,d1,keny for president, vice and minister of entertaiment respectively come 2007 n b4 then u are all confered with con(commader order of the niger) each including tu face(we rcognise u if obasanjo did not in is last awards).this are the pple who cares about us n they deserve to be celebrated,u guys are all genuis.for whoever that cares to listen, lagos nigeria is now the capital of entertaiment in africa n a very obvious threat to the american holiwood n music industry.we look foward to seeing properly finished videos n confident artist, may be you guys need somekind of a feeder click n not just any artist with any song carrying that prestigious endorsement.sultan na wa for u oh, anyway ure right na so those girls be.n kenny, what a well rounded click=rugged in the house keke ==kora south africa(that was matured, the youth mouth said u should sign him).how does it feel=kennis music language.tuface, i think that channel o girl fit u.sanni abdulwasiu,u.k

  • Jide Lewis,London

    Our nation require such hands to reduce societal disturbances by the youths,but unfortunately the so called leaders are running from pillar to post to keep our national resources for their own good.

    Nigerians any where in the world who have the wherewithal should come home to put things in place just as kenny and kennis music is doing to the music industry.

    Please inform kenny that i expected a very active website from him rather than the moribund one he has now,tell him to adjust.


  • Hey manyou guyz are the BOMBi dont know why u guyz come all the way from nigeria to the uk without visiting blackpooldont you know thats where all the fun isagain so many nigerians that i know ofare ready to pay diamonds to see Tuface on stage mani believe u guyz need to think about this menand bring african pride down to BLACKPOOLwhere happening nigerian aresay me well2 ID on the street…

  • kennis music has taken nigerian music to greater heights.they treat their artistes well by paying their royalties on time but there is this rumour of ripping their artistes off .how true is that keke pls refute that ststement………….






    LE4 2DT










  • posted by jenniferevery thing u have said is really right.It excellent the first time I heard the african queen and the rest of his song I was hungry to know the singer which i did and i still want my husband to make a suprise package by inviting him to our house on one of my best day to sing for me.I'm very much impressed. thanks

  • hi am junior frm phc i rate this article excellent but i want kennis music to hace a branch of his rec label in phc

    at least to help youths here by signing us a record deal with his label

    like me i have my lyrics but no rec company here or even a promoter pr sponsorer so pls we need his help here pls

    to helpm explore us

    pls u this medium to reach him pls

    lloyd frm phc

  • I sent a similar congratulatory message to those guyz few minutes before reading your article. But mine isn't as detailed and explanatory as yours. Your article is excellent and Kudos to Kenny and co.

  • HI

    my name is I.CARD i am from EDO state in nigeria but i live in senegal for the now,please i beg you in the name of GOD keep on asisting the young stars i really love the way you help young stars,it redused criminal criem out of our country, please keep it up i reay pray for you evry time i know GOD have grantted you long life,please MR KEN i am a big time rappar i have about 30 tracks of jams please i want you to help me out of thins streess and i will never forget you in my life , i have sorfard alot here in senegal i dont i dont have to, caz i have tarlent inside me please i have to splash out my feeling to the word, i beg you,i will be expecting you mail back


  • yeah am sombol reaching u from festac i love you guyz i think you are doing a grate job i love ur music just keep it up you can i will like to talk to you either on mobil her eis my mobile number 08056384105 my email adrsess is i love you keep it up bye

  • because it is absolutely true .kennis music has opened the way for lots of youths today to identify their talents and know that they can make it in the music industry.

  • The approprate title should be “THE LEGACY OF KENNIS MUSIC”, because Kenny Ogungbe is only a principal partner in the organization of KENNIS MUSIC.

    As at present there is no legacy, but the tricks of the trade. Only a few of our youths are benefitting from KENNIS MUSIC and they are paying for every Naira they are spending on being on the label of KENNIS MUSIC.

  • We all NIgeria… And Nigeria is our primary constituensy… The youths who are the future leaders should be empowered by all stakeholders… what you wrote is very correct..

  • u are very right.recently i saw musical clips of nigeian music produced by kennis music and i will tell u that i was very impressed.