Congratulations President Jonathan, You Have Just Been Re-Elected!

by Fola Ojo

I never liked the APC idea, and now with the 7 rebel governors jumping in, I hate it the more. APC is a bow to Al Qaeda pressure, it is a bow to the bows and Arrows of Boko Haram, APC is a negotiation with terrorists, and APC is “we are sorry we are Christians”. I loved the ACN arrangement. ACN was a tall stand for the people. ACN was progress, good works, it was hope for many, it was joy and celebration again, it was a sense of citizenship and patriotism, , ACN was clear direction, and ACN was Awolowo rising up from the graves, and this meant a lot to many of us who are beneficiaries of a solid educational foundation laid by the late sage. But ACN died in the parachute of ambition built by those who believe it’s always their rights to rule and forever. ACN died in a senseless suave stride of expansionism, big tent politics that has no hope of bringing the people big rewards.

PDP is the worst thing that ever happened to politics in Africa. Run by greedy, crazy people who don’t care about tomorrow, they destroyed many states, especially my home state of Osun. People were terrified and trampled upon. PDP is “Powerful Destroying the Poor”, I hate the party, but I am sympathetic with President Jonathan and I may vote for him, although I hate his party. If I shouldn’t, what or who is a better option, let’s name names. Lamido, Babangida, Shekarau, Kwankwaso? I am even having a migraine headache calling these names. They are names in the past, names that may not necessarily give Nigeria any new good name; these are names that have the ability to maim. You may disagree with me, that is where I stand.

We called the president King Jonathan before he became president, is he no longer a king? They said he was humble, has he lost the humility? They told us he loved God, now they tell us he is a Chief in the Palm wine Drunkards Club. They said he was and still is the first PhD holder to be president, is he now a GCE holder? I said it loud then that you don’t need a PhD to be president; you need a head on your shoulders. Many PhD holders’ heads are empty! If the elections were held today or even tomorrow, President Jonathan will be re-elected. With the 7 renegade governors now jumping ship to APC, it is as sure as death. I hate when some people believe that Nigeria is their personal property, and that is what will be driving a lot of people as they make up their minds who becomes president in 2015. When a certain people claim birthrights in a nation where others’ birthrights are bathed with acid of oppression and suppression, a sitting president like Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected. Congratulations King Jonathan, you have just been reelected President.


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