Conquerors of the poor

Among the numerous replies I got on my article titled “When You Are In Need”, two replies from two friends overwhelmed me and caught my attention so much.

Mr. Percy thanked me, according to him, for the beautiful piece. He wishes that many eyes will see it and many minds will digest it. But his doubts appear to be in a doomed race.

“Coming home, he said, “I am scandalized the way my vote is being courted now. My vote has no tribe or religion. Nobody will say no to my vote because I am not an indigene but after my vote has been cast, I will be reminded of where I come from.”

In the above comment, it was as if Mr. Percy was talking about Rivers State where the indigenes wear indigeneship as a garb against the non-indigenes in the state.

He said that we are but masquerades, masquerading everywhere and pretending to be godly people. But if we were spiritual enough to understand that we all share a common nature and that we all belong to a common source, including the plants, that any wrong done to our fellow being is a wrong to ourselves and the Cosmic (Godhead). Our common source, perhaps we would behave differently.

“I am however mindful of the fact that most people do not like themselves, which is a tragedy. When you hate yourself by reason of what you do and how you conduct your life, how then can you like/love others? You cannot give what you don’t have! We are indeed, coasting swiftly towards what the Bible called “end time”,” he cried.

On the part of Dr. Emenike, he didn’t sing a different song. He wrote to me, “Your words of wisdom, like you said, are for people with heart that are wiling to use it.”

He mentioned Angelous citation I referred to in the article, saying that it goes along with what Kennedy told Americans that became the driver for the American information technology revolution.

A simple question was translated to answer the question, said Dr. Emenike, of how people on earth can communicate with one in the space. Today we have satellites that deliver cellular messages to every corner of the world. We have TV that can broadcast to every home in the world.

Nigeria is still building shelters and still unable to feed her own small masses, he went further to say, with oil wealth not withstanding that the developed world is talking about how to stop their masses from eating too much and exercise more.

“Does it occur to us that it is the same oil that built Dubai,” he asked, “from scratch that Nigeria could not properly assign to work for her own people?”

Further, he said: The reason being that our politicians are conquerors of the poor in their own country; not leaders for their development and empowerment. However, one looks at it, a base philosophy of life is important driver. What we have now is that which says, ‘steal before others get to it, cheat before you get cheated and that money buys you everything including the death of those you do not agree with’. We need structural change in Nigeria, something a revolution may not even deliver.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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