Cow Milk Is ‘Cowing’ Babies

by Dele Oluwole

Today, the sanity and sanctity associated with normal and natural human relationships commissioned by God has been reversed to reflect what is intrinsic among animals like cow whose milk we enjoy giving to innocent growing babies. The quest for knowledge drove scientist to farm special breed of cows that produce the protein, human alpha-lactalbumin that they claimed is intended only as a dietary supplement for premature babies. They wrote that there are many ingredients of human breast milk which are believed to make it superior to cows’ milk. Why then do they invest in researches for the alternative when God has blessed humankind with naturally rich breast milk?

The British farmers never envisaged their cattle to be plagued with the dreaded foot and mouth disease that did so much damage and almost crippled the husbandry sector of their economy in 2001. Now that the diseases is back after six years it’s only imperative to look inwardly and beyond the present financial damage done to the farmers. The consequence from the dreaded disease may as well be far and beyond what the British economy is passing through now; the entire human race is reaping the dividend of unnecessary researches, after all the recent outbreak of the disease in Surrey, UK was traced to an animal research centre. The British police should as well secure all human laboratories in the UK to forestall similar catastrophe on human. The cause or origin of the foot and mouth disease is still a mystery as there is yet to be cure. The humankind since about 60 years a go have suffered lots of diseases and ailments that have no origin or cure which probably could be traced to animals like cow. Little wonder teenagers and adults exhibit some out of the ordinary behaviours that can only be comprehended typically as non human.

Most women prefer to feed their babies with what they call baby formula derived from cow milk as against the nutritionist and medical practitioners’ highly recommended natural breast milk. Unruly teenagers’ weird bearings can not be completely separated from that of a barmy cow or how does one explain the motive behind a teenager who went amok on a University campus with a riffle killing fellow students just for the fun of it. I can still remember those days at ‘Agbo Malu in Marine Beach, Lagos how cattle being led to the Apapa abattoir would suddenly go berserk. A thorough examination of the pattern of behaviour of children born in the 80s till date will reveal a trend that can not be explained, one therefore can not be completely wrong to say that the many uncanny behaviours from today’s children are the dividends from the unnecessary investment in researches conducted on animals.

Man take a lot for granted; some 100 years a go the world knew less or nothing about the societal psychosis being exhibited in today’s world because the generation then especially in Africa knew nothing about the now well-liked baby formula. I am therefore not surprised that Africans do better in physical sports because their descendants were breast fed from birth till the age of five with herbal supplements. In those good old days in Africa, Some children were so mature and healthy that some blessed mothers would even throw their breast over their shoulders for them to feed on while returning from farm. Now, some people even take offence when a mother breastfeeds publicly

None of my parents and grand parents took the now popularly accepted baby formula, but unfortunately I remember my mum saying she fed me with SMA formula up till when I was 9 months old. If my parents had asked me I would have made my preference known, who says babies don’t speak. Anyway I am grateful to God that my mum did not feed me with the Cow & Gate Baby Balance Cereals. It’s even double wahala for children fed with the cow and gate brand. If they escaped from the cows’ elements can they escape from the gate syndrome? New born babies today open their eyes immediately after birth; some even start walking from the sixth month. I will not be surprised if few minutes after birth a baby says to the Mum ‘Chinyere, where is my Dad’. It has not been scientifically established that our generation has better IQ than the generation that existed some centuries a go that were not fed with cow ….. sorry baby formulae, except that today’s scientists are busy enhancing their inventions as there are no alternative to aeroplane, light, TV, etc. Can scientists prove that foot and mouth disease never escaped into the market in form of baby formula or barbecue?

Belinda Phipps, of the British National Childbirth Trust, said: “Human breast milk has evolved over thousands of years to meet the particular needs of human babies and that all mammals have milk which is different and designed to meet their babies’ requirements. Pattie Rundall, policy director of Baby Milk Action, also said: “Milk from a cow is never going to be the same as breast milk. What then does ‘womankind’ still want from these animals? Although not scientifically proven, beast milk strengthens the bond between mother and her child and remotely enhances the bond and communication between them. In some parts of Africa, a mother breast is the symbol of unbreakable relationship, authority, and blessing between her and her children. Its only holy ghost deliverance service that can cleanse a child whose mother curses tapping her breasts.

The idea of breeding a GM cow to produce hybrid GM milk only appeal to scientists and manufacturers and the drive is either for profit or recognition at the expense of a society which had its sanity intact. Even UNICEF said: “Marketing practices that undermine breastfeeding are potentially hazardous wherever they are pursued: in the developing world, WHO estimates that some 1.5 million children die each year because they are not adequately breastfed. These facts are not in dispute.” Also, the world has turned deaf hears to the Baby Food Action campaign for breast milk for many years. I wonder if parents know that a child not properly breastfed will not have an army of antibodies as defence against infections and diseases

The problem here is that we allow the scientists to toy with our lives or use us as research specimen. The same scientists have established that breast milk is full of antibodies from the mother which protect the baby against diseases and infection. It’s a mélange that’ is absolutely irreplaceable.” Why then do we still prefer to go after cow‘s own milk which may not be free from foot and mouth disease?

Nature here seems to be warning the human race and fighting back for its own by inflicting foot and mouth disease on the ‘cow kind’ so that humanity will appreciate that human breast is better than cow milk. Shikena!

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Rosie August 15, 2007 - 2:11 pm

From a health care perspective, you are right: breast milk does provide the right nutrients and antibodies that really help infants within the first 28 days of birth. Studies have found that infants were likely to die within this period if not breastfed. That being said, your argument as to weird behaviors amongst teens or adults not breastfed is without scientific basis. Humans have been drinking cow and goat milk for ages and it does not endanger our health any more than eating red meat of any kind or other staples.


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