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Creation, True Science versus Evolution: Conclusion

We must always agree with Francis Bacon, the father of modern science, that there are two indispensable books – the book of nature and the Bible. They are inseparable. Science will always launch out to ‘discover’ nature only to come back to discover that whatever discovery it hits out there is actually or impliedly accommodated in Scriptures. True science cannot discover anything that is not already imbedded in Scriptures. Interpret Bible properly and you get it there! Ask Galileo.

And going away from the age of Bacon and Galileo, we must again recall Sir John F. Herschel (1792 – 1871), the British astronomer who mapped over 525 new nebulae and star clusters told all ages: “all human discoveries seem to be made only for the purpose of confirming more and more strongly the truths that come on high and are contained in the sacred writings (the Bible)”. You can go on and on reiterating the position of world acclaimed scientists and astronomers on this.

But all that would mean nothing if there are no evidence. And so, besides presenting the concurring views of world acclaimed scientists over the ages on this, we have gone further to present findings of science and how they affirm Scriptures. Yes, there is innumerable evidence. In Chapter Two we saw just enough for a small work as this. The findings of true science align with Scriptures. True science and its findings ‘cry loud and clear’ that there is a Creator, an Almighty and Super Intelligent Being out there. He puts the world together. Let quacks and false scientists fantasise if they will, but we wish they be humans; for it is human to know that there is God. Evolutionists and all atheists only deny their Creator to their peril.

God made it all! Evolution is mere fantasy; false science and bundle of confusion! It is only masking as science. It is far from being it. The Bible speaks of science so-called. This is one.

Beyond creation, we have seen the place of the Bible and civilisation: God drives what He created. He drives civilisation. The Bible is our compass. He drives the world. God drives creation through all eternity. And we have also seen the place of Israel and the Church, God’s two special plantings in His larger planting called earth, in this. In the face of unparallel Satan’s propelled onslaught on Israel and the Church of Christ in history let evolutionists and atheists look at the resilience of these two indelible signatures of God on earth and know that there is God Almighty: THE CREATOR of all, including atheists!

The God of Creation is also the God of Eternity. Evolutionists and Atheists beware!

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