Dear Corruption!

How are you? It’s absurd to say Hello. You were always here; you, the incessant overbearing contrived bully.

It’s impossible for me to deduce when my contempt for you begun, I suspect quite possibly in my teenage years when you compelled me, my mates and generation, and those I looked up to, obliging you involuntarily, accommodating your chicanery and atrociousness without a second thought on how you came to be all dominating and supreme.

Your adept skills put to exceptional use, once you understood the nature of us. The nature whose constructive predisposition, you presumed very well, like a master to a disciple. We buckled at your corruptioncommands because we were aware, the consequences of not obliging you were nonexistent or vague. Nonexistent, because you did your home work like the formidable adversary that you are. The residue of cooperating with you however, you sweetened and made appetizing due to our own very nature.

From the days I could discern actions, results, reactions and consequences, I can say now that it was you who lurked in the corners of my suspicions. You clever mask wearing chameleon. From my youth, I experienced you turning modesty & ease to collusion & excess. How a simple task of driving was turned into life & death decisions. The simple task of student grading was turned into morality, carnal, barter decisions by pupils.

Only you could burn a whole office complex down, change governments for selfish reason then have investments across opposing sides thus be the last one standing. You turned monks into muggers, kings to kleptomaniacs, royals to robbers, civil servants to crooks, housekeepers to house breakers, turned men into women serving bigger men. Judges and Justices into bid solicitors ready to say “SOLD” to the highest bidder.

You turned a sequestered contemporary nation on self discovery to a country of emigrants, who couldn’t escape fast enough. On their way out, you even took your pound of flesh consequently had them banished, a right to return comfortably negotiated with your disciples.

The ones you had within your grasp, you encouraged them to be traitors, emboldened them to send their wealth to the thieves who robbed them earlier of nationhood and independence. We now compete among ourselves on who could be better at being like them (Our conquerors) while making their lands ever better for them. Yep, our most awesome and brightest now develop those foreign lands.

I have come to dread you and the glamorous toxin you hawk. You dogged so much; one could not as much as exist without negotiating with you. Only you took a respectable Chairman of the editorial board of newspaper of a newspaper, a dogged fighter against all abhorrent status quo into a closemouthed amenable willing party. Wonders, as they shall never end?

You are to be appraised and recognized. To ignore you is play with fire and we know the end of that story. In recent times, many attempts have been made at your life, a few detonating devices thrown at you and you even threw some exploding ones back at us, but like the Abiku you die only to be reborn again and again. Those who tried to eliminate you forgot you left dormant embryos to be implanted to willing surrogates.

This would not have been a big deal if you did not play both sides, played Generals against Generals, Knights against Queens, Bishops against Rooks, Kings against shortsighted Pawns. It’s not preposterous to anticipate your stamina and tenacity, we have discussed this earlier.

How quite bizarre that you turned a formerly world respected military in to one looking extremely inferior next to Chad, Niger and for that matter Cameroon. You twisted a border defender into a civilian oppressor who runs away with Slippers as boots, Dane-Guns as weapons at the sound of BoKo-Haram. I couldn’t but see the Irony in our soldiers looking extremely inferior next to so called lesser nations. ALMIGHTY CORRUPTION, you are impressive.

Only in Nigeria have you succeeded in making civilians more afraid of its Police force, its military, its dreaded Customs, its ceaselessly unimaginative rotten civil service, where grown men are turned to spirit seeking, contract seeking fatalists and bums. A nation on the path of health to one without beds for the sick, where doctors seek inducement for work they ought to be paid for. Turned sight to blindness, electricity to a game of Russian roulette flipping switches and changes phases. You even turned freedom fighters into champagne sippers and mansion builders.

Who would have imagined you, an unpopular away team with few supporters turning into a crowd favorite winning championships upon championships with cheering apologists ready to defend you on flimsy deductions and thesis?

On a personal level though, I could start my own cult on how much I despise you. You were quite a success, confident and still managed to give me gray hair hoping against hope on your demise. I have written off my constituents, but as quickly as I encourage thoughts leading to this kind of dreams, I woke up and realize how bad that dream was. I refuse to believe you are the last man standing

As these new dawn approaches and you played your hands and played you did way into the deepness of these new dawn, it is my expectation that that your chess pieces start falling apart as you encounter a savvy king and like some Greek tragedies and ironies it’s impossible an quite inevitable that eventually you will over play your hands.

It is on this note that I want you to watch you’re your back.

Hello corruption, I bring you good tidings (not really), I know it’s hard to comprehend the machinations of your profound strength, but I never saw any last man standing having that much staying power. The jig may be up, even right here we see you with those cats eyes lurking in the shadows

Watch your back. You thought we, your adversaries went away? Think again.


Written by
Charles Sogbesan
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