Deconstructing Maurice Iwu's Tower of Fraud in Enugu

The judicial annulment of the Enugu State Gubernatorial

election, which threw up Governor Sullivan Chime, marked the second phase of

the bold judicial effort to deconstruct the tower of fraud, which the Maurice

Iwu-led INEC, in cahoots with the PDP and the Obasanjo presidency, built in

April. That the voiding of the Chime mandate was because of noticeable

irregularities observed in the purported polls, serves sufficient notice to Iwu

and other governors that are basking in the vain hope that somehow, this

charade, like the ones before it would be shoveled under and they would be

allowed to enjoy the fruits of their nefarious efforts. It sufficiently alerts

reprobates and scammers that their commission is a temporary mandate and that

rustication awaits them in the end. Nothing could be more refreshing especially

in the light of the antics of Iwu and his colony of desperate yarn spinners he

has of late unleashed in the media for the purpose of inventing spurious

fallacies in a bid to turn black into white and bail him from the criminal

culpability in an act he deliberately committed. We shall come to that at a

later date.

But one must acknowledge that the parody of April threw up

some unintended positive characters that would make positive impressions on

governance if they were not encumbered by their illegitimate mandates. These

remain what they really are; unintended throw-ups of a reckless conspiracy to

shackle democracy and make it amenable to the whims and caprices of a deadly

cult that do not desire the growth of the country and its democracy.

It should be stated that Enugu State,

as it is now, presents a delicate political case that must be handled with full

dexterity. It presents a hard choice between the triumph of a godless political

godfather, his army of warring eunuchs and the vindication of an estranged

godson who elected to chart his own rancour-free way and not be burdened by the

many liabilities of his godfather. It is not for nothing that more than any of

the states whose governorship has been annulled, Enugu is rife now with many

plots, intrigues, schemes, alignments and realignments, all tending towards

controlling the state.

Since he was thrust upon the governorship of Enugu State,

Chime had been embroiled in a bitter battle with the remnants of the Ebeano

political group of Chimaroke Nnamani. He had been assailed and buffeted on all

sides by those who do not see the reason why he should abandon the narrow paths

charted by the exclusivism of Nnamani and embrace a broader worldview that had

brought for him so many supporters. Chime’s principal fault and why he plunged

into intractable quarrel with Chimaroke and his Ebeano people is that he did

not want to inherit the many enemies of Nnamani. He chose to distance himself

from the pettiness and the contrivances that made Nnamani’s government a case

study in conflict generation while it lasted. He decided to do away with the

cultic filiality and the obsessive narcissism with which Nnanami and his people

approached governance. He would rather he embraced and cultivated a broader

worldview and a seamless government where every Enugu man and woman is a stakeholder. He

wanted to chart a course of reconciliation that would see him mend the deep

fractures and interpersonal frictions Nnamani provoked as a creed of

governance. Not for Chime is the deadly effusions, the atmosphere of fear and

death that stalked Enugu

State as Nnamani’s reign

lasted. This was why Enugu

remained an endless killing field while Nnamani lorded over the state. It was

this time, marked by the most diabolical and vile contamination of power that

such high profile murders as those of Sunday Ugwu, Victor Nwankwo, brother to

the unflagging pro-democrat, Arthur Nwankwo, Chimere Ikoku, former Vice

Chancellor of the University of Nigeria among so many others, happened. It was

during this era Chime strived to distance himself from that the Adoration

Tragedy that involved the yet-unexplained murder of many followers of the

irrepressible cleric, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, perhaps one of the greatest critics

of Nnamani’s misrule happened.

What more, Chimaroke Nnamani, who rode holistically on the

back of Jim Nwobodo to power deemed the deconstruction of the political

machinery of his godfather as the primal task of his governance. He succeeded

in turning Enugu into a one-man show where his only idiosyncrasies reigned and

woe betide you if you dare question this demagogue, so ensconced in narcissism

and other wild self-glorification fantasies. Thus, all leading political

figures in Enugu ranging from the predominant Catholic Church to C.C.Onoh to

Jim Nwobodo, to the Nwodos, to Ken Nnamani, to Enechi Onyia, to Dubem Onyia,

were, by the nihilistic proclamation of Chimaroke Nnamani, made enemies of

Enugu State and a state war was launched on them for the period Nnamani was on

the throne. Drawing generously from the mischievous beneficiary of his earthly

god, Olusegun Obasanjo, at whose pleasure he practically existed, Nnamani got

away with any misdemeanor his erratic mindset deigned to commit. This bred a

portent opposition that condensed into the Enugu Democratic Coalition, which

seized the sentiment of the average Enugu

indigene and disavowed the continued sustenance of Nnamani and his Ebeano


When Chime came, riding on the crest of the Ebeano hegemonic

group, many thought he would continue on the trails of Nnamani but he

demonstrated the wisest and most apt political wisdom when he chose to unite

the Enugu

people and court the vital stakeholders and people for a much more inclusive

government. He did away with the atavistic tendencies of Nnamani and this was

to set him on a collision course with Nnamani and what remains of his political

grouping, who saw no wisdom in Chime jettisoning the rancorous legacy of

Nnamani because that restricted prism limits the partakers in the wealth of

Enugu State. As the flaks from Nnamani and his people grew, Chime gained

tremendous support from other Enugu

people who approve of his broader perspective of governance. The tense, deadly

suffocation that stifled life out of Enugu

during the Nnamani hegemony relaxed and those who have been shut out from

making input into the governance of Enugu

were courted and embraced and a pro-people atmosphere was cultivated.

Now that Chime’s illegitimate mandate has been legally

removed, it behoves the people of Enugu to work on what is surely a very

delicate situation that stands the chance of returning the state into the war

zone of the last eight years. It was reported that supporters of Nnamani openly

mounted celebrations the day Chime’s mandate was voided, which warns all to

ensure that that victory does not in any way, translate to a future victory for

Nnamani and his cohorts any day a fresh election is held in Enugu. It is certain that this group that had

been slighted would fight bloody to infiltrate any of the formidable groups and

parties in Enugu with the hope of forging an alliance that would see Chime out

and possibly reflate the sagged strength of the Ebeano group. Considering that

those that battled Chime did so basically because of the Nnamani content in his

mandate, it would amount to cutting our nose to spite our faces if any of the

leading opponents in the Enugu gubernatorial

tussle honours any alliance that would resurrect the deadly legacies of Nnamani

in Enugu. I

believe that Dubem Onyia, Ugochukwu Agballah, Okey Ezea, Oscar Egwuonwu know

where their political interests and those of Ndi Enugu are best served between

the political camps of Nnamani and Chime. Ditto for Enugu Democratic Coalition,

the most potent political force in Enugu

presently. So all these should sit down with Chime and decide on what is best

for Enugu

people, even if it is to retrieve a little chunk of the years eaten by moths

and irreverent locusts. Chime himself should be humble enough to acknowledge

this precarious scenario; made precarious not only to his political interests

than to those of Enugu

people. He should know that his political fortunes are more decided outside the

PDP than in the PDP and should de-emphasize the importance of the PDP in the

new calculation. He should sit down with these forces and take radical

decisions to not only drive the nails to the coffin of Ebeano political group

and its many nuisance values but also

take Enugu back

to the people, a task he had started irrespective of his illegal mandate. I

believe that is what Enugu

requires now, as the drums for another gubernatorial contest, gathers momentum.

Written by
Peter Claver Oparah
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