Do Not Rob Us

It’s been confirmed that the wealthiest place on earth is not the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, neither is it the diamond fields of South Africa. In fact, it is not the oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

The wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery. Where, you have books unpublished, songs not sung, schools not built, skills not developed, talents not used, potentials not realized, industries that never saw the light of the day, leaders who never emerged from obscurity. It is amazing to note that eighty percent of human ability lies in the grave.

I like to challenge you not to die with what you have for us. God has given you talents and abilities, which you cannot exhaust. Scientists even tell us that we only use 10 percent of our brain capacity during our life time. That is to say, that even the Thomas Edison and Henry fords of this world couldn’t have used more than 20 percent of their brain capacity. All of us have great abilities to bless humanity, but most of us are handicapped by flimsy excuses forgetting that excuses are crutches of an uncommitted soul. Use your gifts and talents to benefit mankind and you will be glad you did.

In the hearts of many, there are schools that are yet to be built. Your school may provide the missing link in our educational system. Please do not rob our children of the privilege of having a balanced education. We all need each other. Lawyers need Doctors for a healthy living; Bankers need architects and builders to have decent tomes. If you fail to do your own part, you have succeeded in robbing others of what life gave you to deliver to them.

We want to attend your seminars, read your books, listen to your music, visit your supermarket, use your company’s products, enjoy the comfort of the holiday resort which you have in mind. If you don’t give life to your dreams, then nobody else will. Although someone else may provide similar services, it can not be compared to what you have to offer. It will be wicked and callous of you to die with all the things you should have given the planet earth. Do not rob us of what you were meant to deliver.

May I conclude with this quote of mine that says, “A man can live to add values to his generation or on the other hand exist, only to die and contribute to the great wealth of the cemetery.” Always ask yourself; what would this world miss me for when I’m gone?

I challenge you to die empty!

Written by
Imole Joseph
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