Does The Rule Of Law Still Exist?

Did you hear that on June 3, 2010; a surprise of stupidity waved its hand on the political consciousness of Nigerians? And till date, we seem to have kept a mute condemnation to this insincerity by the Nigerian Government. The Judiciary have done their sacrosanct maneuvering and pretended to be hopeless; at least they have become a toothless bull-dog after the demise of Gani of great memory.

These were an excerpt of the true story, even though the Nigerian media are not to be trusted:

“ABUJA, June 03, (THEWILL) – The State Security Service (SSS) today interrogated Representative Independence Ogunewe (PDP Imo) at the SSS office located at the National Assembly over his attempt to assault the Speaker of the House, Dimeji Bankole on Wednesday. Ogunewe and Bankole had an open brawl before the opening of plenary session of the House yesterday. Both men were reported to have been restrained by their colleagues who were at the scene to prevent them from exchanging blows. The representative and Bankole are known to have been at loggerheads since Bankole succeeded former speaker, Patricia Etteh. He was escorted to the SSS office at the basement of the National Assembly at about 11.40am by security operatives attached to House Speaker Bankole. The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN reports, that 10 minutes later, Ogunewe appeared from the SSS office sandwiched by four SSS men who ushered him to the House of Representatives chamber.”

While this is glaring, the puppets and stooges are at work again with their kingpin Bankole. Such a youth is among the many youths who have been bought over; blended/initiated into the occult by their Godfathers are in turn advocates of the devil.

So many things have happened in Nigeria that are so unimaginable, to think of it will drain the tears in one’s eye. I feel pity for Nigerians because we have suffered too much in the hands of these cabal; a generation of aristocrats and their stooges, whose purpose is bent at annihilating those who stand in their way, and enslaving Nigerians with their international supports through the presence of Multinational oil companies’ unholy activities in Nigeria.

In our National Security parlance, there are inconsistencies. Such as been entertained for more than four decades, with the maladministrative dynamics of both Military and civil rule. Our security concern has been overhauled, gimmicked and thrown to the dogs. You can well imagine the nonsense contained in the following excerpt:

“Efforts to get comments from Ogunewe on the development were unsuccessful as National Assembly correspondents who waited at the entrance of the office could not get him to answer any questions. But THEWILL gathered that the Director General of the SSS, Alhaji Afrakiya Gadzama visited the SSS office at the National Assembly because of the matter. Ogunewe again made a brief stop at the SSS basement office after the day’s session accompanied by Representative Solomon Ahwinahwi (PDP Delta). He was instructed to report to the agency’s headquarters later for further questioning.”

The above are just few of many kidnap cases that has been recorded in history by Nigerian leaders; they indiscriminately harass their citizen for speaking their minds and sharing their fundamental opinion on national issues affecting all. They are declared an enemy of the state, and their rights infringed as if they were criminals (although some deserves to be treated that way)..even criminals have certain rights by the constitution. One can imagine how a family man was kidnapped by the SSS, detained against his will, and his rights, because he had a frank quarrel with his boss who has the same constitutional rights with him. How long can this quibble of hypocrisy continue? When we have cultist who are scared of the truth, why will Nigeria move forward. People that declare war on terror, yet they terrorize their citizens with recklessness.

TheWill Went further:

“Speaking later on the incident, House Committee Chairman on Information, Eseme Eyibo told reporters that “once the conduct of a public officer is in breach of acceptable standards, it becomes a threat to security. Ogunewe’s conduct is in breach of the code of behaviour of the House of Representatives and visiting that on the speaker who is the number 4 citizen of this country is a big threat to security and if it is not properly handled, it can degenerate into anarchy”.

Does this individual speak of a sound conscience? What do they expect; a hand shakes, when certain things are not right. Ogunewe just told the stooge to his face what he actually is.


“So, if he was interrogated to give account of his conduct as a public officer, it falls within the jurisdiction of the security agencies of Nigeria.”

Such a statement is a grand nonsense for a public office holder, a man who swore to stand for truth and justice and the rule of law should stoop so low, perhaps because of some cake in the table.

Frankly speaking, untrained and untamed personnel cannot know their constitutional limits, when the nation is plaque with collective political ignorance. Are these mediocre stooges of politicians that need know their limits? We must be joking! When you speak justice and truth to these lunatics and Schizioprehenic assembly phonies, they go all out to intimidate and harass you with every political and economic weapon they’ve got; all to correct the impression that their occult manipulations is still in vogue.

Ironically, the leaders we have at present are seemingly a disgrace to their various constituencies they represent. But in a decent democratic setting, like USA and UK, these dumb-nuts and buddy Tarzans can be called by simple referendum. But who’s going to enforce that kind of system; who’s going to orientate and sensitize the people on the ills of certain satanic government policies? Who’s to tell the people that these nonentities are not doing anything?

These Leaders, from Councilors to the President are Hoards of Barbarians who have sold their conscience for 30 kobo to the devil.

A time where Nigerians are clamouring for transparent Leadership through decent, free and fair election, some of our leaders are chasing shadows with reckless impunity on where the next president will come from; here we are debating loquaciously on how much should be voted for the forthcoming 2011 election. And Nigerians a people suffering from collective amnesia have forgotten too soon where we are coming from, and the ripped atrocities committed by these Hooligans, called Leaders.

The youths are the worst set of Nigerians, a people who have been blinded by poverty and frivolities. They have turned their perspectives into hooliganism, and gangsterism like their leaders. The Nigerian youths can do a lot for Nigeria and Nigerians. The doom of these leaders will come soon! With regard to the Nigerian psychopathology of Hate, these leaders by my forecast will soon be greeted with the worst form of terrorism, insurgency and WAR! By then, I think they will come to their senses; my only fear is that it will be too late.

Most shameful is the Speaker of the House of representative Dimeji Bankole who falls into the youth bracket; a vibrant youth now transformed into a babalawo representing not his constituency, but a cabal of magicians and kukuruku soldiers of Ogun state in the House to conjure hypocrisy. After all, by his antecedent as a speaker from nowhere with unpopular votes, even lacking recognition by his kinsmen is to say the least pathetic and evident of his undemocratic principles and character. Simply put, this also translates his lack of merit and emotional coordination.

The past administration did everything through the rule of law to fine tune our woes, and rebrand in us a new consciousness, cognizant of our rights; but death so surpass the bough hearths of an end; and Yar’ Adua through devious conspiracy was nip tucked from the scheme of things; and then the drama ended! Only to

be greeted by new hoards of satanic bastards that called themselves representatives and leaders, making noise in the floor of the House with unnecessary agenda; just for the filling of their belle, and the starching of hard currencies in foreign accounts.

What a lost generation!

This is alarming!!!

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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