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ECOWAS: A house of castrated leaders – how are the mighty fallen!

African leaders can’t stop making me laugh all the time; no wonder Russia and other numerous narco-terrorist organization/network are pondering their laughing spooks, they have created a cartoon out of Africa. And of course one should know that their laugh isn’t directed to Africa or Africans, theirs is directed to African Leaders, their former masters – the US-France-Britain, indeed it is such a big laugh now.

What about their dealings put together in ECOWAS and AU? My Analysis of the event will be a shocker upon reviewing my opinion. I am bent at saying that while GAEJ may have been seen as good, morally just by diverting our watching eyes from the man. We all are aware of what is happening in Africa, and the way sectionalist Europe and their American lovers are personalizing issues in terms of crisis in Africa. But are we going to cast aspersion on the Western butchers when what we have as leaders are hopeless thunderbolts, a generation of moral Halflings calling themselves leaders with their leadership quagmire?

With regard to the Ivorian saga, In the words of Adeola Aderounmu “Ivory Coast, ECOWAS rulers concluded their meeting in Abuja and through Mr. Goodluck Jonathan they ordered Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast to concede power to Quattara”. What a laughable decision, this is better reserved for the comedy show than continue to meet with everyday patronage, maybe this is going to help those blind praise-singers of our ‘under-dog’ puppet Mr. President and how they are going about solving issues in Africa, will shut up for once and draw sufficient lines of safety in their broadmindedness. Mr. President’s International policy is a state of lugubrious and pitiable disaster. Adeola went further to opined thus “My problem with the ECOWAS proclamation/resolution is that it was made by a man who was never elected to rule or lead his own country.”

Regrettably, African leaders of today are still backward and blind to the economic misfire of the West and their Asian Marauders. Old age has eaten deep into the emancipatory consciousness of these leaders, they have been crippled by the unreasonable aid of the West, through their IMF and their Imperialist collaborators.

If the west and their Asian marauders want Africans like to stop calling them “Imperialist”; they should hands off their evil operations in Africa; is either they genuinely help her regain her strength and do real business or they can get their sorry ass off from Africa. Most of the time when I listen to African rulers speak or exaggerate their stupidity and unprofessionalism, they always leave me in shock. “I’m like, are these guys sick or crazy or just totally foolish?” said Adeolu. Will this be another shocker or what? Will I fall prey to the antics of their foolish? Certainly no!

In my own little way, I have started an emancipatory campaign, which I believe will be successful. Though I may be called a loner, yet, it is better to fight those battles one has an unshaken belief in, than be carried away by what conscience and reason cared less to examined. Ninety-nine percent of African leaders according Promise Wilcox are “jellies”, they are men of dubious and stinking character. These are leaders who want to perpetuate themselves for life; keeping the people locked up in poverty, far away from economic and political liberation, and imposing their unpeople policies on the led. Do we regard these leaders as Just or of any moral-upbringings?

Back home, the whole system is characterized by treachery from the Government and their stooges. This administration has continued to rape and deceive this country. I have not seen any countrymen and women in the world who are as daft as Nigerians and by extension Africans, we have a generation of ill-informed society, a breed of intellectual morons. Why? Nigerians in their misery do not know, and instead of standing firm on issues, they continue to suffer and smile; they continue to wallow in collective dementia and amnesia. What a pitiable generation is this? Do I have any atom of feel for our leaders? Hell no, because their dooms has come!

Our operation riggers are warming up for the next rigging show; in fact they have started the audition, and soon, April 2nd and 9th 2011 respectively, the act will be begin. The government has taken more than it can chew, its mouth is filled with rubbish and dynamites, it will soon explode. Did we forget something? Did harsh history teach us anything at all, with the third term agenda and the 2007 general election that was marred by fraud, master-minded by the acclaimed evil genius? Wait a minute, I just missed something.

Did we not say that IBB was the evil genius? I think he lost that position with the emergence of Gen. Obj in 1999, the perspiration of events indicates that the PDP “Professor-In-Charge” has filled up that nourished position. In the words of Adeolu “In 2007, didn’t dictator, General Obasanjo and Liar Maurice Iwu rigged Nigeria’s election while a convicted criminal named James Ibori provided the millions of dollars that was used to bribe the Nigerian judges to tilt the electoral dispute in favour of Late Yar’Adua.”

Unfortunately too, the man they all worked so hard to install disappointed them, until conspiracy theorist claimed he was poisoned. Whether this was true or not, that is left for experts in conspiracy theory to prove empirically. This was the illegal mandate that Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan inherited by his and the choosing of the almighty cabal.

Here is the shocker:

“How stupid are West African rulers? Is Nigeria so strong and powerful that illegality in Nigeria can be overlooked by other West African/ African countries?”, these were the kind words of Adeolu Aderounmu.

Of course the shocker is not yet over; why has the West with their watch-dog vague analogy of human-right watch done to save Nigeria from the scotching democratic tyranny of our leaders and representatives? Look around, the sign is clear. Are the other West African rulers also illegal rulers? What is ‘…Ghana’s interest in all of this…’ as Adeolu opined; perhaps we may opined that it is good government, or is a government that is concerned about its economic and political dynamism that the busybody Nigerian abracadabra government and governance.

If not, why do ECOWAS leaders in their wildest dream thought that Jonathan who inherited a stolen mandate was the right person to lead ECOWAS now and in the years ahead of which Ghana is a member nation? This is the pointer that that Adeolu heated on, and any theory to assert Mr. President’s credibility is bias and senseless. Furthermore, “how does it feel for Mr. President, knowing fully well that he became a ruler through the back door, to announce that Gbagbo should take his exit in Ivory Coast?” Adeolu Opined.

The above is so laughable; maybe not at all. We should not forget in a rush his scary visit to the Western Cabal, his acolyte US-France-Britain; haven given him his puppet number “0050”, and swearing allegiance to continue to pump more monies to fat their obesed-stomach – the “swizz bank”, recoup their western economy and continue to bail their sorry-ass out of their economic misery. Yes, Africa has always been bailing the rest of the world out, especially the West and Asia. History already has enough to unveil. Don’t commonsense already add one or two to fill our ignoramus public puzzle?

“West African rulers and indeed African rulers must stop playing the clowns of the world, . They should look at one another in the eyes and see how they spread shame and stupidity across the continent and around the world”.

what an interesting and mind blowing commentary by Adeolu et al. I just love this words, they renewed my flare for International politics.

“Elections are ahead in Nigeria, in April 2011. Mr. Jonathan will get a chance to ascend to the number position in Nigeria through elections. Some of us will be watching again to see how the events play out……”. As this activitie

s are ongoing, down home, events are taking worst shape as the election draws near. The masses have been killing themselves and lives and property are been destroyed in Oyo State and Akwa Ibom respective, with Akwa Ibom being the recent saga between the PDP and the Action congress of Nigeria; shocker, is this the parties that wants to rule this country effective.

Subscribing to the old laws of terror for terror, rigging for rigging will not work, it will only make things work. To be frank, it things is not put in the right proportion and some funny characters called to order, really things will fall apart in this country; we can then say terrorism and the bomber syndrome has not caught up with the oppressed?

Oppression is a household expression in Nigeria, and anywhere you go, from the streets, to corporations and commercials arenas, the most evidenced materials for human characteristics or behavioural synthesis is the high level of characterize oppression of the masses by members of their own class, or vis-a-vis. A situation where dogs eats dogs. This is a pity! So whether the west fuel crisis in Nigeria or nor, the harm has been done, the act has eaten deep into our consciousness. The Pandora box has been opened, we must face the almighty labyrinth. Apart from the fact that we are a happy people, Nigerians are above all extreme aggrieve and weak people; volatile to a fault.

The situation is not different in many places in West Africa, and Africa in general, and this calls for sober-reflect on the state of things, and collectively journey to the realm of solutions rather than endanger ourselves, our generation, and our future. “These abnormalities and the selfish attitudes of political figures in most African countries are parts of the reasons for the stalemate in Ivory Coast” Adeolu stressed, the revolution in North Africa, and its continued spread in the face of western imperialist intervention or the Ariel bombardments and strikes of Libyans with Gaddafi sacrificing Libyans like beefs won’t help emancipate Africa. ‘The matter is made worse by the interference of the so called useless International community’ He opined. I am not here to swallow myself in the blame game, yet I must stop here.

Finally, in the West African political parlance, our leaders who comprise of ECOWAS members who met in Abuja are ‘shameless leaders’ – Adeolu without any sense of dignity. “It will be hard to know why an illegal occupier like Jonathan is being asked to serve a quit notice to a contender like Gbagbo”, another intellectual point inertias made by Adeolu. Worse is the viewing public from their mentally retarded Sub-regional shallow minded leaders and ‘regional robots’.

Only my persistent service to remain steadfast in a course of emancipating African youths, through a network of information dissemination will our continent Africa be ridden from technological annihilation of the imperialist Butchers West.

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