Edo PDP Solidarity Strengthens Prof. Osunbor’s Chances

by Sylvester Fadal

Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor is sitting in a prime position to emerge the next governor of Edo State. In this poignant election year, very few candidates vying for governorship positions have the level of solidarity among members of its party like Osunbor does at this point.  Lucky Igbinedion, Tony Anenih, Dr. Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and all core political brokers have reconciled and built a common front to ensure PDP success come May 2007. Companioned with this powerful company is the myriad of other forces working to support Professor Osunbor. His key opponents for the PDP nomination are now members of his core strategic planning and campaign team.Elder Ugbesia serves in a tactical role serving as the Director General of the Campaign Organization; Prof. Julius Ihonvbere leads the Media/Publicity team among other notable individuals involved in providing grass root campaign and innocuous appeal for support in ensuring his success. Luminaries in the Edo State political field agree that Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor will emerge the next governor if the ongoing mechanism of a quiet, relationship-building strategy of community connection remains strong through May 2007.

Commending PDP Power Brokers

Tony Anenih, Lucky Igbinedion, Dr. Ogbemudia and other brokers that have reconciled to create a uniform alliance should be commended highly on this “specific ground” for their willingness to discard their “stuckness” for control and embrace a common front to ensure that Prof. Osunbor gets all the support required to succeed.

Political Retirement

Come June 2007 some key influential Edo State PDP political heavyweights are expected to retire. The value or non-thereof that they have brought to the national political arena or Edo State political community will change. Despite the divergent discourse among Nigerians as to the role of these powerful bandwidths in the past or future of the state, it is important to note that these individuals have made Edo State visible under OBJ’s regime making it a non-minority tribe from a federal perspective.

“One-State, One PDP” “One-State Camaraderie”

Upon gaining the PDP governorship ticket, Professor Osunbor openly solicited support from all quadrants of the political arena. He immediately sought to achieve a “One-State, One PDP” environment where everyone would be embraced into the fold.This is inclusiveness at its best. The Edo State PDP Solidarity is today an indication of his “One-State, One PDP” motto. Having achieved this goal in collaboration with key PDP leaders, he has embarked on a “One-State, One Solidarity” focus of embracing all Edo State citizens regardless of their political affiliations to join him at the pool come May 2007 and trust in his ability to give the best return to the people of Edo state.

Professor Osunbor’s Tri-Focal Leadership

Nigerians are critical of politicians in general. The reality is, we cannot migrate our past experiences into criticizing every politician and making facile assumptions of political candidates. This is not a time for growing cynicism. We can’t develop a disposition to criticizing anything PDP, AD, ANPP, AC, DPP, political candidates, and/or writers. We may have different approaches on how we want to see things get done. As it relates to Edo State and Prof. Osunbor, rather than practicing a primordial critical nature, lets compile a list of reasonable and thoughtful recommendations and forward them to him. He is an ardent reader, an up-to-date intellectual that will recognize the gold in a pile of dirt. This approach of genuine and reasonable recommendation is the framework to building the first step of the tri-focal leadership methodology that will also encompass and review (a) past areas of failures, (b) future opportunities for improvement and (c) practical map-plan for achieving success in developing the state. To attain these plans among others, we need to build a consensus to support Prof. Osunbor to achieve his goal of being the next Governor of Edo State.

Probity and Accountability

Politics has its leadership rigors. Prof Osunbor is faced with serious expectations and demands from the citizens of the state. Interestingly, these demands and expectations are justified. Retirees want to get paid. Residents and traders seek safety. The roads are crying out for maintenance. The citizens are seeking basic amenities that fall under the primary responsibilities of the government. In all, Prof. Osunbor’s ability to conjecture the divergent situations, segment each, based on importance and build a repertoire of a package augmented with a Point-of-Value (POV) focus in meeting some of the needs of the people of Edo State will be the perfect veneer for success. So far, in his modest ways, he has been forthright in his talk and actions.

Paradoxically, in a nation where others are busy showcasing their persons nationally and internationally, Prof. Osunbor has avoided these trips. He has stayed close to his people, spending his time between the people of Edo State and Abuja, building grass root support and conversing with the electorates. It is an amazing trait. His humbleness that is. His credibility among most is because he is simply put, “Authentic.” Despite the tremendous pressure from parochial critics that have migrated their disappointments over past failed administration to him, especially those whose candidates lost in the preliminary party elections, he has remain steadfast, seeking joint consensus from all Edo State citizens.

Let’s not revel over our past disappointments and develop unwarranted emotional trauma on what is and could have been. Let’s hope the best candidate emerges in May 2007.In my humble opinion, that candidate will be Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor. I hold a virtuous conviction that is probably borne out of my super-ordinate knowledge window, that he is the best candidate that can move the Edo State forward at this time.

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ONOISE OSUNBOR March 18, 2007 - 1:30 am

the osunbor you see is humble enough to let you enjoy the taste of the pudding by eating it. his government will attempt to be the best run state in nigeria. this is his ambition, i assure you, he will give no excuses. osunbor's mettle for doing right is strong.

Osaghae February 14, 2007 - 10:45 pm

Dr. Fadal. Let's hope Osunbor does what is right if he gets into power. It is hard to know who to trust. I hope you will criticize him the way you lashed Igbinedion if he doesn't perform. I continue to follow and enjoy you write ups and play with words. Thank you

Osaghae, Houston, TX


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