Eternal Submergence Defining God As With The Soul

In humanity’s activities of living and movement, the grace we once knew has been replaced by far more duplication of our imaginable understanding of the world, illusions and fantasies.

Even politics, religion, science, economics and governments, often misunderstand the nomenclatures which differentiate religion and other discipline from the ideals of God. And from the little moment given to me; I shall indulge myself in certain phenomenon that has defiled man’s hard earned philosophies and Ideologies, as they all emptied themselves in the heart of all things; way into the depth of nothingness. Whether science, philosophy, psychology, religion and politics, all are improbable part of the scheme of nothingness.

In several discussions I have had with people of different shades of beliefs, one thing was sure which attempted in its pure state to unify all things. Although I cannot find any semantics to group these variations, yet they impress their nature upon our etheric reasoning. There is a power within the soul which can alone be said to be free, and whatever it is, this I do not know simply for the fact that, there are no grammatical structure to classify them. Sometimes I have called it an Eldorado of the spirit; often haven tagged it the light and sounds of the spirit; and yet sometimes I have said that it is a spark. These were my resolve long ago, but my understandings have deepened in this ground in its entirety.

Few months ago after a spiritual encounter, my understanding took a new dimension. At the moment I now say that my perception and belief about the definition of the soul is neither this nor that, and yet it is something which is as high above this and that as heaven is above earth. It is for this reason of understanding that I now speak of it in a nobler manner, and it is even in my tone above such things.

The soul is a divine spark which cannot be touched; it is the world person, differing from the God-person. It is free of all names and has no firm; it is completely free and solitary, as God is free and solitary in himself. It is entirely unified and one, as God is unified and one, so that no one can enter into it. In truth, there is something which is above the created being of the soul and which is untouched by any createdness, by any nothingness. Even the Angels as far as my understanding can go, do not have this, and even their pure, deep being cannot draw near it. It is purely a divine nature, in itself is one and has nothing in common with any creature.

It is with regard to this truth that many religious teachers, even mystics and sages go wrong. It is a strange land, a wilderness, being more nameless and formless than with name and form, more unknown than known; more formless than form; more incorporeal than corporeal. If we could do away with ourselves for a moment, even for less than a moment, then we will possess all that this possesses in itself. Yet as long as we have regard for ourselves in any way or for any thing, then we will not know what God is. As our mouth knows what colour, and our eyes what taste is; that is how little we will know what God is, because we will be unable to empty our individuality in Him.

If we must hear the voice of God, we must Endeavour to hear them in full. The spirit of God also speaks in the hearts of men and women, whose goals is to do the impossible, and conquer the fire of the divine spark of love, but God does not speak in images or iron forms; rather he speaks in a way that is above both images and forms. And when he speaks, then for us it is life, light and truth. No higher awareness is greater than this impregnable truth, that is, only if our soul with the divine sparks of God has been truly illuminated, the essence of the God-person (SPIRIT). This sermon has found its validity not in this generation, but if wherefore this generation was established by the divine spark of love and creation, then it has fully emptied itself in this generation. Yet I doubt!

The first way in which God speaks to us is in the essence of the soul, which no creature can penetrate nor which any creature can speak, for God alone dwells there and he alone can speak there- these probability and realities are not in the threshold of our being, both inner and outward. And God speaks there, the soul (which is the creative part of the divine spark) takes leave of all things, all its faculties fall silent and it glimpses the ground of its bare essence.

There is a divine imperative that transcends the illumination of the soul and of the existence of created things; because these are faculties that has end. It is in this bareness and silence so to speak, that God speaks his word and the soul hearkens. And this voice of God is nothing, other than an inward sense of God within us, which springs forth from God into the essence of our soul and overflows all its faculties; causing such joy that we would gladly be free of all our own activity and allow God alone to work in the essence of our soul, The God already existed before the pregnation of the Soul. Frankly enough, the more we leave our own activity; the more active God will be in us. The only difference it has from our created self is that God operates within the void of nothingness into the divine illumination, where all forms of darkness ends.

I have occasionally said that God is present, active and all powerful in all things. But only in the SPIRIT is he fruitful, for truly, all creatures are only the footprints of God; whereas the soul is by its nature modelled in God’s image. This image must be enabled and completed by this birth and the intrusion of the God-person (SPIRIT); this is the galvanizer. No creature, not even humanity is responsive to this action of God and to this birth but the soul alone. Whatever purity and perfection enters the soul, whether it be divine, simple light or grace or blessedness, it can only enter the soul through this birth and in no other way, waiting for this kind Eldorado of birth flux, you will surely find all goodness and all consolation, all bliss, all being and all truth. But the reverse is the case if you disallow your soul energy from entwining with the divine spark through this birth. For it brings you pure being and steadfastness. And as for what you seek beyond this, the things that perish, seek them how and where you will, for they will indeed perish. Only in service, justice and truth, can we vibrate the essence of the Soul and of the SPIRIT!

Only this gives being, all else passes away like ashes blown by the wind. And in this birth you will share in the divine infusion and in all God’s gifts. The creatures, which do not posses the image of God, are not responsive to it, for the image of the soul belongs especially to this stream of eternal birth, which happens especially in the soul and is completed by the father in the innermost part of the soul beyond all created images and faculties. There are certain things because of their creature nature that science, philosophy and psychology has be able to empirically prove beyond all reasonable doubt with limited experimentation and conditional hypothesis; yet for things belonging to this birth and of divine events science has brought calamity upon itself; because anytime it attempts to speculate what is truly divine, the illuminated spark of the soul overhauls its activities unexplainably so.

There are forms of birth, the creative and intellectual birth; even at this birth, the soul has already experienced its birth with God. When this birth has really happened, then no creature can hinder you any more on your way; rather they all point you to God and to this birth. We can represent this with the image of a flash of lightening. Whatever lightening strikes, be it a tree, an animal or a man, it turns that object immediately towards it. Technically speaking, if a man has his back towards the lightening, he turns around in that moment to face it; if a tree has a thousand leaves, they all turn instantly towards the flash. Necessarily so, it

is the same for those who know this birth. They are instantly turned towards it by whatever is present to them. It therefore means when your experience this birth, what was previously an obstacle for you, now comes to your aid by the divine flash of this birth that permanently becomes eternal.

In this probability, your face is completely turned towards this birth, in everything which you see or hear, whatever it maybe. You can perceive nothing but this birth in all things. So that everything speaks to you of God for you have God alone in your minds’ eye. It is as when we look directly into the sun so that wherever we look, we will see the image of the sun. When it is not the case that you seek God in all things and hold him before your minds eye, then you do not yet know this birth. And your soul energy is incomplete.

My idea about God has nothing to do with religious dogmas, nor bear its root from the foundation of ethical philosophies, which in itself has basic understanding of religious ideologies. As a mystic, my ideal of God sprouts from the ground of the mystical interpretation of what I know God to be; as existing in all things taking the formless form of the absolute. If this is true, then it will make more meaning far less so to deep myself in the mystical understanding of my union with God, in contemplative of creative things and divine essence. We must first be impregnated by this intercourse of this union for the birth, which could about to happen in the second place. Attaching religious dogmas towards the contemplative nature of this birth is being far from the divine union of which the soul and God are united.

God is never found in religious dogmas, but exist in the mysticism of all sound religious journeys. Truly, whoever believes that they receive God more in inwardness, prayer, sweet ravishment, other religious sacrament and in the special graces of God than at the fire place or in the stable, such a person is doing nothing than taking God, winding a cloak about his head and thrusting him under a bench. For whoever seeks God by following one devotional path (such as entertained by contemporary religious sects of today) only gain that path but miss God, who is concealed within it, and yet exist in nothingness. But whoever in seeking God renounces all particular devotional ways will grasp God as he is in himself.

In the same way, I admonish those who are the true mystic and to those who destroyed themselves in themselves, in God and in all creatures, that they have taken up the lowest position as mystics whose sole purpose is the illumination with the absolute. For this reason, God must pour himself in his entirely into them, or he is not God. I swear by the eternal truth that God must pour himself to the full extent of his ability into those who have given themselves up to the ground of their being; and he must do so in such a way that he holds nothing back of his life, his being; and his nature or of the fullness of his divinity.

Of a truth, speaking from a mystical standpoint. God must pour HIMSELF in a fructifying way all that he is into those who have given themselves up to him, and who have taken up the lowest position of all; a resolution to be illumed with the absolute (This is a non-religious ideology), but with a resolve to be bonded with the energy vortex of the absolute, which is even the beginning of God’s existence. But at least this is a start point! The more we become nothing; the truer and more essential are our union with God. This is the life of a true mystic, for he sees beyond religions into the heart of God, as this union with Him immediately transfuses him into the divine spark.

If you want to spark up into God’s inmost nature, to be transformed into him, then you must free yourself of yourself and of your nature, your inclinations, your actions, your self opinion; in fact suffice to say that of all the ways in which you had possessions of yourself. For without these, it cannot work. Two beings, two entities cannot occupy the same space. If warmth is to enter, then cold must leave. If God is to find a way in, then created things and all that which is in your possession must make space for him.

If God truly is active in you, then you must enter a state of passitivity. All your faculties must be stripped of their action and their self assertion, and you must maintain yourself in a pure denial of yourself, depriving of all force, dwelling in a pure and absolute nothingness. By this receptive passitivity we become God in so far as we lose ourselves. If God is truly to speak to you and be rekindled through illumination with your soul, then all the energies of your soul must be silent. This is not a question of learning to do, but of learning not to do in its original divine form.

In today’s religious nomenclatures, clergymen and scholars have attempted to speculate the existence of the soul, of being and of the union between the soul and God from a dogmatic receptivity. But from a mystical standpoint, the speculations, dogmatic and logical amphiboles on the concept of the union between the soul and God are faulted from their ambiguous statements, that which contradicts their beginning and the grammatical flux. This is to say that, no matter the spiritual comprehension and maturity of any religious persons; they all tends to be one sided. In emptying ourselves in union with God, there is neither Christian, Muslims, Buddhist, Taoist, Hinduism etc, which attempts to define God in their religious and devotional standpoint. These are not definition, they are only more attempt to recapitulate the religious views of their one sided receptivity.

A true mystic sees beyond religion and has comprehension that far more transcends mere intellectual or logical interpretation of things concerning the spirit and of God. In our today’s religious environment, and world politics, our views are now scientifically and psychologically explained based on man’s limited understanding of whom he is and the position of his God.

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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