Fellow Countrymen and Women, lead us not into Temptation. Kaji Kwo?


By announcing that Nigeria is broke, the sorrows of a captive nation are beginning to manifest. So will the people’s anger.

It is time to tell our people some home truths. Wittingly or unwittingly, advertently or inadvertently, Nigeria’s problems are self-inflicted.

The ideology of primitive wealth acquisition, gaudy peacock dressing, expensive social festivities, love of filthy lucre, influence-peddling, get-rich-quick mentality, otiose and arrant bigmanism, love for vague and meaningless titles, love for awards, fake chieftaincy acquisitions, unearned academic degrees, multi-wives culture, whore-mongering, alcoholism, superstition, worshipping man-made gods love for position one is not qualified to occupy, seeking short-cut to fame, favour and fortune seeking, pride, hardness of heart, etc, these are those traits that are prevalent in neo-colonial Nigeria.

It costs money to sustain these vices, so, our people corrupt their leaders, in a million ways. Persistent demands, regular phone calls, nocturnal visits, solidarity visits to high government officials or rich people are well known strategies some Nigerians use to corrupt leaders.

PDP stalwarts used the party to become rich and powerful and then abandoned the party.

“The verdict for the Jonathan administration is that of colossal failure and it is an irony that Jonathan presided over the inflow of funds from oil at a height never before enjoyed, since we first struck oil in Olobiri. Yet, we have nothing but plain thievery to show for billions of dollars that accrued to this country” The Nation, May 22 at page 19.

Vice President-elect, Professor Osinbajo, on May 21, 2015, told the nation that Jonathan has left 60 billion Naira for Buhari”

Chief Bisi Akande, in an interview with the NATION said that Jonathan “is the worst President, Nigeria ever had”.

There are beneficiaries from the Jonathan government, like Emeka Anyoku, Peter Obi, the former Anambra State Governor, Dr Ezeife…… and others, who, amazingly extol Jonathans’ virtues and wanted him back in the continuity forlorn hope. Well, the tide has turned.


Until rapture comes, our so-called leaders will live in the ruptured memories of the Federal Republic they disrupted.

Jonathan’s knee-jerk, quixotic, mercuric federal appointments are the result of his attempts to retrieve his paradise lost, waning influence, as the tinseled coat of presidential authority wears off.

Now that centrifugal and centripetal forces are taken over, the eyesores of indecorous governance will hopefully abate.

The party was built on the shifting sands of greed, opportunism, avarice, occult brotherhood connections, satan worship, personality cultism by its leaders, who asked the party rank and file to swear allegiance to the party hierarchy.

I warned in a series of articles that to swear is to call God to witness and that He will be angered and overturn and overturn all citadels of corruption and shame those, who act as man-made gods.

Today, it is not surprising that the PDP has fallen to rise no more! PDP falling, falling, falling, PDP falling to rise no more. The OGBOLOGBOS of PDP have quit the party.

The party operated in an opaque, translucent atmosphere. The APC must operate differently. Its governance style must be mounted on the luminous bill-board of transparency.

Now that APC has taken over, the party must not hesitate to neutralize former NPN/PDP stalwarts, who are now preaching new “synoptic” gospels of nationalism and patriotism.

Nigerians know those, who greedily bought half of the national estates and were the bastion of all that has been putrid in Nigerian national life. They are incurably and incorrigibly corrupt. They have epicurean dispositions, which are insatiable and ill-defined.

They are festering maggots, Festus Iyayi wrote about. They are the nattering nabobs of negativism, Spiro Agnew described in a speech. They became lords, making vassals of the rest of their compatriots, who they deceived through dubious reforms, manipulation and control of the state apparatus, occupying posts they were not qualified to hold, perfecting demonic intrigues and subterfuges, inducting gullible citizens to serve as ministers and advisers, they treated with contempt.

Now that Nigeria wants to follow a new path, they are designing favour- seeking and fortune- seeking strategies to bounce back into reckoning.

The awareness among Nigerians is high. The demonic stranglehold of Nigeria has been broken by JEHOVAH ADONAIS.

Nigerian writers, opinion leaders on the progressive front will continue to expose the ignominy of the former PDP leaders, who are now singing a new refrain. We shall continue to use the merits of recorded history to tell the young ones what the former NPN/PDP dealers did

The young ones have no jobs, no means of livelihood, which has brought terrible sufferings to their generation, while the corrupt dealers bought private jets, bought houses in Asokoro, Maitama, New York, and London, where their children go to school and are squandering Nigerian oil money.

The TIDE has turned. Jonathan and PDP universe of the turning wheel are now in disarray. I warned him that his “friends” would watch from the crowd, when he is led away by superior, powerful forces of KARMA, in my two books, he failed to acknowledge.

To our citizens, please do not lead the new leaders into temptation through FLATTERY,NEWSPAPER SALUTATIONS, SOLIDARITY VISITS, BELATED UNSOLICITED ADVICE, PRAYERS and other favour and fortune- seeking strategies.

These were the ways of OLD. A new strict dispensation of merit, earned laurels, will replace opportunism, ethnic considerations, zoning, cronyism, favoritism, these, experience has shown, weaken presidential and gubernatorial authority.

Do not lead us into TEMPTATION! KAJI KWO?

We shall recover the peoples’ monies. KAJI KWO?

You all will go to jail for your murderous acts of bankrupting Nigeria. KAJI KWO?

The new political and military intelligence formations will over-power you and help us in our Roman Law “RESTITUTIO IN INTEGRUM” pursuits. KAJI KWO?

Wahlahi Tahlahi you will pay for stealing and corruption. KAJI KWO?

The God of Nigeria has handcuffed the workers of iniquities. KAJI KWO?

We shall teach you moral axioms and demonstration that

honesty is the best policy. KAJI KWO? She oye…. Inu na? USO?…..

We are searching for a legal expert as Senate President, nor a Chief Medical Director, with limited practice experience and inherited Societe General family scandal. KAJI KWO?

The SURE-PIE fund was distributed by proxy and only a fraction was given to some people, who were used. There are disclosures. Nigerians know them. KAJI KWO?

The AZATA/NEPU Party will continue to show activism in Nigeria’s forward match.

Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and Rebirth and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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