Feminism Now Looks Like Where Women Are Groomed Into Indiscipline

That was what feminism was supposed to be: equity. But regrettably, instead
of equity, there is the lecture for equality.

The new trend of feminists is those who appear to want their man to be
tough, but want men in general to be weak. They want to feminise men. Yet,
women tyrannise other women more than their impression that men do, confuse

Many feminists today are not thinking in a transparent direction, they
simple want men to go their separate way. The education about feminism has
taking an ugly and a crass direction, with an example such as that divorce
is a way of life, a woman can raise her child without the husband and that,
all a woman needs is her happiness and, should not submit to a man, as far
as she can take good care of herself and wellbeing.

Many feminists have become too shallow and have no qualities for marriage
and are lecturing many more into this anomaly mistakenly regarded as a
phenomenon. Conversely, there are many men and women who do not subscribe
to the lectures of feminists, if what they preach is equality instead of
equity, fairness and justice. To such men and women, they do not shy away
to say that feminism is the epicentre of all the societal problems that are
associated with the world today, even though that others say the contrary.

“Feminism is the foundation of all societal problems. Equal rights brouhaha
has been a catalyst in the increase in divorce rates. Of course, when a
home is confused and there is always rivalry between both parents, it’s
only normal to train children who are equally confused (as seen in this
generation) of what to expect in a normal home,” said Mrs. Vivian
Ifechukwude Adiche Ajufo, a Psychologist residing in Delta State and also,
a friend on Facebook.

Mrs. Ajufo continued with her sermonisation that teenage girls are
indirectly being taught about female power by the modern day feminists,
they are being brought up to believe that they have a right to do anything
with their bodies and themselves. “Have you noticed the increase in beauty
pageants even amongst children of primary school age?” she asked. “The
teaching of Home economics and home management to females are gradually
becoming a thing of the past.”

In her account, feminism brought the equal rights syndrome and this in
turn, leads to the disequilibrium of the family life. Of course, she
continued, if the family unit is destroyed, what do we expect from the
children? And, yes! The larger society will also bear the brunt, as we are
seeing in this generation.

“Rightly said, feminism is satanic. It has fuelled the breakdown of a lot
of marriages. There are certain laws that can’t be broken. One, there can
never be equal rights. All we can have is equity, justice and fairness.
Two, a woman is the epitome of moral and discipline, feminism cannot change
that. Three, a woman is the ‘pillar’ of her home: feminists need to learn
from this. In order to find fulfilment in life, I urge feminists to go back
to the beautiful roles assigned to women by the creator.

“The beautiful, exciting and ever challenging roles of being a wife,
mother, holder of morals and everything interesting and positive we can
think of. Shalom to us all! Even in the so-called countries where feminism
is strong, women still cry out of being marginalised and cheated on. The
society needs to go back to equity, fairness and justice. We need to get
back to the basics. Men should go back to being men. Women should go back
to being women. Society needs to correct itself if we must move forward and
train children who are healthy in all areas of life,” Mrs. Ajufo enthused.

Prince Enyinnaya, also a friend on Facebook, does not want to be seen as an
anti-feminine chauvinist, but said that everything was not an object for
gender solidarity. He was much concerned with the ills of equality, as
promoted by feminists, have brought on the society.

“While you can agree with me that there are more naked women in the
streets, you also know it doesn’t conform to our morals as Africans and
somehow, I find myself being compelled by feminists to acknowledge such on
the premise that it is their right to do whatever they deem fit with their

“I wonder if we should sacrifice common sense on the altar of equality.
Please, channel your energy into seeking for equity, as it seems most apt
in our society. Equality, as championed by feminists, seems to be
destroying everything we hold dear,” said Enyinnaya, a graduate of Nnamdi
Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK-NAU), with Nigeria securities printing and
minting company.

It’s not too convincing if the far early sexualisation of relationships by
female-teens is part of the so-called feminists’ crusade about women
liberation. They see this habit as part of the modernity, oblivious that it
is taking its negative toll on the world, leaving the vitreous women to be
bashed by feminists, as those living in the days of apes.

Looking at it critically, feminism is causing vices than it is correcting
women to do the right thing. The early plan of the feminists’ agenda of
emancipating women in the scheme of things has been hijacked by immodest
feminists, those initiating the minds of women to abhor morals, thinking
that those women with morals are unduly exploited.

In earnest, women need revival, to rediscover the right order and
arrangement they should follow, because feminism now looks like a satanic
agenda, where women are groomed into indiscipline. Come to think of it,
these women do not see feminism as luxury, but it is. It has brought a lot
of women’s family at stake.

Fataah Ewe’ studied Cultural Anthropology at U of IL/Laney College,
Oakland/New College of California, SF. Another friend on Facebook, Ewe’
advised that the term feminism should be used correctly. According to Ewe’,
from a woman’s point of view, feminism asks for justice. It is about
serious matters of equity, as college entrance, or being educated at all.

“It has to do with being hired on merit (like anyone else) as judges, as
doctors, lawyers, teachers, in a word, taking responsible positions
contributing to society, and thereby balancing minds in that society.
Feminism has to do with fairness in justice, having protection of law,
rather than being a creature to be beaten, tortured, raped, because one is
a lower form of being, not deserving of normal respect to come and go as
men do, if not with more respect, as women do generally have
responsibilities caring for other humans…” said Ewe’.

Ewe’ further buttressed that people should be able to cultivate a sense of
live and let’s live, as this is what is truly progressive. Ewe’ asked,
where is divorce a feminist ideal? When it comes to divorce, Ewe’ regretted
that women are those who are left by men with children to raise, without
fathers, and quite often, without support for those children. Ewe’ further
asked, how often are wives dumped for younger women?

Ewe’ wanted the world to reduce corruption, wars, or starvation. Oh no,
Ewe’ cried that men have not managed even these easy things that are so
extremely illogical from a woman’s perspective. Ewe’ rhetorically asked:
Where is the woman who wants men to be weak? Where is the woman who wishes
a man to drink more alcohol, to never study or read a book, to be not wise
or healthy? Where is that woman?

“If, in a society, women are not being educated to think, they will allow
themselves to be used, and this means an emphasis on a cheap version of
themselves. Properly used ”

feminism” means that we dare to ask an end to
being beaten by husbands because we are considered “evil” by nature, and we
can dare to ask an end to rape of children, an end to incest. We should ask
an end to brutality, we should ask an end to kidnap and murder…” Ewe’

Nevertheless, it has become evidence that men and women can’t win the war
in favour or against feminism alone. The genesis of feminism should not
mean to women that they have been hurt by the men right from the beginning
and this is the time for vendetta through feminism. Women who have
erroneously drunk feminism should understand that men hardly become their
husbands. Men can only make passive eye contact to such women, instead of
flowering contact and opening doors for them. Women may call it men’s utter
ego, and such.

When Ewe’ was reminded not to forget that men are not only the culprits of
her assertions, but women are also into lesbianism, into armed robbery,
kidnapping, raping of men, corruption, brutality, military, police, etc.,
the response was, “Stacked next to that list of yours, how many mothers are

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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