Man & Woman

Feminists are haters of Men

I’ve seen that this feminism of a thing is becoming another religion that
is gradually creeping into our clime and many people will be killing each
other for it soon, if not now.

Just that Americans shouted ‘Feminism!’ our ladies jumped into the race,
without understanding what it actually means.

I must say that the sex-drive of men, which do not, most times, allow them
to stay with one woman, not fault of theirs, has really set a motion for
women to envy. In the Europe and America, they started this discrimination
against men, by canceling polygamy. Yet, polygamous homes are being
discovered in Europe and America.

In our clime, this issue of Feminism is causing a lot of troubles on
marriage, women, children and men. The proponents are swimming in the
euphoria of building an egalitarian society. Then, men are deprived of
their ‘masculinism’ right. Men are discriminated against.

While some wayward women prefer to be known as feminists, they label the
men misogynists, when the men who are not towing their never-contented
agenda lend a voice contrary to their thoughtlessness.

The ladies who themselves have failed, would prefer a man who would seek
for their permission before he uses the toilet. This is the type of
Feminism that the lady-Feminists here, who most of them are failures and
gangsters, are teaching to the world, hence destroying a generation.

To these ladies, they just need a man in the house and are ready to pack
and go and continue with their poison elsewhere, when the man did not
condone them.

While the ladies are proud to be known and called feminists, they do not
know that they are sexists. They hate men, who do not wake up in the
morning and put on their pants for them and dress the bed and cook in the
kitchen and kneel down requesting sex from them.

What else is the meaning feminism in our clime, which has deviated from
its original agenda for “women’s economic independence”, “political and
legal equality of women”?

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