Freedom Coalition: $250m fund to elect Abubakar Umar…

by Bode Eluyera


“Nigeria is ripe for a revolution!”
Sowore Omoyele. Founder The Sahara Reporters.

“We aim above the mark to hit the mark.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go if you really want to go.” Langston Hughes.

“Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.”

“Alagemo ti bimo e, ai mo jo ku sowo e.” Yoruba proverb.

“Personally, I don’t think that I am competent enough for this job. I am a revolutioner, and not a politician. But this job demands systematic and strategic work. Moreover, anybody who is planning to head the European Union must speak at least 3 languages: English, French and German. Unfortunately, I only know a little bit Russian.”

Lech Walesa. Former Polish president. Excerpt of interview marking the 20th anniverssary of the fall of the Berlin wall. November, 2009.

“Poor people are capable of feats of bravery and revolution. They can storm the Bastille, overthrow the tsar or stage an orange revolution. But impoverished people are incapable of making soberdecisions and voting responsibly in a popular election. And this, unfortunately, applies to Russia as well. In the unfair presidential elections of 2001, Vladmir Putin emerged winner.”

Yulia Latynina. Russian journalist.Excerpt from ‘Inside Russia’ with the title ‘Letting poor people vote is dangerous.’ February, 2010.


This series is the fourth and the last of 3 previous series “U.S meeting with Babangida, condition for terrorist’s list delisting: An affront, blackmail and treat to Nigeria’s soveringnty, democratization process and development”, “Why Jonathan, Aganga and Allison-Madueke must be removed at any cost and by any means now!” and “Sovereignty, Economic Security, Barrack Obama’s Visit, Jonathan, 2011 Election And The Development of Nigeria: Correlation.”

The first part of this fourth and last series is supposed to be published last after the last part of the third series “Sovereignty, Economic Security, Barrack Obama’s Visit, Jonathan, 2011 Election And The Development of Nigeria: Correlation” must have been published. However, political events are unfolding at such a fast pace, or will it be more precise to say that it is dormant because since babangida, the devil in human form declared his intention to return to Aso rock, nothing has really happened save that the popularity of Badluck Jonathan is increasing everyday quickly like fire burning the bush in summer.

After the official announcemet of the demise of Tuwo Yaradua, the long and dark cloud, which seemed to be endless became clear at last – at least for some time. It’s now certain that there won’t be any more surprises neither from Hajiya Turayi nor the other cabal around her who held the country hostage for more than a year when it became clear that Yaradua was incapacitated to the extent that he could no more function effectively as the president of the country. Now, we definitely know for sure – although when you are talking about Nigeria you just can’t be 100% sure of anyting – that Alhaji Tuwo Yaradua will not resurrect from the burial ground , provided that he was really buried there and not in Saudi Arabia 6 months earlier, to claim back his mandate. At least that alone is releaving.

But before the political climate even became clearer, babangida, the devil in human form, had already made a false start in the race for Aso rock in 2011. After receiving the official backing and blessing of his presidential ambition by the American government delivered to him in person by ‘our bossom friends’, Robin Sanders and Johnnie Carson, two senior C.I.A. officers camouflaged as U.S. ambassador to Nigeria and U.S. Assistant Secretary of States for African affairs, respectively, Babangida wasted no time and took the bull by the horns. All machineries have already been turned in motion to ensure that his return to Aso rock come 2011 is not just a wishful thinking. babangida is determined to convince anybody who might have the slightest doubt that about his intention that he was indeed serious and ready for business.

But before flabbergasted Nigerians who were taken unawares by babangida’s intention could even say ‘Chineke, the devil again, what have we done to deserve this Eledumare?!’, articles have started appearing in newspapers presenting the devil as an experienced leader whom Nigeria badly needs in order to stabilize the tensed political land scape. These praise singers: corrupt and amoral journalists, politicians and other sycophants that benefitted – one time or the other – and are still benefitting from his loots, have started telling Nigerians that the dream of the devil in human form is to correct his past mistakes which include: looting Nigerian treasures to the tune of billions of dollars; Structural Adjustment Programme (S.A.P.) that paralysed the country’s economy and impoverished millions of Nigerians; acting as C.I.A’s no. 1 agent; blowing up of senior Nigerian military officers, mainly pilots, whom he feared might overthrow him, in a planned plane crash; forceful immigration of countless number of Nigerians to other countries for greener pasture due to the unbearable economic hardship in the country; murder of Nigerian erstwhile and influential journalist, Dele Giwa; drug pushing; turning a blind eye to mass pollution of the N.D. and exploitation of Nigeria by multinational oil companies; incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt leadership; cancelling of the June 12, 1993 election regarded as the fairest and freest election in the history of Nigeria and denying Moshood Abiola, the alleged winner of the election, the right to exercise the mandate given to him by Nigerians from different ethnic groups; fixing and cancelling of election dates at will without any cogent reason and/or explanation; torturing and murdering of innocent Nigerians; better life for women, headed by his late wife Maryam, that gulped millions of dollars withouit any visible or significant benefits to the lives of Nigerian women, the list is just endless.

In a nutshell, Western imperialists headed by the United Staes want the devil to come back and complete his evil work and experiment on Nigeria and Nigerians. The Americans who have always claimed to be our friends and wish her well could not find a worthy candidate or Nigerian in a country of 150 million to lead Nigeria in 2011 except Babangida – with the above achievements, a dictator who was disgraced out of power. Thank God, at last, we now know what kind of love the Americans and British have for us. Obviously, a God-fearing person will never which this kind of love even for his enemies, talkless of bossom friends. Only an unrepentant sadist could wish a fellow human-beingthis kind of love.!

On the other hand, by announcing his intention to contest the 2011 election, babangida is now trying to remind us, incase we have short memories and might have forgotten, that he ‘merely’ stepped aside ‘temporaryly’ in 19993 when he relinquished power, and is now more than ready to take/claim back what belongs to him by birth and hold on to it for life – untill Satan tells/beckons on him and says “Ibrahim, my obedient servant, well done, I am proud of you, but I am bored here without you, please leave poor and wretched Nigerians alone and come and keep me company here.’

Obasanjo, not to be out done by his political rival, is not sitting peacefully at his multi-million dollar Otta farm, set up with a fraction of his loots, with folded hands and watching helplessly events unfolding without him. The restlessness and worry of Obasanjo is understandable. Sitting quietly and wa

tching babangida install himself as the country’s new president automatically means suicide for him! Since Obasanjo looks forward to a peaceful retirement to enjoy his loots without any stress, subsequently, the return of babangida to Aso rock or his direct involvement in (s)electing Nigeria’s new president come 2011 automatically tantamounts to a serious danger to his life. What if babangida on getting to Aso rock decides to settle score with him once and for all and gives him Obasanjo the “Musa Yaradua treatment’ given to the latter by Abacha while he was in prison. You never know. After all, babangida has more than enough reasons to send the Otta farmer to the gallery. First, Obasanjo single-handedly stopped him from contesting for the 2007 presidential election in which Shehu Yaradua was eventually rigged into power. Secondly, Babangida, undoubtedly, considers Obasanjo the only political heavy-weight that could threaten his reign or ambition to become a life president a-la Omar Bongo who ruled Gabon for 42 good/terrible years. Therefore, in order not to take chances, Babangida might as well decide to eliminate Obasanjo.

Luckily for Obasanjo, his boy and stooge, Badluck Jonathan, is now the president, but for less than a year only. Thus, the only feasible way for Obasanjo to stop Ibb and partially achieve his third term ambition, which was nibbed in the bud, is through his political son. This explains the reason why Obasanjo is now kicking against the so called “gentleman’s agreement’ on presidential rotation purportedly reached by his party, the PDP, the most faceless and inhuman party in Africa and perhaps in the whole world. The only thing that the PDP could boast of as of now is that it is the biggest party in Africa. At least, we should be happy and grateful that the PDP is not claiming to be the most effective, reliable, pro-people/citizen, democratic, competent, corrupt, morally upright, organized, honest, dignified, development oriented, honourable, beloved, noble, egalitarian, crime-free, transparent, people friendly, respected, visionless, e.t.c.

So far, all PDP – People Deceiving People – could boast of is there size. It’s releaving that PDP itself has admitted that it’s just a ‘big for nothing’ party and that apart from its size nothing good could ever come out of this evil party.

Even ever since he became the acting president, all of Jonathan’s body movement most especially the announcement of his aides that Jonathan would most likely be contesting for the 2011 – which was later withdrew immediately and refered to as ‘a personal opinion – are more than enough evidence to prove that Jonathan has the intention of staying beyond 2011 in Aso rock.

While Jonathan is still busy playing hide and seek game with Nigerians, babangida has not only taken the bull by the horn. So far no other candidate or party has declared his/its intention to contest the 2011 election and/or challenge the devil in human form. Infact, in order to show his determination and resolve, babangida even went as far as declaring that ‘nothing and nobody’ could ever stop him from contesting the 2011 election and would go ahead with his presidential ambition even if he fails to win the nomination of the ruling party, the PDP. Come to think of it, what does the devil need the PDP. Afterall, babangida has billions of dollars looted from the treasury of poor Nigerians which is more than enough to finance his election campaign. So, in terms of money, he really does not need the PDP. In a nutshell, Babangida has thrown down the gauntlet. Sadly, so far, since nobody is bold enough to pick it up and give the devil a fight and run for his money, Aso rock is for the devil for grabs.


If we are to be honest with ourselves, we’ve lost 50 yeras without anything tangible to show. We have been ruled since 1960 by corrupt, incompetent, visionless and morally bankrupt opportunists who have turned Nigeria into a FAILED STATE and the BIGGEST BANANA REPUBLIC in the world. It would have been much better if October 1st. 2010 is declared as NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING because there is nothing to celebrate except failure, disaster, sorrow, tears and hardship.

But fate has offered us another but last chance to change the economic and political course of the country which has been bleak for 50 years. By voting rightly at the 2011 presidential election, we can not only rewrite the history of the country, which is tragic so far, but risks remaining a failed state, the biggest banana republic and the scum of the whole world forever.

Presently, we have to choose from 3 options which include the following:

1. Fold our hands and succumb to Babangida’s intimidation, allow him to dribble us again and maradona himself to Aso rock through any hook and crook method;

2. Allow Obasanjo and/or the PDP, the most terrible party in Africa, to impose anothwer lame duck and opportunist like Jonathan or any other PDP candidate – that will continue dancing to the tunes of the cabal and Western countries;

3. Or, for the first time in the history of the country, be proactive, take the initiative ourselves and start shopping for a competent, uncorrupt, honest, worthy, patriotic, dedicated and electable presidential and Vice presidential candidates respectively: rally around them, give them all the necessary support and give babangida, Jonathan and/or any other PDP candidate a very good fight and run for their money and ensure that come 2011 our candidates will occupy Aso rock.

Unfortunately, there is no 4th choice. In my opinion, the 2011 election is a golden opportunity that comes once in every 50 years for Nigeria and Nigerians to free themselves from this cabal and Western imperialists, their backers, who have been holding us to ransome and frustrating all our effortsd to dignified lives.

The greatest fear of this cabal and Western imperialists is to see us all, irrespective of our ethnic group and religious affiliation, united, focused, organized and determined to fight them.

The minimum task before us in 2011 is to ensure that neither babangida, Jonathan nor any candidate from PDP wins the election.

Unfortunately, judging from our reaction or action so far, since babangida has declared his presidential ambition, it is very disappointing to admit that we
have done practically nothing or doing very little to make the devil understand that he has not only insulted our collective intelligence but has gone too far and must be stopped at any cost and by any means now.

Unfortunately, so far, all commentators, even from our so called intellectuals who should know better, on the intention of babangida to contest has only focused on his uncountable sins and why he is not fit or qualified to contest. These people, to my biggest disappointment, continue to toe the same fruitless line despite the fact that babangida has made it clear that NOTHING will make him change his mind. Nevertheless, these people continue criticizing babangida while the latter ignore them and intensified his tour of Nigeria especially the South. Towards the end of June, babangida was in the heart of Yorubaland, the base of late Moshood Abiola, the winner of the June 12 1993 election that was annuled by babangida that eventually claimed his life.

Things have gone so bad ( or perhaps good for him) to the extent that prominent Yoruba politicians and socialists are already saying that we should all forgive babangida, forget what happened to Abiola, turn on a new leaf and give the devil a chance to redeem himself. Wonders will never end. Moshood Abiola, Pa Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Bola Ige, Gani Fawehinmi, Fela Anikulapokuti, Beko Ransome-kuti, Akande, Kudirat Abiola and others who lost their lives because of the annulement and in the struggle for democracy must be turning in their graves now! Even all Yoruba gods will find this development not just embarrassing but unbelievable.

Thus, the purpose of this series is to provide concrete steps

and measures that need to be taken in order to stop babangida, Jonathan and/or any PDP candidate and choose a worthy president for the country. In this series, I will not only present arguments in support of the proposed candidates, but as well go much further by providing the strategy and tactics that these candidates need to adopt in order to overcome their main opponents, babangida, Jonathan and/or any other PDP candidate. But the one million dollar question is ‘are we ready for the greatest challenge of our lives? Deep in my mind, something tells me ‘YES WE CAN!’ However, time will tell.


Send this article to at least 25 people of diversified professional backgrounds: civil rights activists, politicians, colleagues, e.t.c., discuss it either on the phone or in person with at least two people and ask them to do the same. You are free to publish it on a social network. Go ahead right now. Don’t procrastinate or delay. Thank you.

* In order to have a complete understanding of this article/series, the reader is advised to read rlated articles. They are:

1. U.S meeting with Babangida, condition for terrorist’s list delisting: An affront, blackmail and treat to Nigeria’s soveringnty, democratization process and development.
2. Why Jonathan, Aganga and Allison-Madueke must be removed at any cost and by any means now!
3.Sovereignty, Economic Security, Barrack Obama’s Visit, Jonathan, 2011 Election And The Development of Nigeria: Correlation.

DISCLAMATION. This article and/or series does not in any way mean that the author believes in one Nigeria or has changed his position.

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