From Brute to Man, from man to god and from god to demi-god

The thorny, stony, pathway from brute to man, from man to god and from god to demi-god, can only be trodden with the help of incandescent light and Grace.

Pray, when does a boss, a Chairman, a President become a man-made god?
According to God’s injunctions, he should never be.

The status, where man begins to compete with a jealous God, is the beginning of the end for man.

This essay on the human condition is based on keen observations on the proud attitude and insensitivities of leaders, bosses and those of means, whether stolen or properly acquired,
but turn to become commanders of men and women.

They adopt the swollen head of the turned-up nosed peacock, denigrate their workers or those, who serve under them, in brutish, condescending fashion, all because of the loaf of bread they offer their compatriots.

Were these brutes God, they would not hesitate, at the slightest provocation, to turn off the air we breathe, turn our rivers into blood, just to show their dominance over their dependents.

In the days of the Roman Kings, a victorious general returning from war, would be accompanied by a Senator, who held a crown over his head, continuously chanting,” “Remember that you are only a man. “ad infinitum”.

The rich man with a beastly disposition is a brute. He becomes a man, when he realizes that “ in the end nothing matters”

He becomes a god, when his passion of arrogance, brutish culture is reined under control.
If and when he receives cosmic consciousness and is overwhelmed by the incandescent light of grace, he begins to operate in the supernatural.

The heavens will open and he will see a shadowy winged angel of light directing his path. Anytime he calls upon God, HE will answer him.

Then he will understand the efficacy of prayers, supplications, commanding power over evil-doers and perpetual presence of the Pentecostal fire.

The brute rich man thinks that the demi-god is not endowed, but the rich brute is assailed by lack of intelligence, which God has not seen fit to give everyone equally.
The brute rich man is a bully, a pompous fool, whose diction is coarse, his thoughts always incoherent and full of ambiguities.

He usually does not say what he means and hardly means what he says. He is a hope-raiser, who quickly promises big deeds, but does little or nothing, but maybe, after a heart-rending disappointment of the would-be benefactor.

The human conditions I have described is why apostles admonish people that “Jesus never fails, Jesus never fails. The son of man will let you down, but Jesus never fails” (many times).

Elsewhere, I have espoused the the conciliar theory of church government.
In the Romance of the Rose, the moralist said:

Naked and impotent are all
High-born or peasant, great and small
That human nature is throughout
The whole world equal, none can doubt.
In the Gospel according to Thomas , in the Era of Spirit Consciousness, he cordoned off pastors.

Asking us to approach our Father, directly and not through tithe-collecting evangelists, since God had accepted the BLOOD OF JESUS as Eternal sacrifice. In this belief, the Catholics have the ace.

In Nigeria, the Moronic spirit has grip the race as a result of Marmonic take-over of the psyche of political leaders, who are jockeying for positions of power.

I know who will govern Nigeria come 2015. His name is in DAS EVAGELIUM, entitled, “Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics”. Published by Authorhouse Ltd, Bloomington Indiana, USA ( 684 pages) See GOOGLE Advert.

In Nigeria, some people crawl, some people walk, some people run, others don’t move at all ( Don Williams). Nigeria could be a complete and self-sufficing society. How do we remove the corruption, the greed and replace these vices with needs, good governance and sophisticated societal management? It is in the BOOK.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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